Wednesday, March 19, 2014


From a nature of qualities,
And a God of quality,
And a consciousness of no quality,
For an evolution of every good quality.
Angelic wisdom for Enlightenment, Awakening, and Illumination.
God is love

And God is everywhere

Everywhere is Love.

God is Pure

And God is everywhere
Everywhere is Pure.

In God has no darkness

And God is everywhere

There is no darkness.
Therefore, only God, and only the holy Attributes of God.
What is the experience of Enlightenment?

Ocean rises calmly, in sky bound universal awareness.

Being and becoming one with the expression of source.

The creator is the observer of conscious awareness.

Observe awareness as the state of original Nirvana.

Peace is the fortune received of positive pleasure.

The Fate of Paradise is infinite eternity

Alivened fortune is our fate of enlightenment

Within the universal is peace and is love

We are connected as unity awareness.

Observer of perfection, Light and Love.

Forever is spiritual purity

Ultimate observer of conscious awareness

Expanding being to collective expression

Graceful virtue of respectful compassion

Full truth of knowing spiritual vibration

The wholeness of transcendent divinity

The purity of divine holyness

The virtue of graceful compassion

Boundless timeless spiritual vibration

Fate is the foundation of Nirvana

Everlasting enlightenment of Heaven

Glorious foundation of the infinite

Rapture to the state of original fortune

Positivity is beautiful, as the everlasting admiration of fearless destiny.

Appreciation of illuminated actualization.

Knowing poise as balance sincere.

Satisfied serenity in trust of unreserved pleasure.

Composed knowledge of confident soul.

Release into selflessness. Give and share in happy contentment.

Finding feeling as luminous oscillation.

Shimmering gentleness of blissful trust

Assured of Heart as core of everything.

Fearless hope is assured admiration.

The fortune of all encompassing respect.

Essential entirety of complete wholeness.

The brightness of virtue elevating vibration.

The timeless grace of becoming.

Wholely realize the becoming of expression.

Compassionate truth of graceful essence.

Enlightened fate of originality.

Between ether is life.

Between the moment of life is composed neutrality.

The good between is in the spirit of unconditional love.

The moment of now releases selfless blessing.

Open eyed and optimistic.

Greatest height of highest peak.

Unselfish sway of giving into flow.

Feeling the course of tide as receiving one being.

Luminous wave, ripples the surge, emanates the emergent rise of tide.

Within togetherness is sky bound awareness.

Peaceful Love of Light in unity.

Observer accepts the known truth.

Supreme source of collective expression.

Assured fate of spiritual fortune.

Infinite understanding of absolute completeness.

Unreserved pleasure of joyful fearlessness.

Positive realization of the fate illuminated.

The good between is unreserved.

Positive mind of moderate greatness.

Enlightenment is the illumination of apex absolute

Everlasting glory of enlivened understanding.

Accept collective source as rise non ending.

Foundation of fate in the fortune of everything essential.

Destiny is saved, assured; of unconditional love and forgiveness.

The original state of conscious life.

Balanced euphoria of serene satisfaction.

Arise the feeling of universal flow.

Flow of stream projects living conscious light

Neutral expression of essential becoming.

Original state of pure trust and pure flow.

Destiny of balanced euphoria.

Spiritual poise yields internal confidence.

The graceful completion of purity expression.

The admiration found in releasing now.

The great good of contentment from knowledge.

Sharing radiant energy as love in action.

Unite with the expanse of rising apex.

The original state of Nirvana is the actualization of illumination.

Awareness of conscious wholeness.

Source is the cause of everything.

Everlasting love of conscious observer.

Optimism yields confident poise.

The unreserved Heart of serene satisfaction.

Trusting joy as the divine hand of creation.

The delicate peace of Paradise is the delicate peace of Home.

The sway within the conscious observer.

Open eyed power of spiritual ignition.

Enlightened state of divine acceptance.

Assured optimism of deed and hope.

Deep well of inner wisdom.

Graceful source of the collective supreme.

Timeless compassion of living Truth.

Collective balance when poised in Mind.

The moment is received as believed.

The tide arises our unselfish destiny.

Satisfied confidence of oscillating waves of divine light.

The spark of light envigorates the spiritual world.

Spiritual world as the lighted reality.

Enlightened beauty of weightless foundation.

Illumination of the positive between.

Between spirit is All spirit.

Fortunate fate of enlivened understanding.

Assured of essential spiritual balance.

Within the Now is unselfish selflessness.

The positive soul is assured in the power of divine trust.

The moment of life is composed in the concentrate spark of eternity.

The peak of Nirvana is actual admiration.
The pleasures of joyful bliss in serenity.

The moment of now as highest peak.

Luminous being ripples the surge of universal wave.

Knowing the eternal moment as open and free.

Optimistic sway as the power of spiritual ignition.

Understanding the original apex as the state absolute.

Universal actualization of Paradise on Earth.

Confident soul assures the Heart.

Joyful good of unreserved poise.

Respect is forgiving. Respect is accepting.

The rapture of humanity as our deepest moment.

Unselfish might of giving and sharing freely.

Within life is the deep knowledge of serious will and youthful play.

Mother nature full of soul, my heart is in you.

Love for love to be loved more every day.

The accessible wave emerges life.

The perfection of foreverness awareness.

The great release of high selflessness.

The glowing ripple opens the spirit...

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