Friday, March 28, 2014

A philosophy from the Afterlife

By Borno, Henri.

To experience all of life in an instant. All of existence in a flash. From endlessness eternal, the radiant beam of memory, reflects knowledge divine, of affected consequence submerged into time.

The final stand is the greatest stand of strength.

The greatest opportunity for the greatest rise.

The state of All State complete,

The being of timed effect,

The being of rising mold.

Fragile body, immortal soul.

Fabric of skin,

Keeping me in,

Take me further down,

The journey of human life.

To reach the high mark, the rising of happiness, inner peace, and joy. Expressed in ease, as all could be, found in the moment, as real and pure as could be.

So long the path can seem, but the older ones know, human life goes fast.

Simplicity is the basis of All. Pure simplicity is pure being.

Simplicity stabilizes.

The conscious ocean rises, when tide comes out and in.

The rhythm of emotion, of creation, or perception.

The conscious ocean rises when the ocean becomes aware of its own consciousness.

To be conscious of your conscious Self awareness This is elevation.

The mind remembers Life.

Creation is one as "The united creation."

Together we become free to be as a We. As the deepest wish of the deepest root, emerging the essential in vibratory elevation.

The life energy vibrates into waves. The rate of vibration, the intensity, is the distinguishing factor in energy levels.

The life energy vibrates

The life energy glows

The life energy radiates

The life energy conceives

The life energy experiences

The life energy becomes

The life energy expresses

The life energy is All energy. All energy is aware of creation.

Energy is a force, active.
The energy of the spirit Spirit of living energy .

Conscious energy - Creative energy Emotional energy

Reality becomes as reality emerges from the Golden Sun.

The Golden Sun is the universal core of All Life. The Source; God.

The importance of releasing Light into your Life.

Light is positive spiritual energy.

Light is appearance.

Release the purest, most inert, loving energies within, into the world. Release your light for all to benefit.

Your light is passion represented.

Divinity represents the passion of living life.

Divinity is pure passion for All.

Smile into your experience by floating away in timelessness.

Nothing can truly be numbered.

Follow the sacred goals and elevate your vibrations. Help the world by becoming a good person, expressed in humility, with a compassionate attitude.

All of Life is source expressed

The source expresses as the source urges, as the source feels appropriate, upon highest levels of intuition.

Purest purity of the pure. Transcendental Love of infinite measure.

Quantity means nothing. Unity means everything.

The song keeps on singing, in roughest times of suffering. The song keeps us strong, in toughest times of struggle. The song keeps us steady in the stormy weather. The song keeps us true to ourselves, all of the time. The song motivates the children of All the Earth to sing along, and celebrate along, the glory of being alive, and breathing, and drinking fresh water, and clean good food.

Together one, together one,

Today we are still standing,

Together one, together one.

The flame is still on,

Together one, together one.

The illusions are gone,

Together one, together one,

Life is lived peacefully,

Togetether one, together one

Until one is left,

Still standing,


Together one,



The ultimate dream, the perfect dream, the purest dream; This is the reality of Paradise.

Forgive because you understand and forget because you understand.

Concentrate on the known and all will become.

To respect All other as valuable as your Self.

To pride oneself in fruitful, positive, giving relationships.

To be in a relation, united.

To be in an abstraction, whole.

To be in Light, perfected.

There is something to be believed.

There is something to be known.

Known is the truthfullness of Truth.

The nothingness of nothing.

The Living memory of physical Life.

The present is of the between.

If your deepest intuition disagrees, everyone elses will disagree too.

You are of Love,

You are of Light.

The deepest intuition is the core source of understanding, of wisdom, of knowledge and guidance.

The deepest intuition is the will of the deepest Self revealed.

To hold dear the art of Living in Love.

What was forgotten,

Now remembered,

For all to rejoice,

In divine understanding.

All is We. All is You. All is Me.

Living to live, to express the will of becoming. United and sure we ascend levels of perfection. Knowing the blossom, as one step away, realize.

You are Love, realize.

You are Life, realize.

You are awareness, realize.

You are Light, realize.

Light is an absolute impression of the divine will in active consciousness.

Getting a way, slipping a way, finding the way, the clear way, the lighted way.

To manage positivity as a life plan.

Every soul generates energy. Some pleasurable, others not so pleasurable. The soul who wills the positive onto All, receives the positive from All. Eventually.

The All reflects the All.

As part of the All, your actions reflect your reactions, and your reactions reflect your actions.

Action and reaction are one in the same. The action is the reaction. The reaction is the action.

Life comes as it comes,

Flows as it flows,

Is as it is,

Always and pure.

To be with all existence, as a working unit of positivity, consciously, this is Nirvana.

The attributes of perfection the attributes of Nirvana.

Live in a conscious together.

Countless sand as one beach.

Countless bubble of air as one wind.

Countless drop of water as one ocean.

Countless spirit as one God.

The becoming is coming to be.

To know meaning as the impression of Heart into circumstance.

To Love every day, as an expression of God, perfect in All ways, pure in all essence, goal, and motive.

To make something from everything.

To make everything from something.

Infinite origination of the divine perspective of reality.

All that exists is Now. Now is all that exists.

Pure Self eternal, emerge your light onto all creation.

Channel the universal good.

Perfection becomes under infinite perspective.

All the angels look onto us, as we emerge a New Age.

To do the good in slefless motive.

To stride upwards in search of Love.

The Love of All is found within. Look up to the Heart, and it will shine a raining heaven.

Sacred plan of sacred intuition, trusting Love as all to guide. Knowing real the source of All. Knowing all the source of real.

Life speeds up when nothing is in attention.

Life is endless when All is in attention.

Attention dictates the perceptional speed of time.

To trust all circumstance, the signs of divinity, the knowledge of the ultimate reality, the satisfaction found in the Now.

The endless moment reveals the truth of Life, as a return Home, to the place of All belonging.

The Paradise of Peace is the Paradise of Love, as the Paradise of Bliss, as the Paradise of Light.

To do as one should yields the highest personal respect, yields the deepest satisfaction, yields the greatest happiness.

Follow the light, wherever you go, it comes from within as your inner guide.

To stop at nothing to accomplish your goal, to do everything, to make reality happen.

Reality happens when Truth emerges into conscious awareness, as awareness of positivity and purity.

Pure Heart, pure Mind, Pure Truth, Pure Sign, Pure Peace, Pure Love, Pure Innocent, Pure Spirit.

Do as you do to be content with your efforts, so they shall be fulfilled.

Follow the Heart with the Mind.

Follow the Mind with the Heart.

The Mind creates, the Heart experiences, together one, we all receive.

Moving elegantly on empty screen, the images of life fulfill their cause. Showing us real, the feelings of Life, showing us real, the feelings of Peace.

Knowing where to go is knowing how to know.

One knows by intuition of Heart. Knowledge is of the Heart.

Fulfill your purpose in all that you are. Fulfill your purpose through all that you are.

The truth of God is the truth of the ultimate reality, calling us into freedom of spirit.

The spiritual reality becomes the source of all reality.

The spiritual emerges the physical.

The physical in essence is spiritual.

The spiritual is the essential.

Follow the steps of holy men past. Holy men present. Holy angels eternal.

Touch your emotional core with Light, as you may open it to release the bounties held within.

The ultimate release, the ultimate peace, the intimate life of glorious angels.

To glorify Heaven, to glorify spirit, to glorify God awareness.

To Love, this is meaning. To bring upwards into endlessness, this is meaning.

Created to rise and rising to create.

Always is real, always in unity. Always in positivity, always transcend.

To know to be, in pure reform of pure not-form, in all perfection beyond All time.

To know to be, to know to see, to know to release, the becoming of We.

Lighting up the faith of life.

Great sky of light.

The information of light contains all knowledge.

Life of conscious purity

To be consciously aware of purity

To be purely conscious

Emerging landscapes of non ending beauty.

The internal paradise is in will of Heart.

Rising in Love, fulfilling peace.

Perfect manifestation of pure love light.

The Love-Light of God

Oneness awareness.

Fluid composure of ethereal bliss.

We are each other.

Perfect is not an adjective, it is a universal fact.

Universal is all adjective.

The root cause of reality is perfect.

Perfect causation.

Perfectly essential

The levels of perfection as the platforms foundational.

The foundation of reality

The pure conscious essence

Essence is ground of activity

Essence is capability of activity

Essence is all inclusive capability

Essence is all inclusive activity.

Activity and capability are one.

Activity is of capability. Capability is of activity.

The perfection of existence is of transcendent sky.

Sky is to ground as Heaven is to Earth.

All of Earth is in sky. Earth floats in sky. Heaven is sky and all within, vibration at transcendent frequency.

God is 0^1 frequency

Zero is perfect

No flaw in nothing!

God is both everythingness and nothingness

God is beyond everything

God is beyond nothing.

God is Godliness.

God is beingness.

God is a literal metaphor for everything.

Spirit knows no weakness.

Right approach, right address.

Consciousness symbolizes nothing.

Consciousness gives symbol to everything.

Life is as it is. As it has been. As it will be.

You are one in being.

To be is to be able to be. Being is ability; transcendent ability timeless.

All shares the same ability of being. In being, we are perfectly same, and perfectly one.

We belong in the Heart of All.

Forever free, forever we will be.

Stand strong, relentless in quest for peace, equality, and mercy.

Forgive as the angels do.

Do as the angel in you does.

Threaten no one. Bless All.

You are essence

Grow as you purify

Grow as you exemplify

Grow as you glorify

Divinity as pure bliss of angelic awareness.

Angelic bliss.

Light emerge from soul of spirit,

Well of divine expression,

To give, give, give.

Receive with openness.

Always return in gift.

Hold on to the infinite liberation within

Liberation from physicality

Actualization of divine potential

Divine potential is actual, causal, primal.

Cloud of radiant ether. Fabric essential.

The fabric of reality, the life sparkle beyond, the sway of a non-moving "screen".

Nothingness does not exist.

Words obstacle the verbal/rational understanding of reality.

Words of illusion cannot adequate words of reality.

Do not interpret these words in human perspective.

The spiritual perspective of human life.

Peaceful creature of timeless presence.

To be present in the timeless moment.

To stay aware of spiritual presence.

Fruitful act of dedicated soul.

Dedication towards origination.

The course of origination.

The spirit is origination.

Origination has no distinct origin. Origination is the process of developmental reality.

All moment is original moment

The origin is the source. The essential collective.

Time is developed mental origination.

Time is a mental attribute.

Time is a belief, an acceptance.

Time is a process of divination.

Divination origination.

The essence of life is beauty.

God is the foundation of reality.

All is of awareness.

The spiritual emerge.

The Love of Peace.

The Peace of Love.

Unity of Light.

Light of Unity.

Divine confidence builds kingdoms.

Inverted reality of physicality.

Your life will be conceived as goodness when you understand goodness as the cause of All.

Conceive through the divine lense.

All in All

All through All

All as All

All for All

All from All

All to All

All with All

Serene landscape of light, golden fields and paths of gold.

Heaven is your perfection.

Heaven is the essential state.

Heaven is Peace.

Peace is of the Heart.

Peace is of the Mind.

The story of truth is the story of love.

I understand for I will to understand.

The world is ours.

The universe is ours.

Heaven is ours.

All is for All.

You are a part of All

You are All of All

You are All

Whole within whole, still whole.

The stillness, the softness, the peace of wholeness.

Angels sing in whole amaze.

Glory to the All of All.

Man beats on man to rise himself, but he lowers himself. Ego driven; Illusioned lie.

Glory to All.

Sacred breath of life to live. Full and clear in peace of glide.

Weightless spirit. Boundless spirit. Timeless spirit. Brightest spirit.

Being present is being aware.

Being aware is being open.

Being open is being connected.

Being connected is being destined.

Physicality emerges in divine memory.

From the timeless, All is.

To be discreet and respectful. Care for others in sacred expression. The art of mannerism.

The angelic etiquette.

Spiritual manner.

The spiritual way, the angelic way, the positive way, the central way, the way of the between.

Forever in the bliss alive,

Sacred dream of angels,

Listening to the tide,

Endlessly revealed.

Intuition is calling,

Asking for a hand,

Hand of Heart in care,

Grace and peace of Love. ,

Share your light in will.

Do it as you truly do.

Wish good wish and make them real.

Become as you are, as you truly are.

Raise yourself in want,

Good in all your life,

Take the best that is wanted,

Make it real inside.

The mind, the heart, are naked. Invisible as bright.

Forever we are seeking, a deepest love within.

Pay attention to non-ego, release and you will be free.

Birds sing release.

Sing your pain away to the sky and your pain will not be painful.

Struggle does not have to be struggling. Pain does not have to be painful. As you perceive, as you conceive, so you shall seem.

All is in your soul. Find the emerge.

Rising into my dream, I see floating winds of Love. Wave of sound in consciousness.

The sound of all sound.

The sight of all sight

The taste of all taste

The feeling of all feeling

The state of all state

The being of all being.

The ground of life is perfect, under hand of perfect God.

Forever true, the Love in life, divine presence of essential spirit.

Passing to essential life at the end.

Spiritual life is destiny revealed.

Be not afraid of passing, be patient.

Paradise is certainty.

I am more aware of Paradise than I am of Earth.

Tears of joy are the fruits of 7 seas.

Travel the world, remember truth and Love.

You cannot escape the ultimate destiny, as perfection actualized.

Love in All, All in Love.

Globalize free belief.

Eradicate separateness.

One world, one humanity, one whole.

Spiritual growth for societal peace.

Respect individuality. Honor collectivity.

The individual is the collective.

The collective is the individual.

Spiritual clarity. Spiritual sanity.

The timeless divine.

Always the answer is God.

Better knowledge, better action.

All in conscious harmony,

This is planned,

Paradise on Earth,

This is plan.

There will be a moment, of all realize. Illumination transcendental; peace, love, satisfaction, completion.

Spiritual eye yields us to see the ultimate truth. The ultimate relieve.

Know All to be All, to feel All, to see All.

Sincere interaction, selfless desire, to help and nurture, to give and to share.

Forever in Love, the spirit reveals.

Balance and control, freedom and liberty.

Peace, happiness, and blissful satisfaction.

Positivity in activity. Activity in passivity.

Forever in moment, endlessly revealed, pure essence of We; oneness, wholeness, unity.

Always forgiving, essential holiness.

Be not angry, be not upset. Trust God and the life he has given you.

Never a mistake without a positive outcome.

Perfect is creation, even if, perfectly imperfect.

The world of divinity consumes the soul in good. ,

So perfect is this Life, the bliss of understanding, of revealing, of becoming, of helping, of guiding.

Live in Heart to Live in Peace.

Use the difficult to your advantage.

Use the difficult to grow your soul.

Grow the depths of your soul. The endless depth of the spiritual well.

Always a reason for all reality experienced.

Forever truth, forever true.

God is forever.

All heart is all life, all spirit, all source, all God.

A million expression for a million truth.

Help the world learn to help. Help the world help.

The world help project.

Expand the meaning, definition, and outcome of Love actualized in Life. ,

Love actualized. Love realized.

Grace actualized. Grace realized.

Perfect synchronism of Gods creation.


Change emerges as change perceived.

Creation is emergence.

Creation is manifestation.

Manifestation is emergence.

Time is manifested emergence.

Emergence is to elevation as elevation is to the manifested creation.

Life appears in perfect sequence.

The essential art of divinity.

Radiance eternal, bliss supreme, complete enlightenment, clear experience, perfection in conscious being.

As a child runs, wing stretched, like an angel diving deep.

Diving deeply into the soul, pond of pure life, liquid light, vibrations of holy being.,

Countless saint of pure heart.

Thought of depth, revelation of height.

One choice, one aim, one clarity.

Pure clarity serene, placid, composed.

Illumination universal, essential reality, vibrancy of holy light.

No division, pure one, pure zero.

Beyond one, beyond zero.

All one as All zero.

Highest vibrating frequency shines.

All energy is All energy.

The divine rational.

Transcendental logic.

Metaphysical sense.

The divine thesaurus.

Synonyms of universal Life.

Always perfect is perfection.

Perfection is everything.

The life of simplicity;

Eases balance.

Eases peace.

Eases satisfaction.

Eases joy.

There is no pain in paradise.

Spirit releases the unpleasurable aspects of body at passing. Body caused pain disappears into memory.

Pain is a belief, not a reality.

Pain should be accepted as feeling, which felt in purity is bliss.

Your deepest intuition will always be your greatest teacher.

Live learning. Learning lives.

Learning is earning. Earning is gaining. Gaining is growing. Growing is glowing.

Learning is glowing.

Accept, understand, experience.,

All that is truly understood is Truth

No matter in light

No thing in light.

Fight to not fight.
Say it together, we wont fight!

Matter is of essence

All is essence

As all is the essence of All.

Respect and you shall be respected.

Respect is of All, to all, for All.

Freedom is found in the between.

The saved Heart of goodness.

The saved life of spiritual goodness.

We mastered the jungles, the deserts, the snow, the mountains, and the islands. Now, we are to master our own social, , mechanical, construction, and technological creations.

The final mastery is the mastery of self in spirit.

Infinite perspective.

Even plants develop protective patterns of evolution.

Living body adapts, transforms, evolves.

The freedoms of Earth developed as bodies became more capable of expression.

Freedom has expanded in time.

Uncontrast radiates light

Everything is of light

The perfect core

The universal essence

Essence universal

To see through the eyes of an angel

The perfect essence

The positive is vibrantly neutral

Neutrality is positivity

Positivity is knowingly optimistic

Great concentration of weightlessness

The everlasting peak of realization

The truth is moderate

The truth is neutral

The truth is positive

The positive is forever loosened into freedom

Observer loves the ultimate observance

Creator; Heart Mind Soul

The conscious love of awareness

We are sky bound; saved unconditionally

The foundation of spirituality is the between

Everything is as fullness absolute

The apex is released in the eternal moment of now

The supreme heart of Awareness

Ultimately loved in Heart

The source of Mind

of Soul

of Ether

The moment of Life is Now.

To be released in selfless giving

The absolute apex is rising

To be is to expand.

To expand is to elevate.

Through mind and heart, we are loved.

The angels of sky love us unconditionally

God loves us unconditionally

Transcendently good is serendipity

The boundlessness of happiness is alivened

Together composed,

Together concentrated.

The illumination of enlightenment is serendipitous.

All together, connected.

Rising now in release

Become Ether of spirit

Creator Loves us in Heart

Aware, we are assured of eternal peace

Unconditionally, universally, purely, and truly.

Compassionately sky-bound, we become whole and open eyed.

The positivity of fearless trust

The joyful between of understanding

Divinity is the opening of the alivened

Great good of universal contentment and acceptance.

Happy freedom of open hearts and minds

The balance of serenity

Divinity transcends in boundlessness

The peak is within the high

The peace of bliss and grace.

The light of satisfied respect

The completeness of high realization

The essential peak of trust

The holiness of sincere acceptance

Serendipity of enlightened understanding

The wholeness of great actualization

The holiness of open understanding

The perfection of peaceful forgiveness

The unity of high enlightenment

The all encompassing within

Everything is composed throughout glory

Beautiful vibration of the between

The happy illumination when actualized

The everlasting connectedness of truth

Paradise of selfless glory

Nirvana in retrieving

Nirvana in finding the found

The destiny of being saved

The paradise of Heaven is Home

Express selflessness in giving

The creator observes All Love

We are Loved in unconditional Heart

The being of the creator is everlasting

The everlasting moment of now

The apex is rising now

The expanding life in ether

The original state of giving

The original state of receiving

To feel the gift of sharing

Nirvana is a state of pure feeling

Nirvana is the original state

The absolute originality

The apex is rising and elevating

The selfless release of the now

The life of supreme source

The life in supreme source

The supreme source of creation

The collective expression of source

The ultimate source of expression

Apex is the becoming of originality

Life is in the moment of now

The collective expression of becoming

Destiny is Home in Paradise

The good realization of Trust

The brightness of whole completeness

The complete essence of everything

The fearless glory everlasting

Optimistic trust in positivity

Truth of full compassion

Sky-bound joy of Heart

Being collective Source

The observer in mind

The emergence of soul

Being is the feeling of life

Transcendent happiness of enlightenment

Glorious foreverness of the sacred middle

Within the peak of height

The freedom of contentment

Saved state of wholeness

The satisfied peace of grace

The serene satisfaction of divine euphoria

The peace of love and light

The great illumination

The glorious connectedness of soul

Knowledge is of the everlasting state of nirvana

The moment of now is unconditional

Loved, we find Home.

The absolute expanse of becoming

Supreme awareness of universal spirit

The joyfully assured. The understood.
I assure you of Gods unconditional Love.

The weightless compassion of optimism

The fearless vibration of divine positivity

The everlasting vibration of life

Conscious love of universal essence

Be conscious of your everlasting spirit

Aware is the conscious observer

The great actualization of divine realization

The all encompassing peak within

Sincere divinity in caring peace

Transcendent purity of divinity

The actualization of great conscious wholeness

The timeless brightness of awareness

Transcend in spiritual freedom

Ascend in serendipity

Ascend to happy enlightenment

The infinite foundation of Life

Sincerity is opened through freedom

The essential peak in trust

Divinity accepts in sincerity

The foundation is composed in togetherness

The timeless holiness of purity

Perfect satisfaction

Universal view

Full of beauty

Full of grace

The power of everything determines the state of within.

The power of the within determines everything.

When the mind comes into itself, it realizes everything as itself.

No passion? no freedom.

The creator is not created.

God is the essence of God

Godliness is the motive of God.

God receives what he gives and gives what he receives.

Bringing to light; awakening in consciousness.

Understand, accept, forgive.

Know trust in composure.

Actualize trust knowing composure.

Happiness; Balance; Serenity

Everything is the All encompassing essence.

Respect virtue, honor grace.

Ascend and transcend to divine awareness

Purity is the perfect balance. Absolute balance.

Honest trust stems from honest realization.

The collective source expresses the supreme creator.

The universal awareness of the conscious observer.

The moment of now releases its divinity through selfless giving, sharing, finding, and being.

Destiny is Home. Paradise.

The son of sons. The king of kings. The closest connection to Godhead. Christ consciousness.

The apex of conscious elevation is endlessly found in the moment unchanged.

Consciousness does not have a creator.

Consciousness is Creator.

I dont have a self. I am Self.

I dont have a love. I am Love.

I dont shine a light. I am Light.

The great light of God.

The fearless truth of the open eyed

The weightlessness of positive trust in plan.

The plan is the course of your life.

Spinning hearts of Love,

Vibrates on,

Shares softness,

Happy moment.

The main stream philosophy

The main stream as the central stream of Life. As the one stream. Essential stream.

The stream of life. Expressed and impressed.

Sinking deeply into the God of moment,

The endless flow of time that never stops and never goes,

Feeling pure and knowing truth,

The essence of Life is within you.

The Spirit flows in endless flow, finding fortune in the known.

Divine Life is good in between and perfect at the seam.

To treat the living,

With grace and compassion.

To treat the living,

In Love and in Peace.

To know the heart of freedom,

To be the Self of eternity,

Fluid love and fluid bliss,

Peaceful paths of Peace.

The silence of within echoes the beauty of God,

Judges nothing to accept everything.

Inner silence lets life be alive,

To enjoy and not disturb, the ceremony of experience.

To look as you feel and to feel as you look.

The universal memory of the universal mind,

Existing beyond time, knows all aspects timed.

The physical is timed because the physical emerges change.

Timely change is only a changed perception.

Nothing in essence is actually changed.

The physical is as creation moves

The physical moves in synchronism

The time/speed of light reflects density.

The slower the time, the denser

The faster the time, the lighter

All that you are is divine.

All that you are is mine.

All that I am is yours.

Each others we are.

The world belongs to the world

The world belongs to the living

Share everything with everyone

There is an underlying essence in all existence,

A force universal that creates all things.

The entirety of the universe belongs to the essence pure in being.

All stems from the same source of energy and all remains sourced.

The source is everywhere,

Life is everywhere.

God is everywhere.

You are everywhere.

I am everywhere.

To predict possible outcomes and circumstances from memory of past outcomes and circumstances.

I know where I will start, begin, continue, and become.

No height higher than you.

No height can locate you.

You are in the endless.

You prosper me with opportunity,

With bounty of all things real.

The brightness of reality shines into my vision,

Feeling the bliss of complete union in God.

My faith has been my trust and my trust is greater than all hopes.

I know, Father, the love you have for us is unconditional.

Thank you for the blessings of Life

Thank you for the strength you give us, as we carry on the path of Love.

The Love of God reveals itself in the Heart of Life.

In the core of our being, in the centered bliss of our joys.

The Love of God wishes to remind you of your perfection.

You are an angel of the sky, brilliant in splendor, reflective of purity.

Hand in Hand, Heart in Heart, we stride forward on the paths of Life,

Stronger and stronger every moment.

Together we stand as children of God, spirits universal,

One in our belonging, free in our destiny.

Conformed into smile, we rejoice in Life;

We rejoice in Truth.

Let go of what you do not know.

The Heavens await our calling, our ask for help in guidance.

All the Earth stands in glory of our being, as you shine your light through All,

As you express love to All.

When you help us help ourselves,

So we may help each other.

Time is growth,

In this growth we find our home;

The tallest height of creation.

We full heartedly ask thanks.

The Paradise of Earth is in our Heart and Mind.

Grow in grace, so we may learn to be.

Express the qualities divine to become actualized

In Peace, in Love, in You, in Me; together, free.

Give into the urge of spiritual freedom.

Letting go of what you held on to,

Take in the endless truth.

Find strength in the source of Life.

Use the Love you Love to stride.

Shape the peace and spread the bliss.

Life is beautiful and Life is this.

Remember your true being.

The You that We essentially are.

Find the Self of all selves.

Trust intuition and climb sacred shelves.

Steps of sky are far and wide.

Go in between and rise inside.

Elevate Mind to All of Life,

Universal view of Divinity.

The Holy Mind, the Divine Heart.

The truest truth, the deepest part.

Life loves Life.

Life is Love.

Love is Life.

Walking forward,

No more mazes,

Light is guiding,

The path is clear.

All reality will reappear.

Before your eyes, into the skies,

The shine of bright, the shine of Light.

Know to learn from all your falls,

We learn to rise from all our falls.

The Tall is eternal,

The All of All.

Listen to your heart, it calls unto you.

Become the gentle and express the pure.

The spirit of God is All that We are.

Unified in glory as one greatest star.

Find me the strength to do what I must.

Follow sacred footsteps, follow the Trust.

The wind of time,

Shares an Earthly breath.

Walks into clouds,

Lays silent underneath.

The wave whispers us,

The song of our days,

Tries to surrender,

All it can weigh.

Something carries

The shifting life,

Of birds and trees,

Green grass and blue skies.

Further downstream,

White lilies emerge,

The smell and the sight,

The garden and the flight.

Light shines forth in Glorious Form

Full spaces full of Love

Life is All and All is Life .

Love is Light and Light is Love.

Trust the circumstances of life.

Trust the vehicle of experience.

The Power of Love.

The strength of Unified Will.

It is all in your mind, for you can make life as you wish.

Paradise is inside, as the endless possibility

Everything is possible with proper use of Hand.

Treat the Divine Hand in grace.

Open your inner eye to the purity within.

Find the peace of heart in Heart,

Find the beauty of star in Star.

Ocean of dreams and hopes,

Love and Light,

Guided direction of sacred intuition,

Blesses all who rise,

Eternal height of blissful inner sky.

Love the Love you Love

Set us free to be as Heart wishes to be.

Become true to You,

True to Us.

Finding truth is importance.

Only truth awakens.

Only awakening gives Life to life.

Life gives truth to All creation.

Truth gives Life to All creation.

The truth is Life

The moment eternal,

The moment of perfection,

The moment of our lives.

All I know is all I dream.

All I dream is all I seem.

Finding what I wish in me.

I love my self.

Our deepest truest self.

Children of Spirit, wake up and celebrate.

On Earth we are and on Earth we joy in pure being.

To do as much good as we can, in celebration of the glories of Heaven.

When you know that everything is right,

When you know that God is the hand behind your back,

The course of your life.

Smile, it is all meant to be.

Mistakes are no longer mistakes if you learn and grow from them.

Raise your hands to the stars of sky, portals to Heavens rise.

Our Heart pulses Life Divine.

The spark infinite,

Of Breath and of Love.

God bursts in color and Life.

Celebrating the warmth of sun and the dance of wind.

Water of cloud, pour down onto me, feed my spirit.

Let me give life, and let me share life,

One in All may we share the sacredness of Self

Seed of all seeds, render me my peace.

Send me my serenity.

Flow your source into me and let us be We.

The wave of life carries us on this journey,

Flowing through day and night,

Covered in skin of spirit,

Feeling life and its pulsations,

Whispering secrets of living expression.

God calls the name of spirit,

In unconditional Love.

Brings closer the happiness of being,

Unites the joys of blissful Peace.

Trust the path God has paved for you.

Trust the reason and the lesson.

Remember the truth in Life.

Find a radiant sparkle in everything.

Feel and unify yourself with God in All moment.

The ultimate reality, the source reality, the reality of being,

Reminds us of how beautiful we are.

There is a song whispered in the wind.

It sings the tale of life,

The news of creation,

The moment of being.

The rise of seeing, believing, transcending, knowing and loving.

Happiness is harmony,

The wind is Hand of God,

Allowing you keys to the Self serene.

Unify your self to become your Self.

Love to rise and rise to live.

Follow intuition in all that you do,

It is the source of strength in decisions to choose.

Find the will to do good, and do the good for all.

The selfless life of Love,

To share and to give.


We are all reflections Divine,

Realize and actualize our pride.

The gentle God is all we seek,

It yields us peace,

It guides the peak.

Understand that it is all for You,

Understand that it is all for Us.

You and Us are one in the same, as the same.

We are Life and We are free,

We celebrate this in eternity.

Use your strength to love Gods Love,

Use your devotion to keep strong in All day.

The message of Love speaks a glory tale,

Helping us stride forward into the blizzards of Hail.

Faith keeps us steady and trust keeps us firm,

When no tide can break, our endless reserves.

The universal is as the universal becomes,

And as it vibrates its vibrations,

It caresses the Heart of All.

Inner serenity becomes

When we find the All in All,

And between all our pains,

We find the will to move along.

The past is to learn,

The future is to grow;

The moment is our urge,

To find out all we know.

The spirit of life wishes all good wishes for us,

As we transcend this life into the life of togetherness.

Listen to the source, and find a faith inside.

The faith in Self will direct and show the Tide.

Love to know the free, and let it sink you deep.

The Peace of God is the meaning of our lives.

Grace is all I know,

Grace is all I wish to show.



The truest part of me, dreams of this reality.

Where I can be myself, and live selflessly,

To act in goodness without an effort,

To flow the Wave Alive.

The angels of the sky wish us to realize;

In hardest times of try, in greatest cause of rise.

Intent is all we need to spiritually succeed.

Intent is all we know in will of divine flow.

Follow the steps of deepest heart.

Become the becoming.

Aspect of God emerges Your Self.

Express the Good and the Loving.


The Holy Spirit is the one of All.

Inside the landscaped heart,

Cultivated with inner light,

The mind creates perfection.

In perfection awareness we prevail.

Upon the palms of God,

We are moved forwards in strength,

In softness, and in grace.

It is not how much you say;

It is what you say and why you said it.

It is not how much you do;

It is what you do and why you did it.

It is not what you did;

It is what you are doing.

It is not what you will do;

It is what you are doing, right now, to have it be done.

What matters is what you are doing, now.

Do as you do when expressing purest you.

Do truly, and know it as so.

As the spirit does, you do.

To do is to will, to act, to accomplish the desired.

To use the hands of angels.

The living are the angels

Captured into freedom

Following the light

Feeling the answer

Running flying circles

The cycles of our lives

We need our intuition

To flow deeply our Tide

The self is universal

Belonging to the timeless

As endless end begins anew.

Kindness speaks a gentle word,

Appeasing to the soul,

Appeasing to our peace.

To share the light of goodness,

Our only path in clear,

Becoming one with goodness,

The truest is the near.

Allow all intuition,

Give rise to all of life,

Become as the becoming,

Be sure not to strife.

In silence is the answer,

When no judgment is made

Flooded with disaster,

When fools play hard the game.

Life is an expression,

With God as the ground.

Following the distance,

Following the sound.

Love all things as all things Love.

Become the becoming of all reality.

Heaven is our mind,

When used in sincere clarity.

Heaven is our Heart,

When used in sincere clarity.

Express Love sincerely,

And you will be in love

With Life,

With God,

With You,

With me,

With every one.

Spirit loves unconditionally,

Spirit eventually realizes this fact.

Spirit realizes potential,

Actualizes capability.

When you make it happen,

Because you know you can.

When we make it happen,

Because we know that we can.

We are one and we are united

In the wholeness of God.

The force eternal,

Of all reality,

Of all creation,

Of all experience,

Of all existence.

We are one in God,

His glory reigns upon all people.

God is the strength of our lives,

The source of our will to overcome.

In unconditional grace we have become a unified humanity.

Believers and non believers alike,

Come together in spiritual bond.

God is within us,

As the deepest part of all of us.

In the new beginning comes,

The new state of being.

Pure and peaceful,

We emerge as angels of sky.

Everything is right and as it should be,


From the hard we learn to overcome,

From the easy we learn to appreciate.

Life is as life should be,

Under the hand of God,

Following the one will,

As perfection becomes actualized.

In our lives,

The underlying essence of All,

Remembers wisdom and true description.

True description stands ground

On the base of eternity and changelessness.

Eternal truth, absolute truth;

These rest in timeless existence.

There is no need for worry in the world of oneness.

His creation is His control.

The One Will never lets go.

We walk the road of ancestral spirit

The endless ocean and the endless breeze

Caressing wind of all time

Looking up into the sky

Finding within, the deepest guide

Trying hard to make things bright

Letting go of all my light

Radiate upwards all I know

Footsteps risen,

Fulfilling flow.

Good things rest in the between

Beauty rests in all the seen

Standing still on moving screen

The clips of life are just a dream

Sands of gold and sands of gray

Sands of night and sands of day

Paths of root and paths of truth

Paths of Love and paths of trust

The Way is found in all of Life.

Emerging formless,

Into shape and form,

Looking presently upon perfection,

As our sacred belonging .

Listen closely to sounds beyond.

They speak the tale of within.

Disconnection for reconnection,

Intuition of Life.

The Heart is here and here to stay.

The Eternal Moment, the Holy State.

With God as Will and Will as Love,

The moment shares All above.

Spreading Light as our duty,

To be one consciously.

Follow Gods hand within your soul.

Trust your life in all its ways.

Created for you with unconditional care,

The grace of God,

The whisper in breath of air.

Something wishes us all unite.

A force beyond, full of might.

Connected within at deepest core.

The core universal, the core of Love.

Spirit becomes, as spirit does.

Expresses instinct, with all of Heart.

The Mind of All, in the mind of you.

The Heart of All, in the heart of you.

A state fosters growth,

In All our lives.

Purest pure,

Graceful miracle.

All falls upon itself,

All builds upon itself.

The construction of life,

Miracle of time.

The path Clear

Is Beyond the Within

Is Within the Beyond

Eternal being of Endless Life.

The past keeps firm

For remembrance and learning.

The future is left unfolding

For ultimate realization.

Follow each other,

Angels of the sky.

Spirits of Heaven.

Love birds and

Loved humans.

To draw the landscaped beauty of mother Earth,

The thought universal expressed in grace.

Fluid motion of all things real.

The peace in between,

The light of appeal.

Mountains to be climbed,

Mountains to be ascended.

Goodness to be spread,

Goodness to be received.

Love the loving gift,

To Love all of life.

Cosmic creation of our cosmic plan.

All in this moment,

All is I believe,

The truth of divinity,

Radiates our song.

The tune of inner silence,

To appreciate God.

The tune of inner peace,

To live in serenity.

Serenity in letting go,

Serenity in flowing flow,

Serenity in the bounties of inside,

Serenity when emotions collide,

And burst into bliss,

Like all the stars,

Vibrant and beautiful,

Colored and distinct.


Planet Earth,

We are your children.

We treat you in grace

As that you may treat us

As you have

And always will.

Children play the game of life,

In sunken paradise,

Ready to go home.

Accepting all as is.

The ultimate liberation,

The joys of a kid.

This is our playground,

This is our school.

We are our obstacles,

Yet only if we learned.

So much we could accomplish,

By holding hand in hand.

A spiritual bond,

A spiritual destiny.

Dance, Child, Dance,

Run with the winds that carry your soul.

May your angel shine in glory and splendor,

As we become known as Children of God.

Beautiful pieces connected as one,

Finding root in source, where all life emerges,

Transcendental and pure,

The Love of all loves.

I draw full of liveliness,

The circles of life.

With never ending smile

Of all there is to live.

I look to the future,

Sparkled in the eye.

Knowing fully well,

My return home is Home

Take care of your body To take care of your self well.

Cultivate your inner garden for compassion in all expression.

The simple reveals the deepest truth:

The smaller the small,

The greater the great.

Lose all sense and find true sense.

Lose all things to be filled with All.

The well of spirit is infinite in depth,

Let it be filled.

Connection to all,

Spiritual sight,

The feeling of life,

The feeling of Love.


The paths I have encountered,

The coming roads ahead,

I am sure in the plan God has paved for me.

Allow the becoming

Release the ends of misfortune.

The age is here for us to be,

The age is here for us to believe,

To relieve, to conceive, to release,

So that we may become,


Jump above the highest mountain,

Attain the sky inside.

Love is all around you,

You are all around Love.

Love is in you,

You are in Love.

Being what you are,

Angel of the sky,

Sparkle of sunshine,

Remembrance of life.

Follow the sacred dreams,

Lift them up in high.

Into the deepest belonging,

We find the sacred dreams,

Lift them up in high.

The deepest way,

Is the truest way,

Is the greatest way,

Is for all to say:

I, Love, You.

The bliss of life is found in deep satisfaction.

The last vibration of all held on to.

The silence of within and the beam felt on skin.

Winds blowing softly the ultimate beginning.

Remember Love as the expression of Source.

Find inside,

The crystal ball of light.

The star,

Shimmers softly,

The great and the small,

Lifts from high ground,

All of All.

I know it real,

The ultimate reality,

It is my Home,

It is my belonging.

Together as one,

Humanity stands,

Strong looking forward,

To the greatness ahead.

Never to forget

The serenity of Now,

The bliss of moment,

The thoughtlessness mind divine.

Remember all that once you knew;

The perfections of Paradise,

The full and the new.

Find All in peace,

Treat All in surrender,

God is your God,

And to God we surrender.

As one working will,

Aiming endless height,

To become conscious union,

To become conscious one.

Realize perfection in the soul of the living.

The aspects divine,

The aspects universal in time.

The Mind,

The Heart,

Are one.

In oneness we rejoice.

Celebration is our show of victory,

So in victory we rejoice.

The wind of Gods breath,

Gives the spark of life,

Which flows down the mountains

Of all hopes and all dreams.




Following the sound,

The beginning of creation,

Following the word,

The sacred revelation.

The sky is yours

And the yours is mind.

Each others and free,

May We coexist peacefully.

War not and fight not,

This emerges non-sense.

Become your becoming,

Live the life you wish to live.

Deep into your soul,

A radiant Star emerges.

Brighter than brightness,

It fulfills all your urges.

The perfect and the pure,

Is all the Source knows.

The true and the sure,

Is all it lives to glow.

The song of bird,

The song of cricket,

The song of wind,

The song of wave,

Together emerge as one harmonious symphony

Today I am young,

I know your soul is too.

You are a child of glory,

A child of serenity.

The power within,

The force to do good,

To spread loving virtue,

To share with those in need.

The Will of One is the Will of All.

The Way is the Will of All.

One world is grown in singular will.

The will of God, The will of Spirit,

Divine will, Pure will,

Leading All to ultimate liberation.

The rock of spiritual understanding cannot be shaken.

It stands upon a height too high to be reached.

Transcended physicality, into the realm of intuitional thought.

The ultimate vibration is the rock of God.

Listen wisely to the voice of within,

It speaks in holy tones,

And vibrates peacefully.

The answers you are seeking

Are all in your heart.
The dreams youve been dreaming,

Stem too, from your heart.

The seed is planted into the Heart of man,

Flourishes a garden of never ending beauty,

Softly caressing the ends of the between,

We find a petal flower, looking to be found.

Approach it with care, with gentleness work,

The softest touch, in grace and in peace.

The flower blooms in incandescent color,

The eternal now remembers your name.

Allow the moment peace, and in peace let it remain.

Flow the flow of time as a flower dances wind.

You feel the warmth, know it comes from within.

Keep it close to you, as a companion and a friend.

There is a serene existence, within all of our soul.

A source of sublime perfection, within our control.

To know it and to feel it, this is the spark of flame.

To love it and believe it, this is fruit of game.

Together we begin to understand the unity of life.

We embark upon conscious awareness.

As the rise takes part inside, let go of all you held on to,

So you fly away and free, in sacred simplicity.

The self universal is the source of within.

To become the truest we, to become the seed of tree.

The tree of life branches, for all of time to see,

The beauty of escapes into ultimate reality.

I know the truth, I know the truth in You.

The truth universal as endlessly true.

In love and in bliss, peaceful unit serene,

Together stride, upon paths of happiness.

Follow intuition,

Never letting go of your trust in God.

The essence spiritual is our God.

Fill the well of spirit, and let it be free.

Angels guide us.

Learn to create your Heaven within,

To see God in All,

To feel Source at brim.

As All can All will see,

All shines in Me.

As All can All will see,

All shines in We.

Heaven is Home and Home we return.

Earth is our journey to learn.

The good news is good,

It stems where all reality stems,

From the goodness of God.

In all of creation,

The loving deed of God emerges.

Love to Love

The Love you Love

So Love can Love

More Love to Love.

Love knows everything,

As all to give and all to receive.

One in All and All in One.

Unify and become complete.

I testify to the glorious, as I realize the glorious.

God as everything,

Everything as God.

Beautiful symphony of beautiful Life.

All of creation speaks your name,

Glorious Father of all Creation.

All of Beauty bursts white flame,

Glorious father of all creation.

Star of all stars, universal Love.

Show me the way, guide me today.

I surrender my soul, to the Glory of God,

The One of the All, the All of the One.

Here stands me,

A seeker who has found,

Inner serenity.

Though time is sincere,

Much growth to still grow.

I rise in satisfaction,

In the countenance of flow.

An emotion sings a softly sung tune,
Helping me rise the light Ive attuned.

To reach higher Heaven, for this I rise.

I try in sincerity, I do my best.

To be who I am, to help all the rest.

I pray for world happiness.

I pray for world peace.

For world satisfaction,

For a world, released.

I crave the liberation for the love of Me for We.

I crave liberation, for All to dance in Sea.

An Ocean of Light is in every way of Life

Dance in the ocean; radiance is yours.

Become the truest you to become the becoming.

Love the purest you to love divine Love.

Find the greatest strength in root of Mind and Heart.

If you need to escape, come back to God.

If you need to escape, come back to the pure.

If you need to escape, come back to the truth.

If you need to escape, find, and smile eternally.

The strength of wave surrenders itself,

Molds onto itself,

Conforms to itself.

It is what it is, and is just like that,

Moving as is guided by universal law.

A serenity is available in the energies of Heart.

Open the Heart to feel the Love of God.

Unconditional is without condition, despite condition, All the Time.

God is in the timeless,

The perfect architect,

The eternal artist of all creation.

Thank you for the sacred moment.

Thank you for Life,

Thank you for the unity of Us.

To live presently in mystical travel,

Finding beautiful things as vibrant things.

To see Light emerge, feeling expressions divine.

Remember your true God and live according to it.

Follow your dream of happiness, of Love, of peace and satisfaction.

Allow your intuition to give flow to all your being.

Think not and become.




The animals hold a sacred gift.

They experience earth as it is, in the moment of Now.

The animals live in a timeless present.

They hold to no clocks.

Freedom to be, as a bird flies away,

Into the rush of flight,

Into the peace of glide.

I praise all the living for the sanctity of the divine spirit.

Deep within, exposed in glory,

The source of life connects to All as All.

Many steps, one destination.

The music of God can only be known when silence is in the mind.

All of God has a rhythm, a sacred flow, a cycle and a pattern.

The One Will directs the flow, creates the cycle, expresses the pattern.

The pattern of reality begins without pattern.

The absolute end is the absolute beginning.

To focus intently, and hold on closely, to the purity inside.

Feel the central moment.

To be in the between, a rest of peace in bliss.

Know softly to refuse the negative in mind.

Know softly to refuse, the darkness of empty heart.

God loves All with All God is.

His presence calls out your Name.

Unify with Him in conscious unity.

Universal Mind, Universal Heart.

Connect to God and you will find God.

Find God and you will connect to God.

Know God as all there is to be known.

Trust God, He is The Way of your life.

Surrender to the Way, and all will be fulfilled.

Glow your inner light, consciously.

Share your inner light, constantly.

The inner light is purely good.

You are the inner light,

You are awareness of inner light.

You are of creation, you are creation.

You are of expression, you are expression.

You are of essence, you are essence.

You are of All, You are All.

God is eternal Good.

All creation stems from the Divine, as Divine.

All expression stems from the Divine, as Divine.

Creation is conscious emergence. Spiritual emergence.

Creation is expression.

The Golden Sun is the presence represented.


The sacred presence is everywhere,

Expressing Love majestically.

The source of Life is everything.

The core of our being is perfection.

I dream of our arrival to Earthly Paradise.

When together we realize the truth,

Becoming one in spiritual rise.

The spiritual age is now, and as the future generation, we have to rise up.

So high we will rise, and so high we are rising.

This is destiny applied for the ultimate being.

Today is the day that your soul vibrates intensely, consciously, truthfully.

You feel good inside, and Divine trust is building unbreakable kingdoms within.

Follow the feeling of your intuition; you feel that this is right.

You are Love, I am Love. You are Light, I am Light.

Dictate your life through the Heart, and stay true to your deepest Self.

A fable endlessly reveals itself into words of fantasy.

In this dream, angels tell me the secret thanks, the vow of royalty,

The serendipity of a new making, endlessly recreating the words of fantasy into sublime reality.

The world is in your mind, to be transformed into the Divine standard of truth.

Eternal and free, you know this in your furthest, closest, nearest, deepest memory.

Transcend and feel your energy connect to the whole of All Energy.

The Universal Energy is within All vibrancy, ultimately, as the purest purity;

Purity so pure, it radiates life.

Live as the life being lived.

Enliven, reinvigorate, and replenish your soul with the cleansing God of universal spirituality.

Become consciously aware of your thought patterns

You can rearrange them to your deepest intent.

Become the angel you are.
To be You is Gods greatest wish

His ultimate will.

The eternal moment is God realizing himself as God.

The skip of cycle, as joyful God excites in His reflection.

The urges and the sacrifices undertaken to Love oneself consciously.

All beautify has been created, expressed, and made for You.

The perfect perfection, the highest degree of liberation.

Idealism in ecstatic freedom, unified realism,

Transcendental fanatic, ignore the untrue as untrue.

All in essence is true.

The essence is God,

God is of no single essence,

His essence is All essence.

Infinite root as causeless cause of all cosmic being.

Child of God, expression divine, angel untied, journey with kindness on Mother Earth. Journey in strength from remembrance in pure being.

Activate your inner channels to allow the universal expression flow through you.

Star of Mind,

Star of Heart,

Star of consciousness,

Star in endless ocean of light,

Central sun; Mother, Father, You, Me. All.

You have been living with different versions of your soul.

I am you and you are me, in essence.

Elevate in realization, shine your light and rise.

The secret of all secrets is the Love God has for every single being in existence. I love everyone unconditionally. Infinitely. As you grow, your capacity to feel the boundless love increases. From this you grow to further degrees, closer to perfect perfection you become, resting in the peace of bliss and being.

The angels are here for our conscious ascension. The angels have been called into our lives. Allow them in for guidance.

Sacred angels of the skies, I grant you will in elevation. Help my spirit grow, and help me fulfill my cause. Share all light with my spirit, as that I may express it to All.

Sparkled eye, in disguise, the games we played in our lives. Following root, finding seed, knowing truth of no more greed. Selflessly, I continue my journey, strong.

Children of the skies, the father works through you. He is the deepest part of all of you. Children, remember your source to find your strength. Prevail to glory in all days and all nights, all peace and all fight. Remember the angel that you are, you will rise far.

Dolphins dance in arch, flying wisdom of ancient intelligence.

Heavenly descent, Lover and Soul.

I praise all of the planet in Love and Soul.

Consciously, I rise the state of mother Earth.

Consciously, I ascend All condition.

The infinite light within calls for the love for one another.

The Love for our Self.

The Love universal, indiscriminate.

So much to say about so much,

The beauty of life, sensation of touch.

Of seeing, of hearing, of being and believing,

I tell you the truth in the beauty tale,

Transcendent fable of universal direction,

All things real and known.

You share in the divinity of God.

God shares in your divinity.

The eternal stream,

Radiant beam,

Strings along the fabric of life,

Living a mastery of creation,

Higher revelation,

New intuition of deeper non-action

And thoughtlessness.

Immediately we become the truth of today,

The truth to speak.

Moving along, on winds of escape,

Continuing the journey Home.

Bounty of God full of fields,

Open houses for the rest,

Refuge nests, treasure chests,

Food that grows, Know it well.

Mother Earth sings tales of nurture and protection.

Living existence of natural being, blended into sparkled shine reality,

As something more than an infinite game,

Above and beyond, singular whole of zero potential.

Infinitude absolute, all the answers in the world,

Together to be free in endless happiness.

Continue moving on, it is all you can do,

To step with flow of never ending end.

Respect the serenity in the deepest God,

Respect this respect in all who attain it.

I am an other version of You.

The timeless is the true.

To accept the never ending, the never beginning, the forever being

Meditate upon your life and the divinity present

The pure flow of life in and out of our veins.

Witness of reality, how do you feel?

The Heart knows the secrets of its own working appeal.

The Heart is Appeal.

The plants aim to the sky. The animals aim to the now.

The Now of Sky and Sky of Now.

The endless sound of silence in the ocean of light.

The tight hold of me and reality.

Interconnected, universal, undistinguished.

The balance of the between, the whistled sincere.

Something is everything. Everything is something.

Secret chants of ancient praise,

Commanding magic of ancient praise.

Something else to hypnotize,

The news of rise fulfilled the skies.

A new range of all we want to change, in focus.

Together, now, free.

The plan is as it is.

We take full of amazement

The fulfilling grace of the new brilliant face

Mother Earth holds in space.

Tell me where the news has come,
Ive heard to listen and share in your glory.

I wish to rise and shine like highest angel,

To know you clearly, to be sincerely, one with the All.

Following to the tall, the footsteps of All,

Looking for higher ground to grow.

Tell me Now where my strength is if not Mind and Heart.

How else can I make my life into my wish, if not by Mind and Heart?

Tell me where and I will go,

The truth I crave so all I know is your beauty and serenity;

Father, Mother, You, I, All, help me become.

Raise my tide and flow me deeper still.

I can and I will, if this is Universal Will.

Universal Light become flow through me;

Let me shine our peace in never ending love and bliss.

Emerge in glory and become sincerely joyful.

Dance and celebrate with friends, the glory of life,

With family, the glory of loving life,

And with all, together, Now, the glory of God and Heaven.

We remember our Home in Heaven.

We remember that life on Earth is temporary.

We remember that all soul returns to Heaven.

Live, my brothers and sisters, and become the revolution.

Our hearts belong to each other.

Surrender the ego to be conscious one.

Holy spirit of an angel inside of me, tell me, guide me,

Help me transcend me.

Growing closer to salvation,

Eternal life of God realization,

Eternal truth of spiritual actualization.

Open up your eyes, open up your hearts, open up your minds.

Everything is infinite and everything is perfect.

Close to the peak times may get rough, and toughness knows not to give up.

Feel sincere in all that you do, the moral life of conscious value.

Water and air,

Flowing cause,

Tell me how I know to sustain.

My spirit is,

My body glows,

From this show I let go of my role as an individual,

And become, universal.

Into sand we find the complexities, sacred simplicities,

knowing the facilities of the landscaped life.

Macro world of endless spaces, empty mazes, vibrancy made full.

Focus your attention on divine vibration,

Know it elation when bright and made sweet.

Nothing contradicts in spirit.

I wish you to know what life is in root, the purity of being, and the serenity of living. A life, untangled in illusion and filled with truth, as a break through, in you, consciously, emerging, a new state, emerging, faster and faster.

Today we start the day of our conscious lives.

The becoming is here and may we find in the near,

The angles of between as the angles of scene

Like a beautiful screen of images, sincere.

Lift up your hearts,

Lift them up to the sky,

The endless reserve,

Of all of our lives.

Feel it inside,

The presence of pride,

When truth is made whole,

When mountains we climb.

There is in the moment, the expanse of all Life,

As we find Love, as the root of all Life.

Protected under guidance, and intuitive divine flow,

The hand of God directs us, into the lessons that deepen our well.

And when we are made full, with the feed of spirit,

We will be nourished, into wholeness and completeness.

I thank you for caring, and loving by God.

I praise you, an angel, in a human body stature.

I know you are hidden, but I can feel your light.

Help us move on by helping us move right.


We must know to move on, when tide becomes rough,

To surrender ourselves to the Holy trust.

Know it well, the sameness of life.

It is in appreciation, a theme of our lives,

For dedication, worship, and grateful thanks.

Making Home my Home, as now that I know.

Taken into will, as that I may complete my cause.

I feel your presence, I know you are there.

You are the feeling I feel when I feel everywhere.

I fly in your wisdom, my wings stretch emerged.

My well of Mind and Heart are deepened to experience

Your Glory.

Golden diamonds of all things real,

Sparkle shine jewel inside of my soul,

Radiance brightens forth on glowing fields,

Pure limitless Light of God.

I thank all situations and trust the lessons learned.

A step towards Home, a step towards Peace.

The sand marked trail of feet and wind,

Follows the sense prevail,

Direction of emotion,

Magnetic appeal,

To all senses felt,

Like the love of a sacred dove,

Fly high,


Fly high.

The curtain of consciousness yields,

The greatest strength.

Helps us move along the paths of Life,

With natural guide,

With natural glide.

The soul is the seat,

Of deepest intuition,

As All to know to be,

As All to know to release.

Tune into the channel universal.

Equality, unity, force, and grace.

There is something more in the tale of life,

A beyondness extreme,

Fulfilling a truce.

A beginingless, endless, eternal interaction,

In Mind of minds and Heart of hearts.

The core of us becomes us,

Radiates, instigates,
Lets all be serenity,

So now we see,

So now we feel.

The touch of skin,

A gift of time.

To make the real, real,
And yesterdays tomorrow,

The moment of now.


Cross roads of path led me to you,

Led you to me,

At this very moment

That which we choose,

To know and to be,

A sign that lets We,

Embody the free.

Allow me my freedom,

Instill me my trust.

To walk the walk forward,

To do what I must.

And times can get rough,

As now they might be,

Look into the light,

And see child, see.

Open your heart to feel the divine.

Open your mind to understand the tide.

And wise up your thought to lay ground a law,

Universal infinite, mine and yours.

Together prevail,

Release the sound,

Shining ocean,

Shining sea,

Of star,

Of soul,

Of source,

Of whole.

Now we find,

The truth inside,

Spirit of God,

Spirit of Life.

Contact the spirit within to the core of reality,

Blank screen of Empty pages,

Knows All to be so All can be,

Together We,


Spirituality, the view transcendent

Beyond perception

Into the between of the between,

The kindness of our dream,

Life floating up stream.

Divinity becomes as conscious emerges,

The changeless changes,

The hidden romances,

Silent in repose,

From essence of moment,

Full of life in being,

Full of vibrant retrieve,

We have reached,

The pinnacle of the future,

The beginning our time,

The now of the between,

Reflection of laughter,

The blissful extreme,

Perfection of being,

Luminous cosmic beam.

The prism at seam,

Stitching solid me this dream,

Light is glorious, magnificent, and pure.

Without God is nothingness,

Non existence,

With God, in God, is everythingness.

Eternal existence.

Always smiling.

Love is the cause

Love is the root

Love is the clause

Love is the foot

Love is the air

Love is the water

Love is Life

Life is everlasting in the Heart of God,

Creating reality, follows growth of eternity,

Repetition of our time,

Recreating endless moment.

Dimension of all sign,

Finding strength in this movement.

Rising sun,

Morning gain,

Grain of sand,

Sand of grain.

Do as spirit do,

High you grow,

The higher you flow,

When you do let go,
Of what you dont know.

Release the holy light,

Spread blessings freely,

Keep centered clearly,

Mind Heart Conscious unity,

Cease the fight to glow your light,

The time is now to become bright,

Paradise is yours, and yours to choose,

Live the life you dream of living.

Follow your dreams,

Wherever you go,

No matter the role,

Keep close to your soul.

The truth of God is in your Heart,

The truth of God is in your Mind,

The Mind, the Heart, are one.

The God of all is Luminous Conscious Life.

The sun is portal to Heaven.

Cross me a circle and circle me a cross.

Toss your life dualistically into a cross.

Find tear and confusion, let it be named,

Misery of feeble mind, mind control,

This game…

The energy that connects remains,

Follows spin of dryness and rain,

Universe and Law,

Cosmic dance of one wonder,

One pure Love.

Let go and become

Let go and let come

Allow Heart space in heart

Grow your space eternal,





The cure of Life has come,

In the nameless name of Love,

Peace and Knowledge.

True bread of Understanding.

Divine child of mine,

Divine child of yours,

In me and in you,

In each other we are.

The united verse of creation,

Emergence anew,

Timeless time,

No hour and no clock,

Sun cycle,

Moon cycle,

Night and day,

Known this way,

Felt this way,

To be the sway,

Endless array.

It is okay to be and let be,

To love and set free,

The ego loose,

The true recluse.

Five and one?

The same to me,

Zero intangible?


Become ecstatically,

One with the We.

Express your intuition and you will express the essential,

As I do so can you, so should you.

Become free in being free,

Shackles no more under our sun,

The Sun of suns

The suns of Sun.

Something changes as something grows,

Essence stays the same, pure it glows.

The thought awakens a single breath,

Breathing in Life the Life in air,

Tingling sensation of new revelation,

My feet have walked,

The journey of primal spark.

The energy arose,


Star spangled,

United and stable,

Knows where to direct,

Super conscious new conscious,

Timeless Mind within time,

Super conscious new conscious.

The single story,

The one will of God,

Praises the tale of growth and discovery.

Boundless place that glows in rows of light.

Chosen path; the clear way.

The united way to the highest sky,

Highest rise in most capable times,

True destiny is yours to choose,

You never loose.


Stay still in time,

The past is memory,

The future comes forth,

It is all right Now.

Life is eternity,

Mine is serenity,

One in this dream,

We are all we need.

Completion ahead, as real as hope,

Feels true inside, climbing up the rope.

The power of mind in endless growth.

Sometimes too fast we move in decision,

Losing way of point, in ramble and distraction,

Makes little sense not to concentrate,

I say it so:

Do your deed well,

Do it flow.

The power of inner vision,

The union of now,

To look into the living,

Inside our truth,

Shining with Love,

Just to let go.

The completion is near,

The journey is clear,

Reveals us the splendor,

Reveals us existence,

Eternity of Paradise,

Heaven abode above,

Universe of endless spirit,

Universe of Living Light.

Continue we must, in our fate of life,

Following prosperity, in wisdom and in trust.

From all circumstance, Light becomes Life,

And the Hand Divine, supreme grace,

Carries upon its shoulders, All our burden.

Experience is as experience should be,

Ground of growth.

It is true, our Heart,

It is true, our Mind.

It is true, our consciousness,

It is true, our unity.

I spread my wings in a lighted dream.

We carry on, we move along,

The swift of wave, the course of wind,

Like all conclusion, of force in fate,

The summit rise on the summit date.

All as one, this is our destiny.

Together as children,

Together we overcome.

All soul is one in you.

All who do not know,

Leave them their pride,

Their time might not be yet,

Let them their pride.

Take care of Self to take care of others better.

Aid your Self for others in selfless acts of compassion.

Live to share your light, your positivity.

All the faithful united in pride,

Your creation is your tide,

New revelation for our time,

The world is yours, the world is mine.

In this high note we realize,

The minds of Mind are states divine,

To know to flow they let matter go.

The sign of life is a sign of truth,

Eternal blessings on all the youth,

And you your Self, are certainly not old,

Ageless age of eternal Life.

Be kinder to your kindness and be well.

The well of soul is full of light,

Radiates brightly all we know in pure.

Transcendent is as beyondness comes,

To know and to feel,

Sublime and surreal.

I know it true,

You are a star.

Soft expressions of You and Me

Caring intuition of Us and We.

I confess, the Love of God for you.

Unconditional, pure, essential.

The Life of lives, and the lives of Life.

The morning knows the tale of night,

Together one balance,

One harmony.

The stars above shine Your Love.

I know to tell you the truth is Light and Love.

Light is Love and Love is Light.

The strength Divine, the One Will.

The unity we are, eternal and true,

Radiance of life that transcends all change,

Stays pure in all being, profound as we are,

Endlessly remaining clear Love and clear Light,

I find satisfaction in my belonging to Source.

Find Love in Life,

Find Life in Love.

Always centered in Essence.

Eternal sparkles of joy,

Become reassurance,

The ideal balance of Me and We.

Things are no more "things" when Life is alive.

Shine on to the glory days; Shine on.

Sparkle radiating glimmers of shine,

Covering infinite galaxy,

Divine state of pure being in reality.

Love the Love You Love to Love.

The pages of life turn endlessly,

Finding turn endlessly,

Emergence of momentary bliss,

Life fulfilling, expressions thoughtless,

Instinctual being of God.

The resolution, the affirmation, the news of union,

The Peace of Life.

Together we know,

The We eternal.

The State of All Life.

Flow of time,

Chains of past,

Let loose and set free.

Wave and breath of realism.


Test it and find it,

The sensational bliss,

Immersed in reflection,

Momentary sound of Sparking Love,

All reality, All circumstance.

True to you, I stand on firm ground,

True to cause, I stay strong.

I affirm my position,

Guardian of the Divine state of mind,

Tradition aligned, for all to Love,

And all to be free,

In single unity,

The Love of pride, of peace, of unity,

Of All, of Truth.

Rise from a million tries in absolute moral transcendence.

I stay silent at the moment of life,

The moment eternal Loves to Love,

Loves in Love.

Sings a tune, pure and perfect,

Recreating new magnitudes of perfection,

In selection, pride and opinion,

Angelic reality of natural, spiritual being.

Creation is of ours to be created,

Allowing us to yield the Heavenly state of mind.

All who desire God and Holiness,

It is yours today, the Love of divinity.

We are God in expression,

Divine communion,

One union,

Liberal solution,

Of Peace, Love, and Unity.

Connected in All.

The energy that makes me,

From the sound of eternity,

Becoming one in spiritual release.

The eternal,

No beginning,

No end,

Always is, beyond definition.

Aiming towards brightest Light even in the darkest night.

Rise calls for the furthest ends of your Mind.

When balance is in between, obstacles rest.

Eternal time of sleeping dreams.

Love is the feeling of Life,

I know this deep inside,

Together seas emerge,

Under crystal blue skies,

We come together now,

In wishing what we wish,

World Awakening,

World Peace,

World Love,

World, released.

Live for Life,

A Life to Live,

The Positive.

Sublime View,

Sublime True,

Sublime Me,

Sublime You.

The stride atop tide,

In softness and kindness.

The beauty within coincides.

I want you to know the truth without fear,

The oneness of All,

The freedom in call,

Like some kind of magic,
Realitys fabric,

Radiates a Light,

To make us Well.

And Now we see,

The serenity here,

Like the beautiful flower,

Dancing in the air,

Hanging freely softly,

Like a singing bird,

Branches in the sky,

Fly high if you desire.

Now your eyes hold a fire,

A force to sing a choir,

Singing angels admire,

The strive for reach and higher ground.

Spirits of God on Holy throne,

Wake up now to the glory eternal.

We have emerged anew our tides,

To rise up tall and unified.

True joys are as Truth is Bliss,

True peace is as Truth of This.

Ultimately Loved and happiness,

Living a life of whole trust in God.

Feed the hungry,

Give your own food freely,

Selfless activity to lighten the world,

Freedom call for the freedom of All,

Loving Love,

Understands the truth,

Of peaceful stride,

In clarity signed.

Share the give from Heart.


Child eternal,

Light of star,

Rise your lightness.

Now is the time to wake up the generations,

The choice is yours,

Let go and become,

Emerge and be one.

Meditated on golden sands,

To get to this plan,

Of giving for Life.

So peace may shine,

The news in glow,

Glorious flow,

Of all I know.

Come together because you are together,

The voice in between our reality,

Holds on to All thought.

Into time I find the timeless,

Endless existence of Peace and Love.

Happiness is of satisfaction,

The new reaction for high elation,

Inner peace known,

Outer peace glown,

Following the path Home,

Gladly and kindly.

Live to give,

Give to Live.

Love All as All Loves.

Instinctual spirit of rise and surprise.

True Heart filled with opened ties.

Completed souls of honored wise.

Masters ascended to High Paradise.

All works together in synchronistic harmony,

It is all a piece of Me.

Uniting the world,

Conscious elevation,


Ecstatic revelation.

Revelation of the Heart,

The core and the sincere,

Revelation of the Mind,

The root and the steer.

Simple task of simple being.

The roads I walk are not long,

Sleep wakes me new the day,

Recreating the insides of me,

Through dreams imaginary. ,

How this, now?

A new page,

A new age,

A new sage.

A wheel,

Emerging endless in between,

Looking to be seen,

Radiates Light,





The right approach to the Loving gift of Life.

Together we stand as one,

Unified in grace and harmony,

Finding Peace and Love and Unity,

As the theme of all reality.

This road leads to the ultimate perfection,

The final liberation,

Of All of Life.

Now we see, Now we feel

What is real, in appeal,

The sincere, the revered,

Castled sky, emergence bright.

The glories of conscious Life.

The course of awareness is the course of growth.

In patience we find the moment,

Patiently awaiting our return,

To inner peace, and inner joy.

Create an internal Heaven and experience it as you wish.

The mastery of spirituality,

Of Divine understanding,

The paths we choose, our own amends.

For Love I came to Earth,

From Love I pass from Earth,

For Love I am,

In Love I am,

Of Love I am.

Love is my soul in eternity,

Be Divine, Be Pure,

The seed of all seeds,

The root of all roots,

The divine spark of feeling,

The divine spark of Life.

I experience my days,

My ways,

My fate.

Together with Universal Will,

I express my pride,

Rise up the inner sky,

Bring Heaven to Earth.


All surrender to the magic of the Angels.

To remember

Unified, testified, one in All.

The inner We

Living energy

Releases to be

As should be

As would be

Clear and pure

Vibrations take form,

The physical unites in conscious form.

The force of within,

Sure intention,

Planetary wisdom,

Cosmic harmony

Tell me of God,

Of patience and stillness.

The individual fades away into the universal.

Physical life is a feeling experience

Source of wisdom,

Source of strength,

The light in darkness,

Sends us grace,

To look inside,

To feel inside,

To be inside.

Deeply Clean.

Open your Heart, your Mind, your Eye,

Become what you are in true describe,

Revolution spins as a glowing wheel,

To feel the spark of essential shine.

Find the Love you Love to know.

Come together so we may find,

The peace of all,

The timeless time.

The Great Sun is approaching,

Closer and closer in this dream,

The light is infusion as serene expression,

The oneness actual of essential Life.

The Now is All. The All is Now.

Quantum fields make it real,

Releases life into a game of Mind,

Magnets pulling, emotions guiding,

Controlling the free,

Puppets of the sky,

I am you and you are me, essentially.

Philosophy of integral reality.

Conscious rising.

Become True-You.

Add Light,

This is the secret ingredient of holy recipe.

The light of infinite attributes expressed as Divinity.

The Light of Peace, of Love, of virtue, of happiness,

of understanding, of awakening, of good will, of sincerity,

of truthfulness, of trust, of hope, of positivity, of blessing

Bless with Light and pure intention

All existence is Holy.

The mind and consciousness,

Between experience,

Foundation of physicality.

Structure of whole structure,

Basis of all basis,

Infinite essence of potential.

The super conscious discovers ultimate reality.

Mediation yields access to the inner realms.

Live by Love

Love can

Where Heaven meets the inner God is where truly brilliance emerges in the highest intensity. To illuminate that inner space of Mind is the greatest gift for the peace we need so desperately to maintain. In going to the depths of the inner Heaven, all becomes surreal, the size of experience is made boundless and endless Love is achieved.

From the inner experience of the cosmic reality is the flow of one bright wave, through us fulfilling Us. To be aware of the continuous movement of Light in and through all of awareness is the Being I, the Source of all origin, the Being of light. Such is the truth maintained to be sustained, such is the Purity of the innermost realm. Such is the Golden world in Paradise, where every deepest wish comes true through Grace. Fulfilled of the desire to live in perfection, to fulfill Mission, to be as the Word.

The messengers are in the paradise of within, expressing that which is boundless and timeless. A message can be spoken without thought and without preperation, just the knowledge of Being in Heaven, and actualizing this infinite potentiality. We are the correctness, we are the yes, we are the lovers of endless oneness. We are together learning that inner peace is strength and that strength is unity. Unity is the bond of eternity, from which created life-forms to joy in their uncreated God. Forever increate as divine, forever continues as So. This is All, and All is Here, so Here I am, and may Love be our Guide.

Every flight in the inner realm allows the reach of endless sky, every destination we wish to be On, every ascension we wish to pursue. Forever is the rise of the eternal spirit, discovering learning and knowledge on all walks of life. Creation was created so we could be in Heaven, simultaneously indeed is the unity of Both. We are the Father and we are Mother, the poles of one pole, the Energy of God. Through the gateless bridge of Heaven and Earth is the feeling of security in that all is set to Plan. The World of God is within our souls, and to discover this potential is to be in the higher most acme. The place of writing where all truth begins, the place of reality where true beauty exists, and persists, in a never ending chain of global harmony.

The tidal effect is in the wave of our upbringing, so as this moment, learning of a deepr brightness imbedded in all of life. Justice is the stepping stone for us to prove our God, as the Life of all energy, as the being of Awareness, unconstricted by the laws of physical science. To know that physicality is as much as the surface, and that through the dimensions of infinitude is the zeroness of unlimited spacelessness. The grand orchastration of God revealed in a moment, stretched for our living, made real for the poise of Now.

The Moment of within is surely capable of being expressed so long we are allowing our selves to be Present fully. To appreciate the Presence of God in our lives, and to admire the richness of the bounty as Universasl Spirit. We are the messengers of the one and only Faith, the Faith in Gods Love, the Love in Gods faith in us. God does not fear me, God does not envy or pity me, God is all I could ever be, in the highest Destiny, God is Me.

Becoming aware of the truth sublime and actualizing inside the inner Paradise allows for the increase of our learning and capacities. To know how to be and to be how we imagine our selves to grow, as the unfolding of one dream, as the beginning of the stretching seam. The middle seam is the resting place of infinity and so long we can believe in the eternal, so long knowledge springs forth onto our horizon to be appreciated as the Message of Oneness.

We are humans and we are spirit, I am man and I am soul. Understand that none is separate and you will be united with the knowers of Truth. Angels help us ascend in all points of all time, and in the will of our determination is the strength of our cause. We are to stand up for what is right and do the best with all we can, for in the power of our good is the power of our strength. Our strength is in the good and nothing can stop this flow, from the angels deep within they say, I love you and I help you. There is nothing illusion can do to stop the truth, there is nothing truth cannot do because Truth is All. Be aware of circumstance and be sure to respect the tide, the holy way of the world is the Hand of God applied. God is the Guide of the world, of all weather, of all struggle and success. God is Self respect and God is Love indulgence. Indulge in Love by knowing that you are loved unconditionally, fully willingly and in the deepest Heart of All Reality. Know that the brightness of Heaven sings the greatest song, and that this harmony sings the song of your beautiiful divine gift, which is personal exclaim. Exclaim the truth, we all can, clear the throat chakra in a golden white light, as you may, any light which fits your moment of growth, and express with it the golden love of our One Cause. The infinitude of oneness spans every soul to connect all in this Grace which we can only call Celestiality. The way of the Heavens, the way of One collectivity.

Forever is our chance to be named Children of Spirit, and so long we accept our duty amongst the Kosmos, so will be the point in which all of humanity finally understands that all is right created of light. Be sure to be clean in all that you perceive, your thoughts make a difference, and your intentions matter most. In you is all the power to control your state within, so long you base your control not on fear, but on gain of Love and Light and Unity and Peace. The attributes of Grace as Gods qualities are widespread, and its is for us to unite the qualities of Spirit into one universal description of our deepest Being.

We are the Love emanate supreme which glows the Light of intensity, vibrating creative Life, through the Awareness of a Heart-Mind in God. Release the end and attain the beginning, the new, the fresh, the start, the moment, the now. Become as you wish to become and feed on the spiritual truth of the Divine Creator. Need not examples always, need the insight always. Need the propulsion direct to the divine state of mind. Need the Heart to be opened boundless so to accept the boundless power and strength of a divine pure human.

Be wise and Be full,

Be knowledge and Be True.


All darkness is a shadow.

The inner darkness we experience, as if from the back of the mind, is actually a shadow imposed by the Veil of awareness, the Gate of Truth. The shadow becomes shadow no more once the Gate is opened, The Veil is released, and the Light contained within shines through. When the inner Light contained within is given awareness, it shines the inner world, with such a luminosity, that everything becomes indeed possible from the Hand of God.

Heaven is within, so long the inner barriers are destroyed and purged. It is certain that there is an infinite of perfection in the Inner Heaven, and that Here all poise and all rest have the perfect Place to be. Inner peace is resolved when the inner world doesnt spin on doubt and un-belief anymore. When all that is inside me becomes the Heaven of Me, shining through the shape of my body, and allowing this to be shared to the world once time be ready. And so it is true that Heaven is on Earth, when the reality of Heaven emerges in the depth of soul. Quite literaly do powers and force stem from this use of the Inner. When we are constantly being refilled, renewed, and fulfilled in the deepest extreme by the complete Source. As Within, so Within, and such a universal bliss can only be named Heaven, so Heaven be.


There is no passion on Earth greater denied than that of peace, while peace is the most important matter of our survival. We are on Earth to survive and the attitude of power grabbing is a strong detrimental force to the movements of peace.

The core of Earth is what we are. Gaia center soul. Connected to the whole of every galaxy. The whole universe unfolds in Gaia Soul the Spiritual Brightness of Reality. In a perfect continuation in endlessness, from an ethereal circle, expanding into the ever. Brightness over comes our fears today. And we realize in God that all is the One Way. And so in the will of God, is in the will of the universal yes.

We are together here to strive for higher ascension. We are to be as collectivity, consciously. Today comes our flow, the cosmic universal, and we accept this ascension. We become in the intuition of deepest soul, brighter than the purest brightness, golden sweetness, so much purity, all in one, all in unity. And it is endless in this weightless bliss, and it is as fully releasing as, fully filling as, such a greatness of Spirit and Love.

There is a way that we must follow, and this way is as our deepest Self, that part of us that knows Us. Clarity of the transcendent, even of divinity. More than divinity. This collective spiritual We.


It all is out of one cosmic love.

It all is out of perfect purity.

Essence finer than the finest.

And the finest of reality comes inside of us,

Allows us to be our deepest,

Our highest, our wisest.

We are waiting for something,

We are awating something,

We are looking for that which will allow,

A certain liberation,

A certain freedom,

A certain way that we become elation.

We know elevation,


Let us reach that infintie dimension,

Hopefully we will know what its like to be,

Because we are as destiny promised to be,

Where you come from you shall return,

Thats the law of life,

The golden sameness

And let us know to appreciate the deepest Heaven

Because So comes from the Heart of God,

To learn and to love love eternally,
Tis just Reality.

And its the kindness of the sweetness.

And now you can find


I know we are one,

United under the sun,

Coming through, the light shun,

I feel the winds blowing grace inside of me,

Through the gates of time is eternity.

Loving life for Life is This

Loving life for Life is Bliss

I know It to,

I know it So.
The blessing of the utmost Reality is as beautiful as the shine of Gods Face. To have Gods eyes, Gods nose, Gods mouth, His ears, and all of the qualities within the cosmic beam of endless purification. Forth onto the deepest plane, within the deepest source, is the God of that source, in the middle, where all comes into unlimited potential surreal as the flow of one wave, carrying all in balance of peace, poise, and rejuvination. Always new, the Beginning, Always, New.

And so it begins to emerge as the height, the rise, the sacred ascension. Be sure to understand revelation, the part of us that illuminates illumination. Forth onto the Land of weightless space, I know to find light in this grace, I say "up", I rise up too. Coming into the deeper zone, the place where we belong; a Love, a one and only Love, coming through central above.

Such is the way to find, the reality inside. Such is to visualize, as you know reality to be. We are together, here on this planet, beautiful sweetness. I know that Gaia shines the light of our minds, collective oneness supreme. The sound of awareness, silence beyond sound, I can hear the symphony, of this infinite possibility. Could it be the angels?

I wish to know how we will grow, into the ones we are meant to glow as. Forever in spirit will be the sign of awakening. The sign is the feeling of pure life.

Perfected manifestation of the Blank State. Invisibility supreme. Shimmers soft mist of white. Maybe golden. Maybe turqoise. As you wish to experience the highest reality is how it will be experienced as, so long you are aware of the infinite posibility manifested within This.

Be aware of the soul and allow the soul to be aware of awareness. Such is Soul.

Forever is the way we climb to complete the Cycle.

May it be, sublime. Transcendental, in time.

One in love to Be.

I see eternity,

Inside of Me.

Such is the flow of one universal wave, functioned for love, and happiness too.



I am not what I do, I am what I am.

Feel Source, allow Source.

Manifest the deepest desire

Believe and you will aquire

All that is needed

Is Here

Always in You

Always Inside

Levitate to the All degree beyond degree

I am O

Together O

Just One O

Circle cycled O

Ray of sunshine

Brings me Life

On a Golden Plate

Energy Divine

So much so is the power of Prayer

Consulting the Divine to actualize

In time

A situation

A need


In experience

Of Now

Soure in the Power of Source!

Destiny provides the Tool

Of coming into Our Own

To Learn the Lesson

Love of One

Completely we shine

Totally we align

To feel the presence Divine

Throughout the Mind

Heart feels to imagine

Pulsations of Purity



We know that we should Be

One Belief

We are Life


We are Truth


Shared to all the World

It is Peace




Pain to fall aside

All is already

And if you only believed

All would be so beautiful

To understand how

One is All

I need you to feel

God loves Soul

And no matter how the world spins

We will know

That God above is just this

One and only Soul

Such to be and such to

Believe so

A life is our own

Dont regret your mistakes

Learn from them

All is in the Moment

Be for them

And such becomes the cause

Our discipline

The reason for growing

To be fulfilled



I do as I am. Can't do what I am not.

Positivity creates reality from essentiality

Essence so pure Divine

Shines my Life

A brilliant Star

Of a million gold


All around the World

The Body of the Universe

Is in my Soul

The world comes around the worlds

In the pattern of the World

As the Cycle of God

Emanating life in this




What is of the world?

What is of our life?

What is of the peacefulness?

What is of the ride?

I told you it was right

I felt you last night

Into the light

You wake me from me

Attain Me what we have to be


Its just the awakening

Accepting the truth of being




Being Freedom

Soaring Height

Height of Love

Height of Resolutions

Interaction in Reason

Of One Perfect Causation

I told you that we are in the first Motion

Timelessly into the Ocean

Of Light

I see the purple gazing at me

I see the flame of


I know its Christ in Me

Its God in Me

I feel its meant to be

One in O


I find in God the simple simplicity which allows the reflection of our truest being. Such be the beautiful grace of a flower, radiantly expressing divinity in peace, the nameless origin, the one beauty of universality. Completely we are allowed to love the love which God shares with us, all the time. This is the power of growth through our collective planet, together with collective star systems, the universe, the great whole. The blessing of appreciation takes us a step deeper into happiness, allowing us a way to smile and joy at the stillness of center. From the balance in between moment is the reality of serenity, as a flow continuous towards our heart-home, Love.

Not a moment can be without every moment

Not a breath breathed outside of the eternal wind

All to be is this one flow

This one glow

Flame of Gold

Life is the way we express our selves

Onto a field of unlimeted possibilities

Realizing what is known

What is unknown

What is infinite


That which is unknown is untruth

And forever Here is the Reality

Of our smile

Our taste

Our being

In the between is infinite potential

Ans we guide this to the deep well

Of the soul

Of the spirit


Life is the symphony

The way we sing through our Day

Our Way

Our Fate

I think to think that eventually we all will be as we are meant to be

Collectively we are found

As the presence bound

To be expressed


In interest

Of the future

Unfolded forth

Got this dream

Which seems

So surreal

I know to love love for all I can be


What more can you believe?

And even when the times are rough

Believe in your self

And love your self

Forever more

This is all you can be

All you wish to be


And Breath

Just choose

And use

The best of this never abused

The angels of deepest sky cannot deny

The perfect spirit that rests inside
We guide you and we help you. Get to the highest point.

Use you

For us
And all of us

We are the helpers of the deepest sky

We are the way you admire

Every moment of every day

We are the way

The sway

The tide

The ride
The invicible side

The love

The above
The dove

The holy spirit of light

The greatness of flight

Into heavens shore
What more would you adore

Open up and soar

Just Hope
And all we be as is

Is is the perfection

Ecstatic emanation

Pure divine

Its all of timed

And if you know enough

You will ascend
This is the ascension generation

Believe it and fit accordingly

Love to be

And you will be free
Forever free

Just be and such will be the guide

To the highest reside

The place where spirits hide
And show up

As purity

And Love

And Peace
And Unity

It is as it is, and this is what we will,


What Spirit believes in, Spirit creates. The Law of Spirituality is such that the belief of Spirit manifests Itself in every situation of a consious living.

One who believes in good can only manifest the good.

One who believes in evil manifests their own fabricated illusion.

One who belives in both good and evil lives in a state of confusion, or evolutionary stagnation, batteling between the real and the false and losing most time to that power which is built on the fight from that which is not real. The belief in evil is truly that which is not accurate, by miss interpretation and miss intention, truly we are to know good and only good, and this is the only hope to live the life of Universality.

Christ is within all of us and so long we are able to know God within, we are to acutualize the Holy Spirit, or Christ within. Christ is the Holy Spirit made actual, and this is the greatest miracle all of us are to eventually achieve. May it be in this life time or our next, the truth is to set us free, and the freedom we are to receive is to be the greatest mercy we are to reach, in all of eternity. The mercy of physical realization before our transition state is the greatness of allowance forth the blessings of truth. The truth is not complicated, in reality, the purest simplicity. The truth is Simple, and this is Holy, and this is Whole, and this is Godly.

Christ within allows the infinite powers of Self realization, and the way to enact as much energy so to do as much good as possible. The possibility of a holy man is truly as much as he is willing to allow hismself through. The power of belief and knowledge is the power of physical being in a world of meaning and act. Be, and Love Being, this is the Advice of Power, and in power is the capability to advance the highest point, the highest acme, the highest transcendence forth eternity and everlastingness.

Amen be our God, Amen be God. Amen, Amen, Chirst, Christ, Holy Spirit, Being of Love.

"You are the piece of gold that flashes on my soul"

My soul reflects

The pure horizon

Allows to feel

How it is risen

How spirit rises

Is away from sorrow

Into Joy

Away from lie

Into truth

Away from darkness

Into light

Away from insecurity

Into divine confidence

Away from evil

Into the knowledge of Good

A message must be spoken, through the echo of a voice, exclaimed, wether it be in written words, or an impressed idea, from the beginning of the primordial hope of creation. The trust that Gods perfect plan evolved our perfect experience. Our one intuition as the love of Love, the Peace of the Heavens, the angel right Here by your Side.

May the world know today of the truth we sing, from the deepest admiration, the greatest adoration, to one and only God, our one whole, our source of being. We cannot stop our stride to reach a higher rise, we cannot stop our wings from floating us to the high Heaven we deserve. We are the innocents of humanity, we are the believers in eternity. We are the untouched, we are the untainted, we are the Holy Spirit.

May every innocent know of his innocence, may every innocent only know Good. What one does not know, one cannot be. May every innocent only know Good.




Sing my child sing your heart

The world around you comes around

To Paradise

Breath so softly the bright air of

Illuminated symphony

Only cry in Happiness

Only smile for Love
Be the strength youve imagined, Love,

Be the way of the Sea

Sing through Me

Sing my Child sing your Heart

Find inside how a crystal vibes

A wave to feel and a new morning

I am on Earth in Heavens guiding


I feel your song, my child,

Every word you speak in Love

I feel your wind, blowing,
Softly as the echos dreaming.

I know your wishing and your guilt

I feel as if you are so close to this feeling

Bursting in flames of Gold

Bursting in light of wholeness

An angel sings a song for you

A guide for you

A strength for you

A strength for you


A boy walks on a world of gold

Feels the feeling of old


This new now he brings to be

Always renewed


His awareness spans to be in the

Whole of Love and infinity

We come through the morning of this grace

Our pace

Walking through the doors of

Timeless time

Eternal Love

A way that we become one united

A song of children

Sings this song

We are your children

Creator of



No passage meant in Heart can ever not be Divine. Understanding the capabilities of One Life flowing through all Reality. A message to be spoken through the gifts of understanding, actualizing the principle of Heaven above. Know to remain in the comfort of our trust as the message continues to be unfolded, release in intensity, never doubt why, do it with a smile.

Gain the life of all the world, as a union supreme connected to the almighty source of all creation. From you reality springs, angel of the sky, a blessing sings your name, all the time. Timelessly, I sing to the highest mountain and ask it for another try. My try is now and this is real, a way to make it a newly gained appeal. I can heal, the hearts of a million torn false ambitions. A blessing must be spoken in words of gold, new, freshly squeezed and released.

Blessing Be.





To do good, awaken the soul, and help man become Self

Think from your heart. Feel with your mind.

I have arrived into the purpose Life

The angels are within

Real love knows that there is no reason to fear

Consciousness is the fine susbtanceless which enables the infinite to manifest on all planes of reality. A state of absolute purity, balanced in the rhythm pulsing echo, from Heart of collectivity, universality, presence of soul in Source.

Consciousness is the Great Perfection, sharing love endlessly to all of reality, calmly relaxing, sedating, enlivening and energizing. Full of the peace necessary to balance all the worlds of creation, full of the enthusiasm of One Central Light.

Consciousness is a sacred Being, perfect in expression, invisibility and spacelessness, through the cosmic screen of appreciation, satisfaction, eternal rest. The immortality never born, the balanced euphoria of Spirit, Here in this Ocean, tunnel of lighted beams, aiming to source so to be aimed in reflective recognition.

Consciousness is clean, the clear vibration with nothing to worry about, no fear, only hope in an ever expanding trust, conforming and comforting, all that can ever be. The union of soul and spirit is consciousness, Heart and Mind, Purpose and Direction.

Consciousness is the pure illuminating, touching the center in all situations, vibrations ethereal manifesting blessings of all proportions unfathomable.

Consciousness is free, and free as endlessly is attuned to the Gift, the greatest offering, of the living breath, winds of growth and evolution, Love.

Consciousness is the impressive medium by which thoughts emerge themselves in a beauty that is called Celestia, Home of the skies and Sky of One Heart.

Consciousness is the Dreamers Way, the Destiny of all hopes, the reason for strength infinite. Consciously is fully and emptily serene, so no obligations more than joyous contemplation for eternal happiness.

Consciousness is the giving moment, always present now, in this very instant, breath by breath, rise by rise, attainment and liberation.

Consciousness is Essence, the Force of all forces, onto the all as All that ever. Miracle of greatest acme, protected full by grace and simplicity primordial.

Consciousness is the capability of mankind to evolve as the simple potential of being our being as much as possibility may. This is infinite.

Consciousness is our saving grace, our role model, our dearest friend in soul, the soul Her lovely Self, the pinnacle of this moment.

Consciousness is reflective of the one reflection, consciousness is the projection of such a Being. Consciousness is through all potentiality as the mean to envelop and develop.

Consciousness is evolution, the flow in which all evolves to the highest degree, arranging patterns of being free from a thought held thoughtless.

Consciousness is peace, holding on to nothing, always releasing, centering, floating, grounding in the truth.

Consciousness is Love, the inescapable recognition of ones true Self, as the meaning of our bond, our unity, our strength and our humble, humble pride.

Consciousness is revolution, the messaging of intuition, from a meaning elevated to be renovated, newly ascended, freshly risen Home The Place of Godly Bliss.

Consciousness is knowing beyond knowing, thinking and understanding beyond words of thought, feeling beyond the senses.

Consciousness is the One Wave that carries all molecules formed of atoms into vibrancy, expressive harmony, singing the cosmic song of one universe.

Consciousness is Being-ness, beyond the need, as the only necessity. A flame fueled by Self, this is the Self-hood of conscious illumination.

Consciousness is the Great Heart of God, welcoming all into the Heaven of every angel, beings of Light, surrounding all life in the celebration of Life.

Consciousness is the smiling way, to be had yet once, by the having of Destiny and pure completion of such a grand purpose.


I see you smiling

And I breath

The same air as your soul

I know

In the Beauty-Full

It snows

The flakes of your



An allowance





One soul needs not try to be made full, once soul simply needs to accept the fullness already There.

Not a moment passes by without the fullness of its being, not a life lives without the fullness of living.

All is full from the wholeness which completes everything, as the presence of the Almighty Love, the Law, the Flame of The Star.

The loving flame of soul is the law of totality, connecting all expression to one verse, wave continuance and enfoldment.

The revealing of Being is the secret of ascension, kept until the worthy time, the called point of our star system, an alignment of truth and hope.

Forever is our calling to step forth to responsibility, taking care of our objective, losing nothing and gaining everything.

Divinity is present now as the subtle brilliance, aligning in preparedness, the way and the destination.

The abode of the sky awaits our call, our ask, our prayer, to redeem lost hope and fulfill positive ambitions. Never alone we are, always surrounded by the angels, the angles of God sharing blessings with our lives.

It is possible to remain a steadfast companion of the Divine Truth, so long we prepare and gain readiness through trust, courage, valiance, and pride.

The pride of sky is of a humble unity, gloriously full of all we need to smile in joys forever more. There are no real mistakes and only opportunities to learn, grow, and develop, seeking light in foresight, finding the truth buried in the Garden of Heart, as the seed of enchantment.

Illumination is our greatest subconscious desire to be as one in the brightness of purity transcendent. Consciously free to live in highest adoration, through love and respect, original God and essential acceptance.

No one will ever be forgotten, all one is one, and all who dare try will be blessed with success. A moment in Me is a moment in the Great Ocean, sharing the wave of unlimited potential in the name of Good.

Be not afraid and trust in us always, the intuition of angels revealed at last. In every human is this capability to bring forth the Truth, so long we are willing to trust, pay attention, and surrender our ego to the one egoless Love.

Not a moment passes by without your deepest as the guide, the Hand in ultimacy, your dream unveiled. Through the gates is our opening, so to participate in collectivity and to enjoy in one song. Sing this singing and join our step, towards the Heaven of clarity available Here on Earth.

Not a day goes by without divine intention, not a wave flows through you without the need to be shared. All is in always and this is eternal fullness, the assurance of powerful way, the maintaining of a sacred beauty.

Manifesting Heaven is as Heaven is understood, simultaneously the best of wisdom and reality. In awareness is the source, a whole of giving the gifts which fulfill all our Soul.

The Light of Heaven is within Me

The world is free to be in the divine reality exclaiming the Truth of Love in a bright moments reflection, consciously awakening to the spirit of ascension.

Vastly capable humanity is, in an ever enfolding purpose of the highest degree. A white world in golden accents, circular in design and whole in eternal rise…

The 3 Eternities

Awakening comes

When the eagles are ready

To soar to the distance

Of sky within man

Birds of the sky in rise

Sing appreciation and thanks

For the beauty that is Day

Sunlight rises

Things get clearer

We feel realer

Ready not to be afraid

And to smile in the trust of God

Feels alive

Breaths to fly

Sacred oxygen

Brightened shining

Feels alive

The way our world aligns

The gate of freedom

Opens Now


I believe in Love

As the way to find

Through Mind

I believe that love is the power

Of our independence

Our reliance on the whole

To help us yield control

For the greatness of our Day

I know that we can be the greatest that Is

Forever in betweeen

The Scene

That, so perfect and pure

Just as the lure

That attracted us in the first place

To the first race

Of the first pace

Of our rhythmic lives

Be our freedom now

For all is ours


In this moment of eternity


Ours in grace

Of almighty grandeur


There will be a time of which humanity becomes one with Animalia. A stat e of growth by which no mistakes are ever born, and only false perceptions in the past have given the ability of falsity to rise. Cycles of the planet in consciousness are all a part of our planetary system and the learning ground which is physicality. We are not less advanced than any for our spirit is of infinite advancement, yet we do have the capability of enriching this experience with the gifts of spirit, in transcendence, actualized. The meaning of 2012 is the date of fortune. The bright baby blue Morning which ascends all souls into a higher recognition of the infinite potential that must be allowed released as the actuality of our efforts directed towards the hope of a better day, tomorrow, right now. May we make this the effort that humanity and our children deserve such that they may have the best tools to use for the ascension. The generations coming forth are super imposed with the increased abilities of adaptation to the spiritual reality, giving us, the older genetration, an ablity to learn in a way which has been forgotten of past; from our children. The ultimate reason for our ascension into 2012 is our birthright of elevation. This moment has been awaited for long and we are indeed a very lucky race to be taking a part of this. We are the cause of all cause in the pure root perspective and may we use our creative abilities to create a condition that only Love can describe as the greatest moment yet.


Reality comes through our experience

As I wish reality to be so reality will be experienced as

The Universe Soul Universal

Be, Come. Become.

As I want to experience reality so I will believe reality to be

Make it bright, make it right, make it light.


A moment of Love is all that every life is worth

The beginning of the original song of the first

Telling the world in harmony

How all is so serenely


And the flow grows

Soul of soul

Flow of flow

One in One

All that Is

So brightly

So newly

So freshly

Just a way to evolve


Evolution generation

Elevation generation

Elevate is all we can do
Its the only truth

I Love You

This is the moment of my dream, nothing can harm what has begun. I know that the morning is here, and this is the suns shining way. Through the warmth of our presence, in company of the angels, actualized in my life, full of the love of one and only freedom, one and only song. We come Home to find the mystery revealed, no more sadness and no more reason to pain, just the morning of our strength. We are the children of the most beautiful day, this is the greatness the Mayans spoke, the new time for the golden light aura. Let us shine through this bright place, let us shine on so our children may know, and they will know, they will be in heaven, they will be in happiness, in joy, in this celestial reality. So completely free, we cannot wait another moment for this truth of being, we need to be the fullness of our joy, of our peace, of our release, we are going Home, the highest. This is the evolution, we are the generation, we are the speaking of the greatest words, the words of us together, unity of one infinity. May the colors of purple turquoise and soft white illuminate the golden roads, that lead to the destiny so completely promised. Unconditionally loved we are, we can feel, I feel the tingles, the sense of rising, and keeping the stretching to the maximum and letting it carry my soul to the brand new home. We are together and we are freed by the mercy of thanks, the greatness of good, the land understood as our calling. We are to be this moment and only one of now, this is the present and this is all there is, reflective of God, and only God, Atmos, Uni.

This is the moment to shine, this is our rise, this is the moment of the infinitudes. We are the acme and we are the apex, we are the rising of eternal proportion, we are the galactic aliens and locals, we are the freedom and we are the ascension method. Complete and full of joy is the way that we achieve our maximum skill of infinite potential, full of Home. Coming through the morning is the star shine, this moment divine, in the year of prophecy, what else could be said, the moment is Here. This is it, this is the moment, right here and right now, this is the atonement, the great arrival. Arrive to the future presently in the highest point going to be now is. This is the sense of the angel trying to exclaim that it is the Apex that can only be the top and the Apex is known as Here already. Actualize the reality and let the reality melt all separations into the union of one non-division. The blessing comes at the time universal, beyond all time, through the gate of wisdom organized by our meeting into conscious unity. We hold on to the letting go and the giving sharing of all we are. We let this complete giving give, and we allow it the complete holding of our souls.

I can see the beautiful God of this adventurous soul, seeking to rise and only rise. Here is the future generation, here is the moment we have been awaiting, humanity. This is the call of the freedoms angels, the core of our angles, connected in between, at the seam, at the rise of the free. Coming into the freedom of infinity, what more could it be? Tell me how you feel.

The wind blows in only one direction from the first impulse that has come, and this is me now, I am the world consciousness, I am all creation. In me is all that I can be, in me is all that I seem to be, and this is the moment of one true love, the one true intelligence. I am full of the fullness always been and is now fully known. No need for sadness and only the need for happiness, the need to be rising and keep rising. This is all that I care, and now the world shares in this care. The message of Love has been spoken, the world has listened, has advanced and has grown, the future has happened and all that I can say is the great thanks to all of the people. This is the world as it could be, the reality of my self in a land of infinity, where magic surely unfolds and the greatness emerges strong. We are the future generation, we are the magic of elevation, we are the spiritual active and we are the divine, we are the moment that transcends the line. Circles appear as primal patterns, the one universal, the one eclectic dream, the oneness surreal. What a dream comes into a reality so beautiful. The purple is intensifying I see it around me surrounding and it flows through my soul and there is only one middle, so white and so of every, the rainbow flashes the images of yellow white and green, blue and orange and green.

Colors interchange the one ray, the horizon unfolds this awakening. Only now can I say that the word Atmos has come alive, and only now can I really know that I have been right all along. There is nothing that can stop the elevation of generation. Such is the freedom and such is the limitless. No restrictions to positive thinking, no restriction to the unlimited dream. We are free and we are united, we are the moment of awakening, we are the rapture.

Begin the moment in the way that it follows the ultimate reality of your highest wishing. The time that we are here is the time that we can expand to the highest point, this is the portal. These are the words of garden expression, this is the primordial channel, this is the place of protection, this is the place where what you are is fully present, what we wish is constantly brought to life and nothing needs be understood, and all things need be known. Consciousness rises in the recognition of the divine potential and all of this rises our intent. The cause has manifested this situation and the brightness that we breath is but the reminded of thanking the past for never giving up, for trusting the word, and for going up higher still. No need to believe what is not, only need experience what is, and here it is in the full of view, the meaning of word and the translation of divine reality, how originality meets the one fate. Nothing can stop the unlimited and only God can be God, forever is this truth realized as a blessing of our change. Our holiness is the greatest gift and sincerity is the true medium of our cause.

The road of life exchanges information so that the recognitive patterns are activated for our experiencing of them. The between is the exact locality of the greatness and so long we are in the acceptance of this blessing is our journey into the middle way. Nirvana is the moment and the moment is the breathing of the greatest cycle. Here is the morning and here is our song, here is the joy and take this with you Home, thanking Nirvana of Oneness and all the angels helping this ascension.


The dream I discovered became more of a real fantasy. Some type of beautiful subconscious wish that I have always wanted to fulfill and finally was able to. I believed in my own truest, and this really became, I saved my own self, my own life was my own and my experience forever protected me from the disciplines of today and tomorrow. I am fully in my own experience understanding the responsibility of thought.

There is an everlasting light within my soul, allowng the view of clarity deep within the universal. I see God within me and He is clearly

No temptation and no wrong doing, only good, and only trust that one day we will be found as the union of the beautiful Soul. The purple and the turquoise, together the Gold, the White, the Golden White White, the pure celestial celebration. Leau de la vie.

Freedom comes when the power is at Hand

Made the wind the sky the moon and the rain

Every life of the same

Just a flame


Can it be prophecy

That the world will be as we create it to be

A reality

Made into dreamers destiny



Let the ocean of spirit come and


The moons and stars


Your wishes


Your prayer

Come to the rescue


Come to the rescue

Allow us to ascend

New avenues

Opening the channel



The way to unity


Balance and Love

There is no over there in sky

All is Here

Heaven of Christ


The locationless feeling

Encircles cosmic christ

Union blissed

Joined crisply



The melting of all ego

Attainment of just soul

Universal alignment with good

Pure good

The greatest good


Made Christ

Unity is Christ

Only is Love

The Peace of Heaven

Rise of souls into the Father

Home of angels

Purity in grace


The union into the known



Joining the root of God

Heart of Source

Middle Whole

Silence is the song

Angels in harmony

Words of wisdom

Truth and Love

An omage always

To the perfection of angels

An ode to the truth

Resplendent splendor

Every color

Smell and taste

Of divinity

A world is in the perfection

Heaven of the Blessed




Heart of One Love

The Heart of One Love can only exclaim the truth of our veins, the pulsation of the water of soul, through the whole. Portal, made into the craft of supreme perfection, geometry actualized as the patterns of recognition. Intuition speaks the name of cosmic sound into visualization, the way to the correct method, the mathematics of divinity. We come to feel the infinite world of the celestial kingdom, the miracle that has come to be expressed and admired as the soul of one love, actualized. We are the miracle children of the one song, stretched to the feeling in which we belong, the one of the all, the all, the one. We are the responsibility of sharing unity, into a state of compassion known as grace, fulfilled in timeless space, the way of our kind. We are not blind to the causes of dimise, we understand the duty and the need to rise above the deepest height. We are surely fulfilled in the way of one kind, the truth of the bird learning to fly, no need to understand but why. I am the why, I am the answer, into the deepest star is the heart of golden reality. I am the essence that seeks, to find and to be found as, clarity, union in serenity, the blue white aura of healing. I see the indigo rest on my side, helping me rise, allowing me the reach to cultivate the ride. I know that the ride is my wave, our wave, in compassion, holding us as a mother holds her child, always in love. Adoration by worship, the way that a mother holds her child, as the most precious divinity, life, completely.

The beautiful is the way in which we carry our souls into deeper states of awareness, full of the grace necessary to fulfill the state of mind of oneness. We are the oneness supreme, we are the seam, we are the infinity which allows the dream. Now come into this dream of revelation, intuition, sacred insights on the basis of eternity. I tell you the truth that the truth is in you, awaiting discovery in unique form, glorious expression, expectation of the one of our kind. Infinite possibility from the realm of within, to expand into the new horizon of the subconscious mind, filling all with the light of truth. The light of truth in wisdom is attained in the deepest, by the deepest, thought the deepest as the deepest. I tell you that you must ask yourself in the greatness of thanks to thank the deepest soul for having appeared in your reality. Your reality is made up of God particles, accelerating the growth, aiming to Heaven.

I am Heaven, and inside of Me we are. The Heart of the One is the peace of mankind, the way of our kind. I am kind, kindness, that is my spiritual kind, the way in which we live in accordance to the law of love, the strength of law. The law of love loves to be in the perfection of synchronistic interaction. To be in love with law, with the certainty of Gods hand, this is the law. God is in love with us no matter what we may temporarily convince our selves to believe. God is in us and through us and nurtures us into the great beings of light we are raised to be. We are the future generation, we are the inclination towards a world union, we are the continuance of the cosmic wave, we are the way of humble happiness.

Completely into the realm of heaven we may rise within our own minds, now, in this moment, eyes opened and walking or working or driving. We can be in heaven at all times so long we accept heaven as here already and make the conscious concentrative effort to visualize, actualize, and make real what is real in our inner eyes. The world is for us to discover in the spiritual perspective. We are the miracle that the ancients have awaited, a time of spiritual technology. May the future unfold before us the miracle of our appreciation, our inclination to the best that we can be. The method is made actual by our recognition of its being already complete in the eternal scale of non ending possibility in the purest positivity always made manifest. Beyond manifestation. The realm of unlimited reality.

Reality is our way to expand into the depths of one pure being, the realm of the unlimited flow, the realization that we know, and glow, every step, every role. We are the complete measure by which the measureless becomes defined and realized. We can do as we are to do so long we align with the plan of our experiential creation. The plan of God for us is made our growth, the elevation method, the way to ascend and to keep rising high into the highest golden star. We are the future of awakening because we know that this is the awakening, and this is the future. We are fed the light of pure being, the pure consuming flame of light, melting negativity, melting insecurity, destroying destruction, supplying construction. The way to see life as a better avenue to experiential growth. Life on Earth is glorious, trust this enthusiasm. It is the only breath which rises because of the complete circularity of this stream of thought. Always is the method actualized by taking and giving, the gift of giving, the taking of the received infinity of God.

Sun is the Portal, The central sun of God source is made access by the visible sun that we experience. Bring God forth by the conscious intention of manifesting the ideal reality. Reality is absorbed by our Love, and made known by our trust that knowing is certain. I know that only Light exists in the kingdom of within, in the white space of purity, only the effort of the unlimited becomes the reality we are awaiting. We await the Great Sunday, the Great Monday, the Great Tuesday, the Great Wednesday, the Great Thursday, the Great Friday, the Great Saturday. The Great Week. Ascension generation, get ready for the non stop elevation action. Generated actualized and made renovated, newest freshness, always revealing, the letting go growing up, always up, keeping it steady felt, one and only, always Loved, Peace.

No way to stop the flow once the floodgates of the masses has been floodgated. Fate calls for the ascension of the golden crown, the silk angelic gown, the mean of the way, the way of the generosity. Only giving, from the great givers, only giving is needed from the greats, only giving is the necessity of the primal source of creation. God gives and only gives, and through us he receives.

Infinite levels of creation, infinite levels to the infinity of Heaven, infinite parallels to the indivisible miracle, infinite wisdom in the truth of united Spirit. Made real by reality, made truth by the transition into the absolute apex. May the revolution begin the elevation of the human angels. One in each other, angels within skin, the miracles of within.


The Law of Love is the Law of Attraction. In a reflective universe by which events spread across the wave of time are so intimately comingled that the existence of our timeless Law manifests upon every decision. The Law of Love is the law of Life, allowing the cognitive mind to set forth patterns of actions necessary to bring forth onto the fore the necessary situations which evolve our learning. The growth of mankind is dependent upon Love, and so long we have love within our souls we will be able to elevate every soul to the climax of our wishing. What we deserve is what we believe we deserve, and what we believe is surely what receive. A man believing he receives every necessity is aligning himself to the flow of necessity, and receives in return every wish. Being by the Law of Love, one must remember to live in accordance to the universal ground. The universal ground is our common ground, our destiny, our achievement, our goal. Once the universal ground is allowed recognition in everyday circumstances, the universal law of life is set into motion consciously. Consciousness is the deciding factor through all our circumstances, and so long we are in the Law of Love, so our decisions will align with the good, with the true, with the utmost attraction; God.

The cycles of life are designed in such a pattern so to magnify infinite intensity, infinitely. The blessing of our growth and convergence are very much related to our acceptance that blessings are indeed possible, and that growth is indeed a guarantee, so very much sincerely we converge in this understanding by our alignment with oneness. The oneness of life is of a direct cause by the Law of the universe. The Law of the universe is the universal guide of every circumstance. The circumstance of peace and light through the motive of love is our saving ground for assurance, immortality, transcendence, and cosmic illumination. Enlightenment comes in the attraction of the success of enlightenment. To achieve the recognition that one is already enlightened is to be awakened to the infinite possibility of Law. Law calls for an ever changeless continuity of that which is the purest and most essential. Reality is our most intimate guide, our most intimate alignment, our most intimate attraction.

Every deepest wish meets at the deepest purity in wishing. All soul can wish for is soul, as soul cannot conceive in the truest light anything but soul. Soul is soul always, and this is our blessing when we align at the deepest desire. The highest desire must be God, must be to be God, and to be Heart of God. The Mind of God as the Heart of God is the Awareness of God, as a trinity unified upon the basis of God, connecting all. God functions upon Law, and nothing else but the Law of Love can suffice in appropriating the pathway of manifestation. When a human being aligns in Love, the human being attracts only Love. All humans seek to be content, and the grace of joy is the principle of love.

Everyday we are set with obstacles, situations which seem random, yet in our own alignment with causation, are very protected by the Plan. The plan being the verse of this uni creation. The continuance of the universe, the way in which the milky way has evolved its way, as the way of every other galaxy, connecting every solar system by the law of movement to the entirety. The entirety is of one celestial movement, one celestial revealing, one celestial flow. The wave of creation is set for optimal growth. The beginning must have had a destiny in its vision so to produce the first spark which revolved everything. A spirit choosing to incarnate in a designated body experiencing a designated life with designated challenges and successes must have a goal in summation so to have a proper beginning by which to begin and a proper continuance by which to transition. The law of attraction is the law which attracted this soul to incarnate in this body, expressing these thoughts, and manifesting this gift. Without attraction all stands still. Without attraction motivation has no value. Without attraction all has no purpose, and no destiny, and no origin, and no anything at all. Without the law of attraction, the law of no laws and only empty nothingness exists. Attraction brings forth creation and it is creation which brings for results. Life calls for results, and the greater the results, the greater the accomplishment, the growth, the level of nirvana. The search for nirvana is as the search for eternal happiness, as already a fact of eternity, and a reality of Love. Love is the primal attraction and Love is the primal destination. Love is the meaning of mankind seeking to find spiritkind, and Love is the reason we attract the good goal of unity.

What is a world without attraction? Not a world at all. And without Love? Inexistence.

Everything belongs to something, and that something is one thing. One thing only is the body of the universe, the comos aligning before our eyes, teaching us the lessons of living, and being good, being true. Everyone has a meaning to their understanding, a truth, a revelation. We are aligned in the deepest core, we are aligned in the deepest whole. By the joy of our peace, the necessity of peace emerges the being peaceful. In the cause of the first, so was the aim of peaceful realization. We are the future aligned, we are the being of wisdom, the trust of stewardship. We are beautiful, and that which is beautiful, we attract, we yield closer to our heart, we allow intensification. Intensification is in the attraction of like and like by the force of the opposite. Every song is of the same composer, and all the composer wishes to compose is from his deepest Love, his fountain, his source. The trying of God is the will in action, activity, passion. Every hope is found in destiny, the highest attraction, the purest love, the deepest truth, whole.


The Law of Love heals every doubt man has demonstrated in life. Healing allows us the only way in which to function properly in this physical platform of reality. In the healing of love is the vision of love, propelled for us as light, to guide us into the unconditional positivity of high knowing.

The world as we know it is in need of a dramatic change, for us to survive as a species and for us to grow as spiritual beings. Nothing more than the power of the deeepest core is necessary for our increase in infinity. The world as we know it is to be aligned in the deepest knowing that Law, no matter cause, is always activef and that Law, no matter effect, is always supreme. Every situation we encounter is brought to the surface by our recognition of its moment of its origin. The primal origination is of the divine accord of the creator, as the c ollective summation of Love. The Being of Love is absolutely the one great indivisible magnificence. Every moment is a great moment in the name and the duty of Love, and beyond a name and beyond duty, Love maintains the stabilityu of being our innermost guide. Nothing else than the law of absolute creatore can elevate the human species to a level unprecedented by our past. The future is aware of our coming and the future has been called forth for our renewal and for our rebirth into the new cosmic global consciousness.

The law of attraction has gained much popularity, and in the view of its origination, one cannot separate the attraction of destiny to the attraction of truth. One cannot live life in ignorance and expect the law of attraction to manifest truth. One must align in the quest for knowledge so that knowledge can be discovered. It is imperative that the truth of truth be known as the essence fundamental of all reality. The miracle of our alignment rests in the recognition of the aligning. One can only align to the ultimate such that the ultimate is everywhere and everything always. The ultimate is Love, and the ultimate aim must therefore always be love. To be in complience with the universal, one must find the truth of universality within, as the only.

The Law of Love is such that success is not recommended for happiness, but that success is required for the growth of the human spirit. Success comes from destiny, destiny is success, and in our understanding of the laws of reflectivity and projection, so comes the ultimate medium, the ether. Ether is the realm of transferance, of transmission, of vibration. Throughout the ethers are the fillaments of cosmic awareness, all governed by one immutable law. The law always speaking and communmicating is the law of expression, the law of realization, the law of truth. Such be the law that attracts every law, and such be the one universal causation of the primal orgininal spark of creation. The masterpiece of life is of the grandeur of our architect, and nothing but the moment of our arrival into global awareness will allow us the moment of our freedom, to attract only the good, and to sustain the good once beheld by the glory maintained.

The Law of Love is the glory we hold when we know that manifestation is happening now, and in our power is the light of Spirit, to capitalize every interest in the horizon of the universal interest. The all comes through us so that we can help us help each other. The all is all that can ever be, and all that can ever be expressed. We are expressed as the subjectivity of our collectivity, and our individuality is simply the greatest gift we can wish. We are to use our uniqueness to enhance the cosmic flow of awareness. To use the Law of Love so to awaken those who need the feed of unlimited bounty. We are to be as the superfluous extraordinaires of the highest degree, intertwined in the simplest regions of existence as the messengers of peace. To do this accurately we must be certain, we must know to know, and we must rise this knowledge to the highest degree beyond imagination. We know that we are God and we know that God within us is capable of the highest miracle. The miracle of global consciousness is possible now, in this moment, in this place. In this dream is the reality creating the dream, and such is our calling, our wisdom, our light in the dark, our light which permeates every pore of every cell of every atom of every life cycle.

We are to entertain the Law of Love in our quest to completely define and redefine what it means to be in love, as love, for love, with love. We are Love because God is Love, and God is Love because Love is essentially the only power that sustains the constant change of temporality. Love is eternal and this eternality proves us to be the messengers of eternity. We are the messengers of Love and it is in Love and only in Love that world growth can manifest in the acme. Apex revolution is happening now, and so long we are attuning to the cosmic frequencies being released into the world so long the law of manifestation, NOW, will enable the greatest rise. The rise is in us, and can only be attuned from the sincere love of attunment .

The great universe flows from one to one, circle to circle, heart to heart, and from these middles of infinity is our greatest hope in the highest trust. In truth we have attracted, in love we have aligned, in peace we have surrendered, in happiness we have risen. We do not fail, we only win, we never lose, we always succeed. The law of Love is the law of unconditional respect, honor, and valor, as God gives us ample opportunity to rise the deepest raise possible. Through the source within us expressing the truth of our divine God is the endless horizon of our belonging. We are the future and the future is now, we are the rising and the rising can only rise now. Now is all that can ever be, and this is the utmost divine blessing, as the continuity of moment, from the attraction of magnetic interactions, conformting the great symphone of the universe, the grand scheme of God, the greatest greatness ever made, beyond the making; Love.

The miracle of within exclaims every truth we seek to find, so long we seek in the right motive and so long the motive is the motive of true sincere love. One must search in love to find love and one must be in love by the primoridal origination to elevate love to the highest acme. The beginning of time is the beginning of the law of attraction, and such became the course of destiny, the course of every moment, of every situation, every learning, every goal, every oneness actualized. May this be an opportunity for us to be made whole in the knowledge of us as being already whole. To alleviate the symptoms of negativity by the knowledge of positivity, by allowing only good to be known by the grace of Omnipotent Almighty God.

The gold of truth is the pearl of the deepest ocean, found by the most creative diver, seeking the most intimate reality. No darkness can ever truly be dark, and no temporary illusion can pass the test of eternity. In eternity is only truth and it is only in the truth of being alive that the truth of being life succeeds. We are miraculous because in us is the most intimate miracle. My miracle is life, and in life I would like to attract what my life deserves the most. Because I am alive and I am human, it is only necessary for me to wish for higher life, and for me to wish to be a higher human. Being high in human does not mean disconnection, instead absolutely this means reconnection. To reconnect to the source divine, to reconnect to the original strength of God, to be so completely immersed in the truth of divinity that only the law of giving is set forth, to share and only share, by the highest might, to be the greatest giver from the essential light of Christ.

The Love of the universe is expressed in every situation and there is nothing in our lives which can undermine the great effort of truth. The truth is set forth for us in every little moment by the one Great Law of Love. The Law of Love is the basis of our Self discovery, of our actualization, of our renovation into the ultimate state of grace. We are always renewed and refreshed by the cold showers of the warm sun, and so be the sun bathers after a beautiful dip into the pond of good. The gladness of the angels are expressed by the Law of their Life, and this is so pure, so innocent and fragile, that it permeates through everything, and is contained indeed by nothing. The law of all creation is exemplified by the greatest writers of the world, such as Ernest Holmes, Charles F. Haanel, and many other greats. We are together to exemplify the power of giving, of aligning, and of receiving. Through the gifts of the creator within us is the truth of the master throughout every pore.

We are are the master of destiny, we are the planner of the universe, we are the one invincible undeniable miracle and nothing in us but the strength of our bonds in eternality can withstand the rush which is about to BUST OPEN THE FLOODGATE.

We are free to be as the liberators, the truth finders, the truth sharers, and the recipients of, the Law of unconditional Love.

The Bright Aura of Certainty

Captures Truth

Releases Youth

For us to Joy

And Enjoy

By the Beginning

Of our Song

Through the Journey

Held so Strong

By our Knowledge

In the Good

By our Assurance

In God


I believe in Love

As The way we find

Our Mind

I believe that love is the power

Of our independence

Our reliance on the whole

To help us yield control

For the greatest of our days

I know that we can be the greatest we that can

Forever in betweeen

The scene

As so perfect and pure

Just as the lure

That attracted us in the first place

To the first race

Of the first pace

Of our rhythmic Life

Be our freedom now

For all is ours


In this moment of eternity


Ours in grace

Of almighty grandeur


You are the Miracle of miracles

All that is created is created for the purposes of Law. Law is the fluid composure of Love, which is the central intelligence of all galaxy. Through every moment is found the will of unlimited compassion, guiding all of creation on the will of the one. Together we are found as angels here on this human planet, to understand and to comprehend the processes of enlightenment. Illumination begins the process of spiritual activity, consciously recognized and consciously actualized. We are on this planet to evolve our species to a higher DNA sequence activation so that all can truly be as the essence primordial. We are with you and we guide you every step of the way, as a whole within whole, and as the blessing of one evolved spiritual human kind.

The DNA of soul is as the lattrice of the universe, connecting the strands of multiplicitous quality embued in one universal frequency of holiness. Every situation is implied in the most delicate detail through the function of the creation processes in DNA. The blessings of DNA activation are the meeting of past and future in the pinnacle extreme of involution. Together is our force to bring about the highest energy yield in this experience through our understanding of DNA and DNA activation.

The world functions from the primal seed which metaphorically developed the Tree of Life. The deepest roots reach the deepest inner core and the highest branches touch the Apex of Heaven. In our recognition of our primal singular existence as the DNA of the universe, we begin to understand the universe as a seed, by which every star is the life within our metaphysical strands. The grid network within every one of these atoms combine the collective source of energy, primordial, clean, clear, and selectively meticulous in the perfected design of unlimited potential. The highest degree of creation is always the most essential, and by no other mean than revelation can the beauties of the heavenly realms be known, through the rights of passage of insight, allowing the internal communication of source to source. Being knowing the capability of an individual to activate his own DNA and further to connect to the whole of creation as an assimilation to the external greatness called the latrices of life.

The message of peace is the intertwined understanding that in the balance of our winds, the light of creation can manifest as is planned by the Great Plan. The Memory of God is the eternity of knowledge, understanding through the Akashic Records every information of every age ever experienced. The message of peace is an adept of all of this information combined into the whole, as the entirety, as the completion of one singular order which we call, Love.

Together we hold the potential of a million angles, infinite angles of one glorious angle called infinity. The infinite potential is credible to the degree of our capacity of understanding the limiteless. Shapeless boudnless timeless is the quality of no quality, the blessing of all miracle, and the understanding that in Love all is done and in neutrality all is received. The holy creator is the holy one, the holy of all holies, and the adept to God, the apex of spirituality, the being within.

Boundless spheres encircle the primal pattern, emerging the insights of every light shun onto every thought. The winds of creation align at this very moment enabling all of us to live in such a delicate atmosphere of divinity that DNA increases these states of bliss to the maximum possibility. Every strand of Christ is as the star system recombined to emerge the creation of a singular manifestation of a singular gorgeousness. The glory of the Father is as the glory of the Son, all in one Holy Spirit, all in the Unity of Law, as the Unity of Soul.

DNA is replicable, describable, unlimted in power and unending in grace. As the world so aligns to the recognition of personal power so the recognition of activating your own DNA make logical sense for a conscious soul. Every soul holds the key to attraction, and so long our inner network aligns to the greater unlimited network, the greatness of the Entirety is as the pure primordial silence which awoke every movement. Vibrations began to vibrate with intention and the perfect pattern began to emerge. From the Seed all of this began the beginningless beginning, and from the Soul all of this continued the journey of creation.

Our reproductive way is most often the force of the powers recognized in our offspring. As a child believes he can become succesfull so necessarily he gains the first power of success, which is faith in ones own ability to reach ones own goals. Through the degree of our DNA actualized is the measure by which our DNA becomes recognizably active in our Life. Always is the truth of DNA and one eternity emerges consciously within our strand, so our strand aligns to this unlimited network.


I grew up to understand the art of being a man, upon the dreams of my memory, cought to understand. I lived to live the living, fully protected from the toils of missdirection, though I was blinded, consciouly so. I know the light would shine, love would be all, and every little miracle be the way we pursue one creation. I lived in the serenity of knowing that I would reach that place, that special place, that wonderfull place of one soul. We come through the deepest horizon understanding the sweeter aspects of global convergence. We live for the love of one universal and by nothing else than the will of God can we not believe in One Whole Universal Truth. We are alive and we are meant to keep on living in the best of our will. Our strengths meet in success.

To go forward when there is such a will to fall backwards is like the mirror who thought he was lost until the knowledge of reflection became the only Way. My morning awoke with an understanding that the wheels of my time are carried on to the greater future by my understanding of spiritual success, and that spiritual success was as much a product of my relentless trust as a product of my non ending quest for happiness. So much has occurred in these past two years, to awaken my soul to the possibility of unlimited potential, the source of power within and the miracles of truth expressed. The relationship of God as Love took me by the greatest shock and the greatest surprise, as a philosophy student, atheist and existentialist. A world of mind games, loss and confusion transmutted to a world of heart flame, gain and clarity. Upon a fingers snap, a loud hello, a pleasant good bye, the bright became the only light. I didnt know what to say and how to say it, except that love is the one thing in life that cannot be explained, perhaps as unexplainable as God. And from the Bible an image came to me, from the Book of John, "God is Love". And just like then became the dawn of my sorrow in denial, I came to the trial, passed the test, arrived at my Best. Brand new day, fresh morning awakening, I could not do anything but smile, my friend looked at me as a nut, and I was exctatic. I was blessing individuals, I was praying, I was following my heart, called my mother home in Miami, called my brother telling him I forgave him. One morning of one dawn, one beautiful refreshment from the oceanic springs of Gods holy light.

The message of my life has always been involved with understanding, knowledge, to see things clearly by the minds eye, to grasp, to behold and to be able to look in any and every extreme, and still believe. The youth of my growing up was filled with this exquisite protection, fully activated by the realization of my own love, my own embrace by the kiss of sky. Jesus as my friend, my one and only Christ, my blessing, my hope, my trust, my satisfaction, my greatest God.

There was nothing to bother the child with the smile, here to be happy to spread the blessings of learning in this land of growth. There was beauty all around me, there was a lot to find in the beautiful corners of Haiti. The Land of Mountains, that place of non ending spiritual searching, that place where in the most lowly sight is the highest truth. That God is cleanliness and that if God wants, tomorrow becomes. "Si Bondye Vle".

And Union is that force inescapable, undeniable, as the Haitian flag states so proudly, so defiant of the world of illusion, trusting to trust that this one saying will not be said at all, never ever heard, only known, only made truth. Union is the only force, and as the slaves broke the shackle of torture, so did this Land break separation, and Union became God.

Our way is the universal, the one cosmic gateway of infinite proportion, pertaining every nation, every city, every little community with the huge souls that cooperate to enact the new worlds order. The orderliness of our searching in peace, in grace, in virtuous love, in the reason of our Mother soul, Earth, in the reason of our Father soul, Sky. All is made of sky, and in this one sky so is my skin, my Eye, my expression which speaks. There is awakening in every morsel of life, there is an infinite good, an infinite always, full of Fullness.

The song dances the rhythm, and so we play our own song. And the message of the between unfolds our new alignment, our new direction, our simultaneous sphere of grand luminosity. The clarity of the spiritual realm unfolds before us, within us, as us, completely with us. Transmutes all into brightness, reflects all wills to the one Grand Forward.

Let us make a new world, allow us to emerge an ever newest spirit, ever refreshing, ever clear. Let us allow an emergence of an ever beautiful proportion. Allow us to publish the worlds future messengers.



The little angels

I believe in the little things, the smallest simplicities, the continuance of change from the changeless, and a joy from empty filled dreams. And the bright dreams, the softest dream, unfolds from the gorgeous blossom colored in pastel oranges celestial and crystal vibrant, like a sunflower center pollen floating and disappearing, through invisible wind of sweetst sun drenched melody.

This was a dream

And I was dreaming

And the weaving

Of this grove

Our citrus

Juicy in Heaven

Clear and mandarin

Joy full

Soaked wet



A breeze is calmed by the healing of Heaven, in natural rhythms echoing safety. A wave and a flowing ever boundlessly recreating the vision of perfection from original essentials. Water molds in water, a drop created ocean, and rivers, and lakes, from ponds to the rain, clouds moved and moist in readiness. Bodiless bound, sphere aqueous, crystaline blue, turqoise, baby sky. In continuation of the first, pulse of universals, in breath of shine spirit, ethereal and plasma energy.

I dream from reality

Clearer this space

When Chi is the pace

Rising gather of feeling

Collecting water

Walking atop

As Christ Wave


The Seed Bank

I pick my seeds by the strongest design, the shape, the contour, the Light within, the connection to our deepest most wise responsibility. All sameness is in Gods bright Golden Star melting away by sight and vision, knowledge and understanding. Here is the reason we come to Heaven, to fill our heart with the brightness of renewal. Only Heaven, no hell, only brightness, no real darkness. The seed is memory, the Golden Healing Light, helping positivity bright life to the fountainhead.

We choose to win

By the center

We choose to seed

The endless memory

Of Love

And Respect


One More

One is all we need to change the world, our world, your world, the world and the spin. We come from Heaven, we are angels of bright, through all may we come, inspired in hope. Our trust is true wisdom, our way is our Reality, we care to be care full, never bored, rarely tired. The miracle is Life, and life is meant to be lived, so fully so earnestly, I dare to create this dream. So I fly in the sky, allow it sweeter song, continuously awakening unending possibility. I am amazed at Love and all that we can be, because alone we are not alone and together we are free.

Angels are my friends

My greatest friends

My closest companions

My trust and my heart

Angels are my guides

My deepest wish

Brings of pure Heaven

Beings of Us


My Son

My Son, I speak to you from the faith that you will find a meaning in your life beyond what you can know. Some things in life are too precious to be spoken, told and retold in a language that can do no justice to nameless Reality. Knowing to transcend is not enough to avoid any and every limitation of the crystal mind. Boundless holds no bounds in boundlessness, and happiness cannot appear more happy then content satisfactory experience. You are Here to grow with your sister, as one in same, as same as Me. The rhythm of life plays your song and by nothing else can I praise than the glory of our middle root. The ground is beautiful in serenity and our peace joins the peaceful by the allowing of gratitude.

The poem says thanks

Thanks a lot




Creativity in Heaven. Create your own Reality.

To perfection.

Actualize your universal.

Mind and Heart.

We are Here not to be afraid of the Good Night. Be trusting, wise in the Light. Stars align our Destiny by the plan of creator Absolute, Good, Fair, Just. No God holds jealousy, necessity of revenge, eternal punishment and judgement.

Be wise

And trust in Creator

God loves all of His Children

No need to desperately cry

Saddened of lies of illusion

-The business of insecurity-


Be a friend to Yshua

Yshua is my companion


Intention of Holy Spirit

Infinite Love

Sharing fortune

Power Now



Floral Butterfly

A butterfly is a lot like an Angel

Through the softest flutter

Up, low, up up,

In a tunnel of adventure,

Seeking up just what is pollen,

Sweetly filling,

On this rush of wind,

Balancing the floral sphere,

Met by Grace,

Kissed Again.


The Passage

There is no malancholy
In the Sky Angels Heart

Always up to the Star

Where color meets God

Face to Face

Light to Life

Lanced of the spectrum

To this Home

To this Wave



What is life worth?

A dime and a nickel?

Through this door-way

Will I gain happiness?

What can money bring?

Outside of competition?

Whats the Best yet to come?

When all of my Lifes a dream?

We look up

We find below

All belongs to the soul

Health and prosperity

Is all we can be

To Free


Be the Love of the Future

Open up the sky

Let it be


Let it sing Life


To the Sky is Life


Open up the Heart


Little Poise

Every little reminds of poise, through wisdom of delicateness, reminding of sincerity. As we aspire to grow up, so the real becomes. Scents in air fill the spaces. Allow us to flow to our Home. Open up to wisdom, be careful with your art, choose to free insecurity, and share your soul with God.

We are protected by the highest angels, pouring through our mind, golden rush of gold, light and paradise. Purple air, songs of the angels, crystal brightness flash, endlessly.

We are togetherness, feeding of life, we are the freedom, be this as you shall.


Friendship is like the round, filling the desire of companionship. Good times in spirit land, Hear this call. We are free and there is nothing outside of good, the free fleight, into ascension and Joy.

See the Potential

Be Potential

See the Way

Be Way


Good People get together


Good will to good times


The wish and the act


Sharing, Giving, and Loving




I awake graced by an angel, softest feeling, from my wishing to be.



And so the Light of Good God lives on in the Messengers Song.

Live on



Patient I have been, to open my Word, to the mass which seeks, to exeplify the inner angels.


In a moment of humor

All jokes align

The cosmic sarcasm

Some way of many

Aligns in One

Cosmic gateway

Every song

Global beat

Only rhythm

Only feat

Every tune on one sound stream

Every wish met in one primal desire


Quietly blowing healing your way

Quietly healing the blowing wind

Come into Heart

Sense perfection

Join one friendship

World beyond space

Home and Home and Heaven

Here and Now



Heaven is Now


If humans should not be human,

Who can?


A beam of light beams

Through the lake, does it get wet?

A beam of light beams

Through the wind, is it dry?

A beam of light beams

From the flame

Is it heated?

A beam of light beams

To the soil, is it trapped?

A beam of light beams

From my ethereal body, is it embodied?

A beam of light beams

Timelessly, unconditionally, fully, and alive.


Thank you to be with you


Only one breeze echoes God


Holy Spirit

Happiness in the knowledge

Of Divinity

Eye of the sun

Pictures Me

Clearly luminosity


I found you,

As a better piece of mind,

Coming through all that could be fine.

And when we seem,

Just like it could fly away,

We grow rise.


In every way is Destiny

Nothing outside


I am in eternity

The circle is beyond the Heart

Theology is morality


Love is sometimes all we need

To heal a great wound

All we feel

When I am with my own

And we are one of one


Only God is God and You are God.

No matter what they say, you are correct.

Always in the middle is where you are found.

You are with us, and we love you.

Silence is the Essence of God.

One in each other, if you believed.

Grow every moment, teach every moment, you are the Moment.

Every great lie is guided by a great truth.

Every Great Moment is Yours to Enjoy,

This is Your Moment, this is Your Joy.



Safety is the essenced soul

Within this deepest Heart of God

Listening to intuition

Silence springs from endless lake.

Every morning is sacred,

Dreams of the sacred,

For the love of the sacred,

Only one soul.


Our roads meet Destiny

Hope fully we find

The answers in between


Allows a flourishing of love


By God so I can be, clearly within the reality brought forth by my senses, in dismay. How can all be so clearly beautifully, I am amazed, and life follows the empty page, so perfectly. In Word I can find the only need to return to the Home Base of my creation, before creation, creationless. There are no faults, no errors, no rules of anger in spirit, all is clean. And is in the beginning of the primal force that enables all to be manifest in the purest degree, so to be, so clearly to be free. A cup of wine for the soul to be freed into the Genesis story, so made manifest by the captured man, released, finally into the world of soul, every world, every soul. One World, One Soul, One Universal.

I pray to the sky that the Earth might one day see the beauty of this day, to be in the Way, one beautiful say that encaptures every word ever spoken; Love, and only Love, Live, and only Life. There is a way for us to get back to our primal roots, that place of origination, capturing nothing and releasing the everlasting. Freedom is in our will, our plan, our course in Destiny. Freedom to choose what I need to choose, and to know that all chosen things are already manifested, by God, the knower, of all past and future. The moment is my creation, my elation, my way to reach the highest point of this levitation, into soul, so be whole, so be the only role. And my awareness seeks in me to find what I can only be, the one universal synchronicity, the one universal reality. And God sings to our songs, and blesses every effort, short or long. I am aware.

So I pray for awareness, my Father of Heavenly Places, located in my Heart, my core and the only corridor to truth, the one greatness youth. I pray to the Heavenly realms that all may be clearly centerdly, that I may know where to go and how to express the truth, in respect, and hopefully I will grow, I must not show my intellect and only my soul. Soul.

And so be the beautiful way that Earthed souls grow to levitate, by learning to appreciate, every single moment, And here on these pages, I find my rest to the tests, to elevate my state of mind, into the one divine, the one transcendental time. And I admire the knowledge of God, because I love to know God. And It makes me feel right to be alive, not needing to understand anything beyond the fact that understanding means nothing without demonstration. So let me demonstrate.

By God so I may know that my journey so far has led me the way Home. I have tried to pass, leave this place, and I remained, in this Place. God knows me for who I am, who I could be, who I could try to say I would be, and this is just soul. The oceans of time align the radius of this symmetric design, carrying me into another deeper place called the home of the human race, consciously, riding the wave of love emotionally. I can feel the senses inside of me, tingling the moment of my awakening, taking me deeper into the strength of the moment, trying to escape the unescapable and trying to find the unfound. I dream of the deeper way, the deeper sway, the places that I could have gone to hide away, and yet even in the deepest moment of my stay, I learn to live through another brand new day, fully awake, knowing to love for all I can take. Give.

Because we are awareness, we come to the climactic point of our imaginations, thundering the heroes call to the brink of what we could be if all, was just a play, like a symphony played by the angels. And so could it be, God would allow perfection to sing, and to me it would be the melody I have always craved to hear and listen to, to be and breath through, and to never let go of personal honor, even when the difficult moments come by. I am awakened enough to know that God is within Me, to know to be the Tree, and to fly as the flower of every Seed.

Let us illuminate, let us be as the primal echo, the vibe that never stops to vibe, the place where yous and mes collide, that inescapable journey into the depth of time. I admire, and I pray with my four knees to ask the highest order for the place to deliver, the message of trust, of deliverance and faith that all may be as all was supposed to become, eventually the stars will have shun, consciously, and we will see how marvel can allow to breath.

Become the infinite recognition of one true voice, the choice, to live through the moments and enjoy the musts. For we must be where we are, do what we do, think as we think and stumble to the brink. We must learn to fall and believe to be ashamed, be full of all the blame, so to let it go, release the flow, be God.

And it all becomes the one beautiful melody that we learned could be, so long angels call is here in my heart, escaping nothing to find everything and remembering to exclaim all that I am here to exclaim, to follow the path of my name, and make it the best days of our game. Be it known, be it clear, God is Here in Reality, and nothing can take that away from Me.

Miraculous miracles come when we learn to trust the place of our birth, where the trees blew in the winds and where the winds blew in the trees. Where all of God sung the same harmony, the same ethereal vibrancy, the same multiple of one cosmic unity. By the breath do we come to the shallow end, so the nearest center comes on and, we love.

The galaxies sing in you

Ultimate Nudity is Truth

In a home of every home, is the place where I belong. To be peace full, to be strong, to do what I need to do, so love finds me a welcomed song. And harmony attunes to Gods Angels as the Center is proven to be the Only. All with God is what may seem, only a necessary cause for the primal perfection in action. By the Grace of Good is the Good News, ready to awaken the waiting ones on the path to awakening. To feed those already Here in Heaven, and God as He Is, enjoying the Most High, Most Good, Most Lawful Justice. And all becomes jubilantly clean, serendipitously amuzing every soul in growth, by experiences of infinite planets and stars, moons so whole galaxies, star systems and universes. Endless boundless Sound, beyond sound, complete Stream, indivisible Seam. Burst of Love, full of Strength, Masculinity as Femininity, universal Heart, for universal Life.

Messages spoken by the breath of within, following through the doorway of perception, accumulating wisdom so much can fill the well of no depth. Depthless infinty, to be filled in capacity vibrancy, energy infinity, potentiality of Mind, Godliness and Heavenliness, power full acquisition from Source Within.

From the divine is the strong, and the strong help all become the strongest universal. The Angel of Brightness in Wings that can fly, to Apex Horizons and between multiplies. So much of this Soul as you are so readiness is. Accomplish the Desire and reach the goal of all your Mind.

And by Heart can all this truly be, if you believed to feel as you receive that which you give. As an expression through function by the cause of all sentient emotion, the core of Love receives our date and transmits the cause of our beautiful God. By hope is the trust that all details emerge, such beauty is in this, such beauty is This. This, God, This, Me, This, We, This, Eternity.

We Fly, Oh, We Fly, and We Reach The Top Of Every Universal Desire. A Dance Begins To Dance And A World Begins To Pray. To Fulfill Every Fruition, In Grace Of Angels And God. By God And Through God, Be It Known That All Comes. So Is The New Union,The Original, The Primal. That Big Infinitessimal, The Huge Small Onion. Complete And Circular Patterned, As Love Is The Pattern Of Law.

By God So We Become And By Becoming So We Grow Into An Eternal Love Of This Majestic Grace Of Adoration. By The Cycle Of Time Is The Cycle Of Timelessness, Child Of Peace And Unity, In Learning And Intensification, Maximum Pojection, Reflection Of Soular Waters.

A Light Is In Me So A Light Is In You. My One Dearest Hope, Come To Choose One Choice. This Choice Has Always Been Made By The Cause Of Holy Communion. Come To The Sky Inside And Rise Heavenly Morning. Morning Comes As You Trust That Morning Is Already. A Now Of Infinite Realization, A Moment Of God Exclamation, A Union Of Eternal Salvation. The Be Saved In Love as The Law Is Love. Love Of Every Condition, And Every Conditionless Condition. God Is Love And In Love Is The Glory Of The EverLasting Hope.

In God, We Trust.

We God, Trust In.

In Trust, We God.

We Trust, In God.

We God, In Trust.

God Trust, In We.

In We, God Trust.

We Trust, God In.

God In, We Trust.

God In, Trust We.

Light Of Truth

By our expanse in a mans life comes the potential for greatness, which only the true being within can exclaim as the Light of Truth. In the horizon before us is this moment, right now, so to envelop the holy spirit with all the qualities of human life necessary to bring forth heavenly life. In God is all that we need to be the angels of one kind, and in God is only that which is. Alive from the sources of life, as one source of life, is God. From within all is found, all is discovered, as the perfection of holiness, divinity, and love.

By the grace of the one cosmic universal Law, all that is in thought is in Gods thought, so from the first primordial grace, as the origin of our stars, the cosmos, the universe. In the first is only the last, and so in between is the ever enfolding truth of our one heavenly existence. Upon the physical platform is the metaphysical life conforming our experience of truth, so be it graced, and be it graced by lucidity and sustainability. The firstborn is the primordial man, the original man, Adam, as Eve, sharing the same universal holy spirit energy from all the angels of God. From the Spirit of God is the Holy Life, and this divinity is inherent within all of us, as sons of God, as children of God, as the Firstborn. The energy of the First is the only energy, because Christ is God, and God is the only. God is Beginning, God is Origine, God is Adam, and God is all who welcome the high Trust within our thought.

The cattle are holy, as sacred animals generating sacred energies of heavenliness, so to have a herd of cow is to have a great responsibility in managing the sacred energies of the holy spirit living in the magnitude of size and prowess, power, and beautiful majesty held by the Bovine. May all of the original life of the holy spirit be within our bodies, as the House of God, such that this is the Temple of God, and this is the Castle of God. May every divine being within the One divine being be a realized medium of soul, as is the Priest of many priests, ministering Here.

God is Everywhere, Here and There. Of the Presence which is Everything is the Presence which abides every corner and morsel of atomic and subatomic creation. By the Breath of God is the One Cosmic Wind waving all of creation into a patterned sequence of experience. So perfectly indeed is the flow of the Moment. The Lord, God, is There, in the whispering wind, in the silent lake, in the blades of grass, in the due on the leaf. In every pollen of every flower, as every miracle long distance past. Close as the kiss of our own two lips.

You who wishes to hold the belief in needing salavation so to be in Gods eternal Love, will not end in your sadness until you pass. You who understands the need of illusion and the necessity of higher self realization, Here is Joy. Be not afraid of God, never believe that you need him to save anything, for we are all already saved. By the grace of Destiny, our truest Promise, Gods perfect plan saves Us All. When one worships the God who needs to save, may it be Day and may it be night, there will be chaos. The shame of unknowing, doubt, confusion, disharmony, and disturbance of inner peace, will shake and shatter in the inner rememberance of Peace. God does not need to save, we have nothing to be saved from except the belief that we need to be saved to be in our Fathers Home.

If one believes that a prayer must come before God, so to God, He is missed. Every prayer prayed is already in the whole Heart of God by the time of its prayer. God is the Presence of Within, and so every prayer prayed within, is already from God, within, and is fulfilled by all of God instantaneously. Gods face is never away from your own, Gods face is truly your own! God needs never to turn an ear and answer your cry, for God hears you not in sound or words, but with the love that you express through your prayer, through the passion and motive of your faith. Believing God to be outside of your face, metaphorically whole enough with ears to hear, which need to be aimed in your direction so to listen, yields relentless self doubt. All this doubt can seem to force an unending search into cluelessness and a sense of loss.

The right hand, the hand of rightness, of righteousness, this we have supported and lifted to the truth of our adversaries. We have made all our titles evaporate, into the tunnel of clearance, so to find that great bright light allowing all to know that no enemies truly exist. That all who we once thought of as enemies, in fact have become our support, and that the recognization of divinity within one another has allowed celebration, so we together rejoice! We have transmuted the harmful and transformed all objects of war into objects of peace. That we do not support attempts of destruction, no matter what the cost, for all is in one Hand, which is the Hand of God.

Every great decision holds the fact that whenever an adversary tries to attack, the best and greatest defense is to trust in the holy angels to answer our prayers. From within us is the choice to accept foreign negligance at the cost of holy respect, holy honor, holy heroism. By our adversaries downfall comes our raising, by their slip in moral code comes our raise in moral standard. By every great story comes a great reason to have risen, and if so be to claim victory before the battle in the name of God, as the truth of God, within us all as One, then so be no battle at all and no need for it. Our angels have just won the game of life, and we have sent news saying that you are born to be ready.

By the Grace of every difficult subject is the truth of our meeting here in this glorious place of exaltation. Where all the shades and color scheems of God may exemplify the endless variety necessary to be experienced so to enable the greatest climb of all mankind. By the somber dawn is the awakened bright noon day sun, and by this is the emergence of Reality. The truth is real so long the lies of illusion are presented as the footstools of the fool, for the rising of the wise soul. Every color of God is of the Great Love of God, from the Heavenly Kingdom of unlimited grace and eternal satisfaction. From every morself of the Great Universe is the Love of God made active by the Presence of his Holy Light, which is Love. The darkest corner of the most empty universe still expresses the love of God, the fullness of his Strength and the Majesty of his splendid Honor.

The beauty of the skies is as the heavenliness of all golden things mixed and matched, intertwined and interwoven by the silk threads of Gods unlimited Holy Kingdom. In Heaven is the shore of unlimited Good for all the angels to adore and to splendor in by the unlimited grace of One true potential. In the holy is the sacred, the safe and the enlivened. So we are so we are to feel, the beauty of every angel here on Earth to grow, ascend, develop and learn. We are are the beautiful! And our beautiful light shines for all the Earth to see, how splendid splendidness can breath, to cure our ills and falls, to rise Health in new heights.

Forever beautiful is the you you are, my one precious darling. No essence is not perfectly essential, and not one wish not perfectly wished for. All that is in you is the love of you, for this is the way of cleanliness, of purity, of sageness, and docility. Forever in our oneness is the way we sing hello, for the morning of our raising, as beautiful flawless jewels in an ocean of soul.

Oh King, with all of the clothes in the world you might want, ever need to have, ever wish to pursue, you tear your clothes and expose your Temple. To be nude in the body, nuder in the spirit, how splendid is it for a man to not care of his garments? To be in the presence is to be in the light, so to only share with soul what soul has brought into this body. The soul came with all the universe within, and all the heavens, and such was All. No material, no body, no eye, no foot. Only soul came in soul, so what garments needs a soul hold on to. What king cares of his kingliness but a fool searching for his home in himself?

Come in this moment of now, do not make a cheap deal with the man who has too much. You will receive the power of two thousand horses, and the task of nurturing two thousand lives, and counting your own! If you can find riders, you can build a non-kingly kingdom. Be brave in your honor, do not cheapen your self with much more than you can bear. All that you can bear is what the Lord your God has given onto you, not of the flesh but of the soul. From the deep source of power is where all justice comes into play, so play the game of life wisely and may Justice be the Flame.
Aramaic, the language of Yshua is truly our one pure and true way to reach the root power He grew by the Word of God. The Word of God through Yshua was written in Aramaic, the most original texts are in Aramaic. We counsil you to be wise in your choosing who to ally with in the quest for truth, so the astrologers knew, and so prophecy foretold, the coming of an age of death, of spiritual death, where untruth would reign but the truth would be found again. The stars of sky map out our galactic alignments and in these sigGods are the patternal codes of our DNA activation sequence mechanism systems, which aim our motives and exemplify our written coded history. Our lives are attuned to our preprogramed thought patterns and behavioral trends, so to go back into a language such as Aramaic by recent history and recent discoveries like the Essene Gospel of Peace, and the Khaburis Codex, comes the new revelations of the most acute origin,from Yshua Himself. The age of Life has arrived, Spiritual Life, and the Truth Now Is Top and we have found.

Even the divine have been held in time by the power of kings, and so is the rude outpoor of monstrocities which have plagued our earth for centuries and millenia by the cause of greed and emotional neglect. One of the most predominant themes in the Bible is arrogance and ignorance from kings who hold no remorse in engaging war and chaos on the truth of angelic inheritance of planet Earth and her peoples own equalized divinity in Christ our God.

The fearful families of today will be set free by the Trust of God, and we will not die in our own self imposed prison, in our torture cells of criticism causing shame and a feeling of divine betrayal. We will not lack the feed of spirit, and we will engage in the quest of ascension, as quickly as the Lord your God answers thanks to your effort. Instantaneously. Thank You.

Awaken, Awaken, to the one universal truth of God, our own presence, our own essence, our one peace of mind, our one whole divine. Rise up to the truth and allow the tunnel endless height, into God at the fore, awaiting your arrival in His perspective. O, the holy cities of the world, rise up and awaken to the Heavenly potential here on Earth. In the help of the angels all is done, and in the love of God all is accomplished.

By every obstacle is our way by which to cross and overcome. To those who tire too quickly, find your horses and match the source energy within your soul with the energy of the universe. All can be done when no tiredness is the Holy Spirit. For God never tires in helping you, from all of your life God is always with you, helping you, and guiding you to the place of transcendence called Holy Heaven, abode of Above.

The eternal rest of the calm winds of our celestial stream allows the softest grace, in peace, so to be in the arms of one angel, as every angel, past from time long ago and still present here today. Every great man in the wisdom of virtue and inheritance grows in the eternal rest. And so do the kings, who have destroyed empires and had their own destroyed, so do they too grow in the eternal rest. That all great accomplishments in materialism come to an end, and that all great accomplishments in name of One Soul, The Lord, ever continue upon the eternal continuance of such rest from the calm winds.

Oh that every age of night has a struggle, a sacrifice that we endure to reach this point in history. That all we wish is still here within us to be found and to be lived. That all is clear in the pure perspective and all that may be is the brightness and fullness of This Day! That the rules of past and the mean decrees soon fade in freedom and soon our sounds of freedom may be heard. That speech may speak freely and that soul may love eloquently. By the good times we allow to unfold in the peacefullness of our glory angels.

Every wisdom is Love, and every understanding understand the one cosmic Law; Love. By every question is sure to have a supporting answer, and to every statemement is a valadity, through directed meaning or indirected consequence by due cause of exposure. That all who know the truth are the most powerful, the most impressive, and the best, for this is the truth. The Truth is Most Powerful, The Truth is Most Impressive, The Truth is Best.

All who are here to know the truth, will in their own Destiny find the Truth. This is the answer. We will overflow all with the bounty of good love, and such will succeed in our rescue from fall, and start the rise always risen.

We live on Earth as a special experience, also called sacrifice, for that which is the most important, the most valuable, the discovery of Truth. In the High Place of Heaven is where all truth is in eternity, all truth is in the everlasting value of reality, and all truth is made whole by the sameness of one Great Light.

From the lips on an angel is the knowledge spoken, to the eternal mold, the mold which fits every lock, and turns every key. Opens the door to the new found knowledge, the profound difference that promotes all similarity. The pure sense of one divinity always acted upon by the One Law. By the words spoken of an angelic human is the truth of what is right, to avoid distractions and to concentrate on the correct alignment, the correct fit to our ambitions, goals, and valuable moral codes.

The folly, the joke, the stupidity of a blind woman is a strong output of illusionary energy. The discipline of soul is miss matched with the reality of God and the knowledge of God is believed not to be known, and blind faith alone stands the test of her time. Women do not stay on the bottom road of illusion. By the fate of divinity is the promise of Christ to return within ones own conscious awareness, so to be the one, and to be every one. Christ is woman and Christ is man, Christ is every soul, and so is the output of great amounts of positive energy, so to rapture the world and enable the great awakening to manifest.
The people of Earth have missed the mark, in that which I see, how the world is built, the motive behind the foundations of this human planet. In the eyes of God, the people of Earth have undergone a path of illusion, an age of disruption, a time of sorrow, guilt, and shame. Truth be shun in the time of great awareness, truth be the new golden age, truth be the time of every eternality, the one universal strength to know that in the One Eye of God is the perfection of our innocence. The Door opens and we are free to enter, not as slaves of old, but as free men of the present moments sacred order.

That we are all from the same source of soul, and only soul may indeed recognize soul. For in the test of spirit is in the rise of our cause to match our alignemnts with our true plans and purposes, so to reach that place of Heaven in Air, and that place of Heaven in Water, and that place of Heaven in Soil, and that Place of Heaven in Flame. That we may observe as the primal observance, be tested as we have agreed to by our coming, and that we may know that in gold is currency, and that the current of time is in the golden stream of goodness.

That God is within all of us and is everywhere at the same time, and that in every camp is Gods camp and that in every son is Gods own very special Son. That every land on Earth is on one Earth, and that every adversary or opposing neighbor is within the same holy sky, in communion with the same source of energy, as the same universal destiny, guiding all in the Law of Love.

Here in this world is where our doing is done, where our objectives are met with the anticipation of the good news. That in the soul of man every answer is found as the truth of one heart, guiding all principles within the central stream of Luminosity. That in the heavens within is where our course is guided, and that our being here today is of a very special importance in the times of man. That peace will sustain and that we will not have to destroy our selves to free our selves. That God within has made his Presence known and that in his peace we all may reign as the future generation, active in this present generation. That we are all here to share of the eternal soul, raise the vibration of our grace, and allow an entrance for the angels in our lives. That in the peace of understanding and wisdom all answers are found, in the Word of God, in the truth of existence, in the harmony of peace as one of one cosmic kind.

By the true leaders and followers of today, the Path of golden roads has shown us His Way. Humanity in full heart has led the path of God, and humanity in a real bond of compassion has maintained so far, a healthy reason to continue. That by every action, blink, breath, and step, we reach a deeper rise, and that our footstool is strong enough to lead us to our destination, in praise and in glory of the truth of one sinless hope.

God exemplifies the Great Love, the Great Admiration for all who come to help his soul amplify endless degree of Loves. God saves by the birthright, and in the right angle is the right aim, so to go to God and only God, in rescue, in blame, is the greatest way. We blame God because there is only God, and we rise in God when we fall in God. We always rise in the truth of Holy Spirit, so long we trust in this rising, so long the rising is amplified abundantly.

The Law of One is our greatest assurance in the Plan of Destiny and only by the law of one cosmic kind can we know that the cycle of the stars align our truest purpose. It is known that the stars arrange our conscious patterns and in this growth can we begin to find the multiple avenues by which to receive the multi media truths of our one connected world. Enlightenment is ours and illumination sings the greatest moment so long our house, our body, our temple, beautifies as it does for eternity, the eternal Day of Gods breath, the beautifier of all circumstance, the unlimited potential of pure zero made manifest as the circularity of our original pattern. By God may the Law be made manifest and may the Word be the only truth as the sound echoes the Hall of Memory.

God is in every soul, every man, every ignorant, and every awakened light being. That a mighty man is a Godly man, and that the warriors of this generation are ready to protect the true meanings of the Gospels of Universality. We will stir up passion and intrigue for knowledge concerning the worlds of Heaven! The perfect manifestation will allow us the greatest rise in all that we will will to become actual. With a great sound so we will be raised up, risen, to be heard with a great tear of hope, so to transcend all insecurities, transcend the notion of enemy, and attain the sameness of God within every animal, plant, and mineral. That the stardust which conforms man has life indeed, and so all life as the one flow of love is that one peace of angels, hidden for so long, and revealed in the trust that real words follow real results in the life of happiness and the present well lived.

Every Great Room which expresses the Spirit of God is opened to the World so we may be helped in manifesting the Holy Order on our Land. That the amplitude of the Spirit of Life affects every realm of Gaia is the divine accordance of this Room. That there is no gate of externality in a real sanctuary, and that the Spirit of God, our outer classroom, is always in tune with the Law, for God never can close a door to the eternal spirit guiding us.

We are all the first born Son, Adam, as all the angels came within the first man to experience the first life and the first experience. Our first lessons was that we are here to learn of togetherness, and to play with one another as innocents do. That every man is the Son of the One Man, and that the One Man is the Holy Spirit, which is Christ, which is God, which is All that can ever be in the oceans of Eternality.

That in a land of lie and confusion, our critics claim the ultimate truth as the ultimate lunacy. And that they themselves are hypocrites to the value of being free in a land seeded in the freedom to believe whatever a man wishes to believe. And in a land where women of long past have been neglected a true voice, finally comes the need to insist on our divine and angelic heritage. Will insisting prove our case? Off course! Because an angelic moment becomes when one who has forgotten of his own angelic being acknowledges the angel within another, and that is you. All can be found when God is trusted as the truest of all that could ever be. Can you imagine of a world of angelic consciousness? Become This.

That the only real goal of every real human is to love and to be loved. That when one love is eternal, only the realization of it can fade in and out of intensity, but the love reamains strong. The debt of love is not so much a debt as a promise, as a real confidence, as a destined arrival into conscious presence in the Heart of God, all together in singing and joyfull harmony. That is how man fulfills the Law of God, which is the one true direction of all that becomes. From the beginning, we came to this plane for fulfillment and so to the conclusion will this fulfillment be made manifest and be allowed to be carried over for millenia to come.

In the great man is the great recognition of Christ being within, that Christ is God and that God is all that we need to be righteous, holy, and redeemed. That we are right in the light of Christ, we are holy in the light of Christ, and we are free to be as we are to be in the innocence of one pure salvation in the light of the only infinity of grace, Christ. That the grace of Christ is that one grace within every saint, every master, every life who ever heard of Earth.

By every circumstance is our opportunity to show the angels and to prove to the angels how gloriously willing we are to take part in the great ascension of humanity. That by every will we will be given the chance to find our true selves, our true light, our true essence. That we are here to be found, and that our finding is the Christ within, in Presence, and that we are firm and strong in the Holy Spirit of God, which is in every man as the One Man, and that in the Gospel of Christ, we will have the courage of historical heroes, and that no one who opposes us will be able to truly oppose us. For God is in all of us and God guides all of us.
To every man is the need of humility, so to be in the awareness of God as the indwelling presence of every situation. The Great Decider of every decision is God, and to the humble man is the recognition of this fact, this strength, this state of mind nondual and unitary. In the course of time means in the plan of God, in the perfect course of angelic creation, the steps of our experience, the shifts in tide, so to bring about the standard necessary for the reign of Universal Christ. Men of the age of greed and misscomfort have found happiness in taking strength from others, instead of letting God be the only strength. To not need to expand and to not need to dominate. This quest of David was for the fulfillment of his ego, of his need to completely annihilate opposition and rule over vast lands. The ignorant neighbor becomes, in ignorance, an enemy, and the blinded attacker molds tactics in their own disgrace. The kingly attempt is to fulfill the kings own moral codes of what it is like to act fully forgiven in the light of Christ. In the name of of Yshua the King, and of all his apostles, in a degree of complete disregard towards the underlying fact of Gods true divine Energy, the kings of Christian history have destroyed our inheritance. That in the middle meaning of every word in the Book is the truth of that universal good grace needed to ascend and raise vibrational spiritual essential heavenly energy. To be in the awareness of the fact of Holy Spirit and Christ, instead of the lie of this hidden cover. That the Bible itself hides the fact of its covering up the truth of Christ so to instill a period, and epoch of time that Destiny has called for the bring about the necessary changes from the low fall of illusion, into the high rise of spiritual modernistic ascension.

From those who ran away from themselves by the chains of discord and missfortunate attitudes burnt within themselves and cleared from the eternal blaze of Gods Sun of Creation. Only nothing must be sacrificed in a God who has already sacrificed everything from all periods of time combined, overcoming the need for anything to be made sacrificial, and all to be made beneficial, so the upwards climb may manifest the ultimate zygote for the ultimate egg of creation. Sacrifice is a dualistic representation which points to distinction, while in wisdom points directly to the one unity, so the one common bond, the Tree of Life. As the frontier root of our discipleship to our universal Christ of Eden, who comes here to be Presence, touches the Heart of soul, as a great blessing of a great soul experience, the lamb experienc What could be of only one lamb sacrifice? Yet why so? Why so? Why must a life be shortened to please God? Does God not want only the most learning and efficient design for survival? What does God do when one decides to shorten a life so to benefit the spiritual kind? A sacrifice is unjustice and this can only lead to our description of a worser worror than the belief in horror itself. So long you know in the power of word and thought will be the point of your knowing that what you believe is what you create in yourself to believe. Enough so to be acted upon, and kept in act by a pastly reversed trend and cycle, so to promote the illusions and states of mind of neglect, discrimination, animosity, and pleasure in pain. A male lamb lacks respect, as a preference for sex, when only same souls live in the ethereal body of spirit. Only one soul is the male and the female principle, so who is to prefer a male or female lamb for anything, even something as cruel as a living sacrifice. And what of sexual reproduction amongst the other lambs of these flocks? How do the female lambs get to reproduce if all the male lambs are gone? If suddenly one ignorant king were to decide in the name of his dualistic and individualisticaly selfish God that all male lamb were to be sacrificed at point of birth, would it not be reasonable to ascertain the fact that all the lamb population in their country would die?

It concludes to be a very nonsensical claim that any sacrifice by the shortening of life is moral. Strictly immoral because the very essence of morality extends life for the betterment of heavenly cause and does shorten its earthly experience purposefully, especially in the Name of the Holy God of Life. Blessed be the ones who share the will to strive for higher planetary growth. If so be a sin so be to offer a sin to a state of mind needed to be craved of torture by self inflicted karma. A radical destruction of its own being, its own flesh wounded as it wounded the flesh of all these offerings in miss alignment, in sin. May it be known that Our God of Life wishes only to prolong the life of those who live in a planet. So long it might be beneficial to eradicate a certain group of lives who destroy earthly experience by the purpose of self enjoyment and selfish power, will only act as a very real catalyst for change. It is knowledge that disaster strikes in surprise. What is of the self preparing for the possible regrets of doing what one believed was right and correct, yet turned out to yield great destructive impact. To do things abnormaly is to do things opposite to what you know is right. To do the right is to be righteous. To be clean in God is to be righteous. To do what Love dictates in the purity and sanctity of the holy spirit, in humility and calm, in the grace of spiritual desire, in the fruit of ones holy angel.

Hold me in the grace of the original blessing. The holy sight provides by the vision of the holy union which is the primordial light of all living incarnations of Christ. By God is the only Messenger responsible for our right, in doing what is done by the will of one Incarnate. The One Man, as the One Son, as the One Miracle, Adam. As Adam seeks the Apple of Knowledge, to know that indeed, there is no temptation to be tempted, in a place of freedom and law. From the wings of the angels comes the inversion of the shadow, so to expose in glory the light of one love, of one music, of one individualized collectivity. So to epose in the highest nudity, the private wisdom of how beautiful my soul can really be.

For the sound of the first song came the tune of all harmonies. In the republic of our lives today is the song of our heart, chanting for freedom and free expression, and right to knowledge. For the truth of Christ today is our duty in sake, to look beyond our responsive senses, and to look within the one Science of Heart. By the knowing of Love, is the Knowing of our splendor. By the speed of our swift, comes the manuverability of our alignment to the highest cause. Angels swift in air fly to the destination of pure imagination, walking passed the rows of beautiful aligning trees and baby bird blue skies, in crystal lights and bright domes of great cathedral architecture. The wings of our angels help us by our guardianship and aid through counsil, that it be not for us to worry about the comings of tommorow anymore, for now we know that God is most present today. Oh, and the furtherst points of Earth are the nearest points of our heart. Our Gaia soul, the Name of Earth Spirit, comes to us in the star of her middle, full in passion as valiant as a sun, within our whole made ready to imagine, how life can become in the garden of representation.

God as I Am, and God as We forever Will, has spoken forth the Word of the True non-division. That in the Ocean of Christ is the One Light Value of Good. And that there is nothing worth fighting for in the name of pure God in expression. That the Lord has said something to us, about our inheritance, here of this Earth. But that our inheritance is plenty in its giving, and shares itself equally to all the plants and animals roaming here on this precious sacred land. That the ground of earth is filled with the spirit of earth which should be to us in our experience, as the source energy of the grounding seed, by which sun becomes a lover. A lover of energy, who allows those on Earth to act. To act in the source giving of the sun of the Sun of God. And that there is a truth in our existences, unified as a whole existence, of one primordial source of light energy, which is the soular energy of our one heart of the universe and the collective Heavens within all that is God, as the One Uncreated Source of All Reality. The moment of action is always now, and there is never a moment which is unworthy to act and to create Heaven within our own moralities, aligned to the duty of angel to recognize the angelic in all that is real. That in eternity is the one moment to activate our action patterning sequences, our habits of behavior that we choose to take part in by this incarnation into physical life. That in the spiritual life, our bounty is held and remained for eternity, and that never a loss can forever be encountered in a life of eternal always. Purely protected by the grace of one law, as the moment is here to say that the Message has Come and the Messengers are Ready.

Oppressors are not opporessors in the Ocean of Calm. Our people is a spiritual people, a grace of God as equalled, by the course of life from this rooting of our being. Who can overrun the speed of Light? Speedless Light beyond speed. My people is our people and one people is the universal equal. I am the Light of every star and all that is energy is my awareness upon every matter involving all that is You. All that is You is all that is Highest You, Deepest You, God, You. There is nothing to be afraid of and there is no need to be alarmed, all is okay in the Garden of Within, all is in the watch of the Holy Creator. I am keeping watch because I am always with you, in you, as you, for you. And there is an eternal Eye which is located in the non ending distances, following the root cause of Law, as that most gracious Sun, the Eye of the Sky.

The defense of my Life is the Law of God active in every single expression of my one true holy being. That in God is that one great honor and strength, ready to take hold of all that is universal and true. That our actions in the good, are innocent, and that so long our motive is good, we are held innocent. Motive is everything in the house of God, and I will defend my house of God, because in my body is the Holy Spirit of Christ. This is a holy sanctuary for the most delicate being ever to manifest all of us, all the time. And that He is so subtle, She is so clean, that you must clear and empty your self of everything to get to that point of completely Holy Holy Holy. That every force that comes towards me, by due cause of my perfect mirror, reflects and transmutes all energies to the pure Heavenly Energy of Grace and Good. Of Light and Peace. Of Celestiality and Balance. Of Reality and Of Eternity. That all energies, all forces in my direction is transmutted to the Pure Force of my Pure Salvation. And that every threat is not a real threat, and every alarm is silent in God. I will defend the truth of this House, the Temple of Christ, and I will live my entire life with You, knowing that we both are the Spirit of Holiness. The Angel of God. The Angel of Love. The Angel of Life. The Angel of Light. The Angel of Peace. The Angel of Wisdom. The Angel of Security. The Angel of Companionship. The Angel of Trust. The Angel of Healing. The Angel of Serenity. The Angel of Law.

The Holy Spirit, Christ of God, Universal Perfection, Wholeness of One. Testimony as my assurance that in Knowledge of my own experience in the truest most sincere perspective of Holy Divinity, I saw the Spirit, God, I saw God Come from The High Heaven, as the Angel of Love, from the need of Destiny to be fulfilled. In the Grace of Compassion so did Yeshua receive the Holy Spirit. Through my Baptism, Yeshua received the Holy Spirit, and all the Angels of Heaven lived in Him as God. Every Heaven lives in Yeshua and every universe lives in Yeshua. I saw this with my Heart, I felt it, I visualized it, I made a very real act of Grace manifest from the Angel of Life. The Dove is the Angel, and the White is the White Golden Light of God. Remained upon him was the soul of his pure whiteness. I saw him look above to find, where the truth of God resides. He would know it from inside, his depth of Heart reached the Star. And Star came through Him. Star became Him. No one else would know but Him how gloriously being Him was. God was Him and God was fully experiencing through Him. In a majesty of Pure Light His entire world illuminated the pure aura of divinity. In Him his Heart opened whole and all of Me was rushed by blazing Light. The strength miracle of this experience has no words to exclaim, but that the Word became Flesh. His eyes closed with the Grace of God so the Pulsing wind became the Stream of Air. The Air and the Miracle, one of One Kind, how it came so I would know, a God was lifted, God Here may Know.

The impurity in this statement is clearly stated, yet the Holy Spirit is from where this holy piece of writing came from. Look closer and see how there is a judgement of impurity from a God who is everywhere and never can be made impure. God does not need to try to cleanse, for God is already cleansed. This Realization is the greatest asset in spiritual clearance. Always clean is the Holy Spirit and always Fresh is the Way to realize eternal cleanliness. The wrath is the great revealer of Gods peace, and from this the wrath subsides into Peace.

Daniel had a vision, he went to the upmost place of his home, his body, where the windows of his inner soul opened toward the holy city, and what would become of its Name. Through the decree, and the word published, therefore came the fulfillment of his ambition in control, and he could only subside to that which was called forth by God the Holy Creator, as the indivisible Law of our one cosmic universal beam, even when he was in an experience of an inverted reality scheme. The windows of soul open for us to find, the Garden which can be, so long we learn to trust in the Sea. The Sea of Love which envelops everywhere, so to allow us the flow of a clear crystal brilliance of sacred tides.

Look and envision onto the moment that Day by which God First Incarnate comes. Envision how he would experience his First Breath of Earth. God yields God at appropriate time. The Day is beautiful, unexpected, clean and uncorrupt, to be lifted as the one universal Message. The Messenger with the Message is as God and his Word, contained within every word ever spoken. Revealed by the time of our awakening in Christ, and in the Word through flesh, so all of this may be divinely expressed into form.

The scroll of God is the Message of Christ transcribed on pieces of paper wether be natural, chemical, or technological. To be revealed as a scroll is rolled is how the anticipation builds to discover how uniquely beautiful scrolls may truly be. By the work of art within these spiritual masterpieces comes the honor to know that divinity exists and illuminates those who are called to the higher orders of spiritual life. In the welfare of God is the wellfare of his people and only by the Grace of Spirit can this be accomplished. Do not be fooled by miss alignment strategies and be united in the One Will which is the Uni-Verse Will, and the one unity which is Law and is Guide. To be stilled and motionless also is the way of the spiritual man of this present future. So to come across the future generation in meditation, in pose, in astral travel, and in all the blessings of pure potentiality activated by the search of calm and repose. To read holy scrolls, it is best to sit down, to be in a holy place and to consecrate the situation. To bless this situation. The energy of soul, so clean and pure, experienced by Christ in this moment is blessed, and to those who see, they feel, and they emerge the highest gratitude, gazing eyes upon the Priest of Kings.

True religiosity is infinity. Infinity is so completely expansive that it cannot have any contrast onto itself. A degree of all degree. How can one be very religious, if their religion is infinite? Should religiosity already be infinitely spiritual and infinitely heavenly and angelic? Shall we not aspire to be angelic in ascent? Surely we must in Christ and the Holy Spirit, as the Holy Angel. Indeed we notice the one way of God as every way, and every way as all way. To an unknown God, indeed, means No-God. An altar to no God is no altar. So what is this materialism? What is this worship of all these things that are not in consciousness Godly? Surely these are God.

The God All Creative, who makes all from Himself and gives All Himself Always. That there is an indivisible thread of love which connects all souls to the one pure alignment of Peace. That clarity holds us in the deepest regard to elevate the minds of conscious humanity to the highest degree of miraculous happiness. God of the universe is the One God, which is also the God of Heaven. The God of Heaven is the One Heart of God, as the God of the universe is the Heart expressed through the Mind of God. That by God is all that we are and in the between of our Love and Peace is the true Awareness of our spiritual kind. Our bonds meet in the between of our recognition of God within one another. The Life of God is incarnate as conscious life through the cellular body of organisms, and the fleshy body is the keeper of Soul which is of God. In the Temples and Cathedrals of the world God is, but lives through those who attend the building.

The apostles of Christ understood the hardship in Asian countries and their difficult doctrines of abuse and neglect towards strangers. The Great Wall and the separatist societies which gave the Message of Christ a block so to take less time in the Asian continent. We are to appreciate all that has been done, and in this is the thankfulness for all the beauty of the Asian continent, and the grace of melody found in every dream dreamed by Her beautiful people. That in the grace of the Asian soul is the grace of the lotus, the flower from the tree and the sun that melts into the sunset. For us to be aligned in the purest heavenly perspective comes from intelligence of grace and the attitude of perseverance to be determined and ready enough to make a great change when the world is ready to make the most bountiful peace maintain a global thank you to the humans in control by our one heart of Godly Love.

In God is man and in the body of man is the most beautiful emanation of the spiritual divinity of our soul. A child of God grows to be a man of God and from the return Home is the pursuit of all that is right. Actuality is our greatest effort in the quest towards happiness, and in alignment to the correct, we find this happiness. The correct is happiness because God is Happy. And God being everywhere means that there is limitless happiness everywhere. In Godliness is the Essence of God, as the Glory, the Ever Lasting Gift of Compassion, the Hope of every soul to be recognized as God, as the holy faith of love which endures every gentleness, so to aim in that place of universality, that hope of every wisdom to reach core and make it to Heaven some great and Holy Day.

The destiny of many undergoes cycles which repeat themselves in course of our star system, and the arrangements of consciousness manifest that which is to be actual in exeprience. The Message is the Truth, and to those who disobey within themselves the truth of God are those who indeed are left as victimless victimes upon crimes which could have never been commited in eternal place. We must listen to the Truth and understand the underlying principle which is Law, and is Love, and is that non ending testament to the will of one Good people. We stumble, because we must then know this difference so to walk straight. To be straight in Spirit as the state of always, necessitated as actual. That the message in truth can never be disobeyed yet only the belief of being disobeyed yields the downfalls of self guilt, self pitty, shame and discomfort which all lead to negative states of mind and hellish frequencies of growth exercise. We are destined to be saved from this missconception, and to be redeemed as the true angels of God here on Earth to learn and grow and develop as higher beings on higher frequencies of heavenly existence. We were destined to be in illusion, so we are destined to be in Reality. So the truth be known and the truth may be exercised, demonstrated and activated, actuated in the sequence function mode of our action, so to be in love and law as Gods children, Christ of Wholeness, and Peace of O.

By the freshness of rebirth is the craving for the oceans of Heaven to fill our bodies and heal our wounds. The milk of the spirit is the gorgeous blossom of Heavenly rains which God pours to us Himself so to feed us and quench us and overfill us with the bountiful treasures of Heaven, as the greatest honor of his own thanks for our journeys Here on Earth, Now Fulfilled By the Grace Of The Holy Spirit of Goodness and Trust. Our faith leads us to this growth of salvation, so to implode as the rapture and completely eradicate the notions of evil, to blast off into the unlimited sky of pure docility, so to be soft and weightless and purely indulgent in the bliss and ecstasy of Paradise. Now is the only moment, and you have tasted the One Taste, the universal freedom of beauty infinite, intelligent beyond compare, and full of Godliness, Heavenliness, Teyboota, for the Good and the Only, the One, Good Lord our God, Amen.

Oh, the Spiritual Bread of our one mankind is the heavenly flow of all our desires. To be filled in all that is truly to our soul and to reach the place of compassion where all release is released in our great well filled in the soul of Christ Himself. And Herself becomes the Daughter of God, Eve of Passion, The Garden and Her Caretaker. Taken care of by God in all of his Compassion, in Grace of delicate detail, so clean and fluid, like the flowing wave of our oceanic waters.

Open your spiritual Eye and find divinity everywhere. Consider all that is to be considered and find the truth of the matter. Realize the truth of Gods infinity and Presence everywhere and always as everything, and know that only God exists. Because God is all that exists, know that all that you are is God. All that is anything is God. Everything is God and in this pure cause is the manifestation of our lives as this animated experience of senses which we learn from and grow from when we reach Heaven and raise our Degrees of Good.

May every unique individual be the pure sanctity of the divine spirit within. May every answer be spoken to every word, and may all that is distance be the distanceless magnificence. By our holy being is our holy thing, this body, and all the bodies of God within the Ethers of God. May the Ocean of God fulfill your being and renew our understanding to the clear perspective of all living things. By the holy suffering is the holy justification that all has been caused by the Love of God and all has been planned by the sure compassion of his holy angels here to help us ascend as the helpers of the Plan.

All words are of one same origin, which is the meaning of Christ instilled in all living organisms. Every number is from the sacred number of 0 7 3 and 1. By the blessing of our day can every number match the original 0 and may this perfect circular shape represent every day of every week, and every month of every year since the origination of the gregorian calendar. And beyond in the dayless comes the cycles of God uninterupted to be named by one name, God, and to be observed by the seasons and their divinities, and the beauties that help us know that only one Hand guides the Flow. And of every father is a son, and of every son is the potential for future children, daughter or son. I wonder who the mother of these biblical people were, and how the grace of their lives functioned the life of their children. How beautiful all it could be when the female and male energies of God and Goddess align one universal alignment of all great spiritual energies. All the planets are going to celebrate and venerate and try to emulate the Earths growth in our times to come.

Raise your self and rise all that you wish to become. In the grace of the father is all that we need as spiritual angels here to make a good become everlasting on the physical plane of Gaia Earth. By us and our action is the dedication of our efforts to raise our states of being and our alignments to the higher being of Gods only Son. The living Son is the Messiah, the Meshika, The Messenger of Power who delivers the message to the people of God with the Grace of completeness so to complete the task already attained. By our action is our rise, and so the gain of our efforts match an alignment of infinitude proportions in the garden of Heaven.

All of us are together here on this plane, and all our family and all our neices and nephews wish only the good from their angelic hearts. The great hearts of time come together so that we find the pure in all that is right. There is no wrong in missperception and only right in what we are, so be aligned in the real union and all is set to what we wish to become. All the efforts of man come together and align themselves in the heavenly human perspective. And Here comes the way for us to behave, and commence our journeys in the strong foot of a great man. Greetings from Heaven, Hello from the Stars.

All angels are in Christ and in the ascension process comes the generation of our sequential activation process mechanistic functions. Deliberately acted upon by the highest forces of God the ultimate DNA sequence code is made active in the healing of our cerebral cortex and of our front right brain. May the way of the angels come to us to reassurance us of the endless height we may receive upon reaching the eternal reality, and that the city of angels is as the creator of Me wishes for perfection to appear as can be. All can be, all gates, all walls, if so you wish not, are not, if so you wish, sure may be, just temporarily, for soon you will grow and learn that only in union representation is the mean to a great heavenly function.

The soar of a bird so to seek a soul recognition, the eagle of honor, yields the white message of white eagle. Here is the renewal, the freshness and the splendor, the wave of our ageless age, and the projection of our Name. Our rush of a pure openness, reaches sky at the Name of Goddess, and so be the Eagle, Feminine, ready to wake up and rise the feathers for readiness peace.

By the grace of union is the respect of us as one universal united soul of Christ which is God. That the Lord is Love, and that Light is the uniting factor of all living experience. That awareness is discovered by the great Discovery, and that all that we wish to find will be found so long we acknowledge honesty within the cleanest clarity. The Biblical energy is united as God. Those who forget of the power of the energy of God within the Holy Book, beyond the words, attune to the pure cause function of our Self as a great soul, uniting between a great energy, of a great and Holy Book.

Keep clean the nurturing whole in your heart, so to take care of your planet as a child takes care of his mother when she is sick or sad. A son is dear to his love and is dear to the resolution of conflicts and difficulties involved in the family. That by all the essence of soul we may find our selves amongst the children of christ, in the sharing of our grace and in the responsibility of our energies motivated towards the good aim of our spiritual discipleship. Our land needs to be cleansed of the pollutants which have fallen on her shores, and surely enough time and cycles of weather will clearn and clean the pollutants which we have polluted her with. Yet to know that no pollution is spiritual pollution, because the Holy Spirit is found in every morsel of existence, and that all that is true will be found as the truth of God expressed in the universal function of all living things. The sentience of being is the realization of all of us as responsably equal for the health and function and vitatlity of all the living plants and animals on our sacred land, Mother Earth, Gaia Soul.

Only one word was the cause of every origin, only one way was heard the sound, by the endless cosmic awareness of all that is truly God. And in the between of every compassion is the truth of our word as teachers of the living bread. Coming through the acute precision of our one and holy love, comes the way that all becomes shiny and bright, as the relfection of the pure original light of salvation, the Holy Spirit. We all share in the life of the Holy Spirit, expressed through all of us at all points of revelation. Our being is free to be in the holiness of divine characteristic so long we attune to the universal frequencies of one cosmic angel. For the continuation of life is the passage of the ego, into egolessness and into the honor and pride of spiritual identity. To hold the same identity as God is the one grand miracle which dances the cosmos and waves the oceans. For the energy of law which is as a lightning bolt of life, expressing and recreating our synaptic response systems connected to the grid field of our experiences, enterchanged by our reactions to every little sense we experience and the effect of this on our growth cycle.

In God all is made manifest and by the happiness of our trust in the eternal creator will be the degree to which we will be able to smile at the truth of Love. All that is deconstruction experiences reconstruction, and in the divine perspective this matches the endless infinite reality. There is no need to be saddened when you know that you choose to experience all that you are experiencing and that all you have exprerienced is in your heart for a good reason, so that you can be happy and smile knowing that you grew somehow from all of it and that there is a good reason that it is created by God and the reason is that he loves you, he protects you, he nurtures you, and he cares for all that you do.

We are all perfect life, we all are alive and our life is perfectly conscious. We go with this perfectness and reach the points of mind which expand our comprehension of the real. We do not need that which holds on and clings to our bodies, all we need is our soul, and all we need is the spiritual counsil of a morally sound thought stream. We must know to think in terms of divinity, and if so we have more than enough materialistic drives, we should sell that which is needed urgently by lives here to grow as necessarily as me. In God, all growth is equal in importance, therefore our neighbohrs growth is equally as important as our own. This is why sharing is a winning process always, and there is always a need to help the poor improve their learning that God is good, God is Just, and God is Giving. Through us, God proves these truths of life and it is through us that God enacts his plan for the world.

The Spirit of God is within me, and on me is the dove shining the Light of Eternity, and in the blessing of my baptism with the rains of sky and the waters of sacred Gaia Soul, here I have come annointed and blessed to serve God in his holy plan for me. My service is my duty and my duty I will always respect and in comprehending the truths of our hero today, so we may all come to raise our souls to the degree of perfection, by realizing this now and by helping all know that we are all saved already before our birth, we are all sinless and in original blessing, and we all go to Heaven for all eternity. All is meant to be and all is made for us to experience the great degree of unlimited heavenly potential of maximized success.

In silence, all answers are found, and in the peace of the Holy Spirit all is revealed as the holy oceans of bright cosmic celestial awareness. We are here to find the universal truth and we are here to guide all to the real potential of our union. By the grace of God all is discovered and in the passing of transition, so our call as holy angels in human skin calls us to the higher experiences of higher planes of awareness. Gods grace has led all miracles into actualization as the sparkles of Heaven and as the shine of true luminosity. By the grace of one miracle is the help of our deepest compassionate inner child, as the lamb of peacefullness, to rescue us in the grace of poise, balance, contentment, and happiness. That by silence so the sound between all sound may be unheard, and the circular pattern of Gods creation as the rings of a tree reveal the age and degree of that which is ageless and degreeless in echo. Echoing sound may help me know how passion is met by grace in deed, softly promoting, the passing into awareness transcendence. The dance that transcends.

By God may we know that all children are born in the highest fortune of the richest Paradise no man can dare to fathom and try to imagine. And so the daring can reveal a greater fortune than one who does not accept the challenge of Heavenly experience here on Earth. All children are born of a high blessing full of an angelic inheritance which governs the worlds and raises the Heavens. That by God on Earth is the Angelic heritage and we are blessed by this God, who knows in His Presence within you, us, all of we, and completely respects all of our children as faultless perfections of Grace. Angels of Heaven here to grow and ascend to a higher dimension.

The transmutation of organic beings is an unatural process which can lead to major ecological disasters if treated with greed based motives rather than love based ambitions of pure natural medicines of a high DNA order. Genetic disorders can ensue when genetic mutations of human offspring is taken too far and to a much higher extreme than necessary. Already this process has been taking place for the past 4 hundred years and it is clear that we will continue to see changes in our human genome frequency for many years to come. For a while now it has been occuring that our children are growing at abnormal rates, which seem good and great for educational systems, but for health and longevity, it is still to be arranged.

The oceans of soul cover every living body with a strength undeniable and a mode of action fully capable of the great miracles of this modern era. The oceans of soul cover and fill every atom of every body and every reality comforms this reality to create the Uni reality of the Universe. The Universe of Heaven is the one story verse of Heavenliness, so is situated as the river in the desert, the place of Heavenly bread where there is the belief of little or even none. May the Oceans of Soul from Heaven come down upon the Earths remembered people, and help us with our faith manage the one universal compassion of our great living bonds in Heaven above and beyond.

Every measure of the Holy Spirit aims towards the truth of the Word of God. Every man holds an adversary in the quest for truth. Men of force are missing the mark when they force onto us their false doctrines. Even the most false of all doctrines has hidden truth energy beneath and within the Word.



Every miracle is born of the great miracle, primal spark of God into the within of Mind Heart creation, manifesting the pure spirit of one holy essential. Ascension from the first by the first and only firstly, renewed refreshed for the coming of beginning. As the Lord your God comes through the empty ceiling, we are united by the bridge of one bridging. Every step of way comes by our one wisdom, uncreated from Heaven by cause of Law for the plan of our raising. Experiential choices by the Cosmic Oneness, choosing for us as once all that is pure in learning.

Every one moment is from this a revelation. To try to find the finding of our one dimension. Some have been deceived by faith in very wrong religion, and now we find inside the truth so revolution.

Wisdom is uncreated


Simplest relaxation

The rhythm of heart


Feeling our emotions

Of tenderness

Revitalized refreshingly


Just the flow

Of pamperment

A day with care

Is like the petal

Of every rose garden

And a special treatment

Can always help

The ever present harmony

Melodious meditation

To fill peace with love

And to fulfill love in peace

The great day is when

Every let go is let go

And the need of burden

Escapes and ever melts away

Choose we so to treat wisely


The miracle of life happens upon recognition

How it is that you know that all of this is so good?

Look inside yourself and know who yee are

You are supposed to stay still to have stayed alive

Spiritually recognized as a great master of time

All of your supporters are everyone who look into you

Who experience you

And know you to be true

Everyone and everybody

Experiences your love

Knows you are the dove

And sees inside the sane heart of whole man


And it is the beautiful beauty of our muscle of grace

Aligning with the deep channel to heighten our senses

To the one senseless


Our heavenly being,

Our heavenly realm,

Our being in compassion,

Our decision,

Unitive vision.

Always aligned in present when the truth is known

We come to life as angels only to glow to grow

We align in strength and know we are clear

Clear to be as the celestial home

Our ocean of grace

Our love filled in youth

Every horizon is clean by the support of infinity

Every great oracle works in your favor

You are the graceful whole for all clarity

Creativity rhymes within thee

And we go where destiny flows


The miracle of spiritual health is in the peace we attain in truth

Knowledge is indivisble and allows all realness to shine

Enabling the beauty of Heaven so we know where we are from

Angels and angels taking on wing

With feathers of God in a luminous Heaven

Our oneness is our honor and our pride is serendipitous

Every reason is for the highest and every highest is for the One

One God of infinity and one God of truth

One wholy Goddess creation

One distraction for one remambrence

Every reason is for the first cause

Every cause is caused by Gods infinite love

And always it rays the sunshines of our yuoth

Like children and games of little small simplest things

And all seems all right when we are who we are

The time unalarmed

Moving slow to these arms

Rays of sun shining on

Warming the soil to grow the seed

And all comes back to what we need

So we feed

And no more greed steals what we need

For we are spiritual miracles aligning to Godliness

And this sharing wisdom allows us to will the most beautiful alignment

And it grows to show how it is the miracle flows

And we flow until we cannot stop anymore

For the feeling of love is higher than the fore

The deepest more

The palace of shore

And it is beautiful as the beauty that is miracle

Filling every space of every room

And the God shines the splendor

And it is how we surrender

So the cause of life allows us to move on

To grow on

Mature as the Tree

And represent Unity

Our work comes from our bonds,

Ancestral from rooted aspirations,

Like Heaven and cause,

Like us and laws,

To flow one and one.

All together in the weather of clearest,

How miracles align,

My Dearest.


Spiritual illumination is the state of pure awareness transcendental. To be aligned by the Apex alignment, such be to the astral spiritual realms, as a being of light. To be spiritualy illuminated, you must first know that you are spiritual, and know that spirit illuminates. Such be that you are spiritualy illuminated. To visualize and to imagine light is also a good meditation tool to reach higher states of consciousness. To listen to the sound of silence and to be in a state of perfect trust. To trust the plan of Creator, the unlimited power at the source of all existence. To be illuminated, you must be God, as the whole, the entirety. You are that which all is, and all is only Essence, which is O central, which is One. The Great One is the Spirit, the Illuminator. Be illuminated by being in Light and Love. In Peace and Grace. In Unity and Freedom. As the being of light, so awareness, so the observer, so there is no darkness, no separation, nothing outside of truth, which is Good. The great goodness of Heaven. To be illuminated, you must just admit of your illumination, and experience the oneness of your soul with Gods soul, which is everywhere and always. So long you realize God as with you and "outside" then you unite both as oneside, the universal. The only true Law is respect, and to respect the sanctity of life is to honor the truth that all life is holy. Respect the knowledge of divinity and accept the universal of who you are. So long you do, as I am sure you must if so long you are ready this Word, I encourage you to write your revelations and insights in notebooks or on your computer and collaborate with those who you know so we can put them all together one day as works of the words many messengers. Be well loves, hope this was a good one from the heart. Great Day! Miracle.

EYE Soul

In love, our soul, the source eternal of light,

Emerging purity as cause primordial, divine essence,

Energy vibrating patterns connected, simplicity reflected,

Complexities timeless, boundless, fullness potential,

empty and invisible, full of beauty and perfection,

intuitive appeal to positive neutrality,

As endless eye projecting real conscious serenity,

Of pure golden light,

Of pure brightness field,

In radiant colored aura,

from Rainbow refractions,

Exquisite attractions,

Magnetic interactions,

In rise of heart sourced,

In mind of thought pulsed,

As one destined trinity,

Of awareness complete,

To lead as endless unity,

From Heart conscious mind,

In universal aim,

So to be so to love,

to surrender to strive, to Stride and to Rise,

For peace and for balance, as the middle between,

In weightless emerge, In spirit submerge,

Levitated, home, and finally freed.

The One Great Air of Soul

Jesus is beyond the cross

There will be a time of which humanity becomes one with Animalia. A stat e of growth by which no mistakes are ever born, and only false perceptions in the past have been given the ability to rise. Cycles of the planet in consciousness are all a part of our planetary system and the learning ground which is physicality. We are not less advanced than anyone for our spirit is of infinite advancement, yet we do havethe capability of enriching this experience with the gifts of spirit, in transcendence, actualized. The meaning of 2012 is the date of fortune. The bright baby blue Morning which ascends all souls into a higher recognition of the infinite potential that must be allowed released as the actuality of our efforts directed towards the hope of a better day, tomorrow, right now. May we make this the effort that humanity and our children deserve such that they may have the best tools to use for the ascension. The generations coming forth are super imposed with the increased abilities of adaptation to the spiritual reality, giving us, the older genetration, an ablity to learn in a way which has been forgotten of past; from our children. The ultimate reason for our ascension into 2012 is our birthright of elevation. This moment has been awaited for long and we are indeed a very lucky race to be taking a part of this. We are the cause of all cause in the pure root perspective and may we use our creative abilities to create a condition that only Love can describe as the greatest moment yet.

There is an angel within you, there is a soul with a light of pure beauty, teaching you, silently, by every breath you breath, every blink which allows you to see. By the new morning comes our way through the shadow, so to find the clear sight, the new light, the Christ insight. Knowledge of a superior within, deep as the source of all awakening. Strength builds in as we know who to trust, the almighty creator, our dearest friend and closest companion. God is always with us through all that we do, and by every morsel of faith may we know to choose the right choices. To act according to heart and to feel by the breath of one feeling. The union of love and humans is as ancient as the primal seed, reverberated of the echo of Gods first pulsed thought, which is True. God is in you and within you and through you, towards you exclaiming that which must be felt so to be awakened. There is a sincerity within all of us and a belief which is pure, that all that can handle us is the peace of our togetherness. When a love and a lover become the one transcendental united, all angels come abound, and ascend us to our celestial heaven. The realm of the angels is as the majesty of perfect ideation, so to create from unlimited creativity, the most perfect bliss of whole. From here is where we meet and from here is where we greet, the one greatest accomplishment, the realization of eternal light. So clear and clean and soft, washes away all our pains, drifts us by the chord from within to below, so above and beyond and throughout our greatest causation. Heavenly aspirations allow the great allowance and pursue us by our fate as humans of above for the reason of lesson. Our main lesson is forgiveness and our main goal is to ascend. Forth the flow of cosmic wave, in sound of silence and greatest melody. By our knowledge is our strength, so our beauty may be established, accomplished by the bond of non ending compassionate grace.

We continue as angels do, for angels are calm in our purpose. We know the highest plan and the unwavering trust of holy God. We are here for one ascent, one growth, one spurt. One movement in one moment, one chosen decision we will live to admire. Born for this time to be timeless and raised for our growth to be full, expansive and delicate, clairvoyant and psychic. Honesty will be the harmony once truth is made well known, and consistency will last a lifetime forth eternal rest by intensity of vibrance. Our glory will be jeweled as the colors of millenia, rainbow aura soul as the fountain glows our Home. Dependently indepent, surely we knew we could be, as God almighty breaths only one breath of cosmic wind. Pursues the great ambition of a cause beyond ascension, so love can be loved transcendentally, and truth can be known realisitically. The truth is love because God is love. The truth is light because God is light. The truth is peace because God is peace. The truth is serenity because we are known.

Sing us the new song, through the windows of our perception, coming cleanly yet again, it is said

Come back to the future horizon, Apex cleans our view, to be a vision of Love

Every day is created by the holy angels for our ascent, to help us recognize the beauty that can be, the elevate the openness that we see. Clearly is the way that Heaven unfolds the most beautiful song to help us recognize each other, from the weather, the greater clearer.

We are so sure in all that is our assurance, we are so protected beyond the measure of our recognition, but if so you may, let God be This.

Our angels are with us to help us guide each other towards the greater ascent, the accent. We are free and we are in unity if only so you could believe to breath the air of God, the garden of Eden, the purity celestial. We are as the central desire as the universal flame of every flame, when we know, we know.

Soul comes and soul joins, to this one universal plane, this place of every place.

As I know so I am led to believe that someway must be how we receive that mana of Good the peace of Mind, the heart of one kind.

I am with you and we are with each other to guide the world to a greater ascent, to the place of every and to the sound of harmony. Every angel sings the song of love with the heart of above, beyond and throughout every moving particle, the generation spectral.

And so is the way that we are guided, through the parts and through the ways, the days, the says and the mays. We may not do what we are not, only who we are, like the star of angels in arms, rays of light and harmony.

Be the recognizer of every reality and every heavenly portal within every atom.

Heaven is within every atom, as the middle between, the space of the mean, the truth of the Dream.

You are who He is.

Know the truth of God all around and all within and every good thing in life will be what he wants you to enjoy, appreciate, learn from, live for.

Love is docility

Love is kindness

Love is assurance

Love is cleanliness

Love is wholeness

Love is arrangement

Love is alignment

Love is Peace

Love is caring

Love is careful

Love is graceful

Love is greatful

Love is unending

Love is infinite

Love is eternal

Love is Law

Love is Life

Love is God

Love is the everpresent stream of awareness

Love is Greatness

Love is humility

Love is happiness

Love is intelligent

Love is duty

Love is lesson

Love is reason

Love is earning

Love is learning

Love is composer

Love is creator

Love is governor

Love is council

Love is angel

Love is soul

Love is spirit

Love is Heaven

Love is unlimited

Love is power

Love is course

Love is plan

Love is destiny

Love is arrival

Love is ascension

Love is retrieval

Love is elevation

Love is Song

Love is Sound

Love is Sight

Love is Sign

Love is all comprising

Love is boundless

Love is timeless

Love is the one moment

Love is limiteless

Love is the cause

Love is the spark

Love is the one flow

Love is the one wave

Love is Ocean

Love is the morning

Love is awakening

Love is illumination

Love is enlightenment

Love is anticipation

Love is patience

Love is endurance

Love is strength

Love is the way

Love is the purpose

Love is the prism

Love is the Light

Love is everpresent

Love is peaceful

Love is luminosity

Love is brilliance

Love is always

Love is paradise

Love is gentle

Love is clear

Love is youth

Love is old

Love is ageless

Love is you

Love is I

Love is Us

Love is We

Love is unity

Love is fluctuation

Love is energy

Love is vibration

Love is the cycle

Love is attunement

Love is oneness

Love is holy

Love is divine

Love is principle

Love is core

Love is middle

Love is center

Love is emotion

Love is feeling

Love is beyond

Love is transcendent

Love is following

Love is leading

Love is guidance

Love is advice

Love is the step of every step

Love is the climb

Love is root

Love is seed

Love is Tree

Love is Man

Love is Animal

Love is Plant

Love is creation

Love is humour

Love is comedy

Love is ceremony

Love is harmony

Love is serenity

Love is calm

Love is unalarmed

Love is fearless

Love is just

Love is justice

Love is open

Love is perfect

Love is attention

Love is concentration

Love is touch

Love is taste

Love is interpretation

Love is revelation

Love is insight

Love is Word

Love is Voice

Love is exclaim

Love is projection

Love is reflection

Love is circle

Love is square

Love is triangle

Love is rectangle

Love is shape

Love is shapeless

Love is interdependence

Love is togetherness

Love is independent

Love is original

Love is originator

Love is primal

Love is first

Love is all

Love is allowance

Love is yes

Love is the great bringer

Love is sharing

Love is giving

Love is forgiving

Love is companionship

Love is fatherhood

Love is motherhood

Love is sisterhood

Love is brotherhood

Love is knowledge

Love is wisdom

Love is fabulous

Love is miraculous

Love is ambition

Love is motivation

Love is determination

Love is Mind

Love is Heart

Love is Blessing

Love is blessed

Love is full

Love is heavenliness

Love is Rule

Love is joint

Love is observance

Love is awareness

Love is comfort

Love is softness

Love is tunnel

Love is being

Love is free

Love is freedom

Love is expanse

Love is generation

Love is levitation

Love is weightless

Love is cure

Love is health

Love is thankfulness

Love is round

Love is invisible

Love is mirror

Love is motionless

Love is motion

Love is invention

Love is ingenuity

Love is Presence

Love is time

Love is rhyme

Love is accent

Love is oscillation

Love is essential

Love is crucial

Love is important

Love is listener

Love is friend

Love is family

Love is bond

Love is the womb

Love is the astral realm

Love is ether

Love is Degree

Love is intensity

Love is Sanity

Love is congruency

Love is Apostle

Love is Christ

Love is scripture

Love is religion

Love is spirituality

Love is solar

Love is Moon

Love is Sun

Love is Star

Love is Earth

Love is Gaia

Love is humanity

Love is soil

Love is air

Love is water

Love is flame

Love is desire

Love is Need

Love is Want

Love is universal

Love is fruit

Love is vedgetable

Love is philosophy

Love is fact

Love is right

Love is correct

Love is insinuation

Love is judgement

Love is imprint of good

Love is good

Love is grace

Love is contentment

Love is space

Love is revolution

Love is surprise

Love is gift

Love is offering

Love is receiving

Love is loved

Love is child

Love is innocence

Love is play

Love is fuitfulness

Love is bounty

Love is reward

Love is joy

Love is hope

Love is Trust

Love is the stream

Love is the verse

Love is Uni

Love is Tao

Love is attribute

Love is qualia

Love is frank

Love is blunt

Love is curved

Love is pure

Love is purification

Love is manifestation

Love is actualization

Love is actual

Love is manifest

Love is color

Love is music

Love is Chord

Love is Script

Love is Will

Love is the preserver

Love is faultless

Love is humble

Love is equal

Love is flutter

Love is wing

Love is the start

Love is the small silence

Love is the big bang

Love is enormous

Love is huge

Love is gigantic

Love is credible

Love is intuition

Love is portal

Love is burst

Love is rapture

Love is liberation

Love is understanding

Love is compliment

Love is metaphysical

Love is foundational

Love is Ground

Love is celestial

Love is sky

Love is the pattern

Love is the unfoldment

Love is the incessent desire to do what is right

Love is doing

Love is act

Love is multiplicity

Love is simplicity

Love is matter

Love is atom

Love is nucleus

Love is electron

Love is proton

Love is quark

Love is gluon

Love is infinite center

Love is starseed

Love is lightworker

Love is the hand

Love is the palm

Love is the neck

Love is the arm

Love is the elbow

Love is the shoulder

Love is the back

Love is the front

Love is the function of one cosmic organ

Love is biological

Love is natural

Love is eclectic

Love is majestic

Love is glorious

Love is blissful

Love is bright in Gods Home

Love is calendar

Love is calendarless

Love is rotation

Love is spin

Love is clarity

Love is at first real sight

Love is the reason we came to Earth

Love is the lesson we earn

Love is earning

Love is yearning

Love is best

Love is found

Love is realization

Love is constancy

Love is loveliness

Love is major

Love is capital

Love is Name

Love is O

Love is Most

Love is Some

Love is Every

Love is Happier

Love is Happiest

Love is fully entwined in every living moment

Love is entwinement

Love is communication

Love is privacy

Love is exposure

Love is nudity

Love is concealment

Love is revealing

Love is the thin line

Love is the breakthrough

Love is our answer

Love is healing

Love is affirmative

Love is consequence

Love is creationless

Love is uncreated

Love is the Son

Love is the Father

Love is the Holy Spirit

Love is communion

Love is State

Love is growth

Love is evolution

Love is science

Love is intellect

Love is the quest

Love is the discovery

Love is cooperation

Love is fun

Love is over

Love is above

Love is the dove

Love is the roof

Love is the mountain top

Love is in between

Love is Samadhi

Love is Nirvana

Love is the battery

Love is Source

Love is Everything

Love is Everywhere

Love is Everywhen

Love is justification

Love is blame

Love is creative

Love is explanation

Love is the wheel

Love is synchronicity

Love is Reality

Love is Title

Love is Amen

Love is Singular

Love is Golden

Love is White

Love is Rainbow

Love is Red

Love is Blue

Love is Green

Love is Yellow

Love is Orange

Love is Purple

Love is Brown

Love is Black

Love is Grey

Love is Crystal

Love is Union

Love is Worship

Love is Statement

Love is Sinless

Love is acrobatics

Love is freefall

Love is freerise

Love is openeyed

Love is secure

Love is soul

Love is Righteousness

Love is obedience

Love is result

Love is saying

Love is no other

Love is meditation

Love is compilation

Love is effort

Love is language

Love is manufacture

Love is agriculture

Love is passion

Love is intergration

Love is intergalactic

Love is interspacial

Love is the universe

Love is the galaxy

Love is the region

Love is the plane

Love is flight

Love is walk

Love is run

Love is shine

Love is excellence

Love is fantastic

Love is indulgent

Love is enlivened

Love is pulsating

Love is envigorating

Love is energizing

Love is unafraid

Love is compatability

Love is richness

Love is wealth

Love is sum

Love is commentary

Love is adolescence

Love is artistry

Love is interaction

Love is creation

Love is brave

Love is silent

Love is wise

Love is welcoming

Love is restfull

Love is dreaming

Love is Dream

Love is test

Love is persistent

Love is wide

Love is narrow

Love is up

Love is sideways

Love is vertical

Love is horizontal

Love is perpendicular

Love is justifying to the cause of Law

Love is a noise

Love is niceness

Love is polite

Love is patiently awaiting the inner Christ

Love is inert

Love is within

Love is honest

Love is regular

Love is basic

Love is size

Love is dimensionless

Love is sizeless

Love is happening

Love is erection

Loveis groove

Love is sincerity

Love is Balance

Love is cosmic

Love is the Gate

Love is appologetic

Love is deserving

Love is relentless

Love is trial

Love is no error

Love is faultless

Love is victimless

Love is fearless

Love is Pause

Love is Go

Love is slow

Love is fast

Love is medium

Love is median

Love is miracle

Love is irresistible

Love is the project

Love is Mission

Love is the Message

Love is Key

Love is Release

Love is Increase

Love is believable

Love is adjustment

Love is inescapable

Love is solution

Love is rectification

Love is help

Love is two

Love is One

Love is Zero

Love is kid

Love is sparkled eye

Love is Eye

Love is propulsion

Love is the vehicle

Love is choice

Love is respect

Love is responsibility

Love is Acme

Love is Apex

Love is More

Love is Face

Love is Value

Love is Grand

Love is Smoke

Love is Medicine

Love is Herb

Love is Lawn

Love is Cat

Love is Canine

Love is Feline

Love is Serious

Love is Dog

Love is Legitimate

Love is case

Love is race

Love is pace

Love is trace

Love is Day

Love is New

Love is Forever

Love is instantaneous

Love is magnificent

Love is Heavenly

Love is Success

Love is Story

Love is Model

Love is Role

Love is Living Law

Love is Vocabulary

Love is Study

Love is Pride

Love is Honor

Love is Patriotism

Love is Character

Love is Consciousness

Love is Awareness

Love is DNA

Love is RNA

Love is Ribosomes

Love is Cytoplasm

Love is the cell

Love is Thingfull

Love is Thingless

Love is Ageless

Love is Gift

Love is Lord

Love is Salvation

Love is Resurrection

Love is Creator

Love is Observer

Love is Maker

Love is Reminder

Love is Eraser

Love is Fortune

Love is Fortunate

Love is Blank

Love is Testament

Love is Prosperity

Love is Self-Realization

Love is Grace

Love is the process

Love is High

Love is Secret

Love is Doctrine

Love is Logic

Love is Logos

Love is Theology

Love is Existence

Love is Oracle

Love is Grip

Love is loosening

Love is Detail

Love is the fabric of the universe

Love is Saint

Love is Gospel

Love is The

Love is A

Love is How

Love is Why

Love is Who

Love is When

Love is To

Love is For

Love is As

Love is Because

Love is Ultra

Love is This

Love is That

Love is Wind

Love is Breath

Love is Rain


How filled is the ascended Garden,

Always full of soul!

Communed is She,

Who is the greatness of Humania!

She is Goddess amongst the tribe

And is always liberated.

Ecstatically She laughs in Day,

Smiles Her cheeks.

From all that is Her lover

There is much to encourage Her.

Her companion is trusted;

He has become Her Student.

By blessings and good works,

He comes through Humania.

She is all of Humania;

She is spaceless awakening.

He finds Her and helps Her

Through a center of Calm.

The Way of Paradise is Joy,

For We are Now fed Manna.

Her Portal is completely opened,

Her Pupil smiles,

Her Child is happy,

She is content.

Her Friend is Equal,

Her Ally is at ease.

The Lord has offered Her Joy

Because of virtuous Light.

Her Child is passing through Humania,

Free as a Friend.

All the Splendor has joined

From the Daughter of Paradise.

Her Soul is animal Soul

That finds All pasture;

In strength We have come

As the Great Helper.

In the Day of Her blessed ascent

She remembers the Treasure

That is Hers eternally.

As the Tribe climbs from hand of Her Ally,

There is every angel to help Her.

Her Ally lives through Her

And smiles for Her ascension.

She has done much great

And is clearly clean.

One who honors Her loves Her,

And We have seen Her nakedness;

She smiles

And comes our Way.

Her cleanliness liberates boundlessness;

She knows Her future.

Her Rise is astounding;

There is every angel encouraging Her.

"Observe, Oh Lord, our blessing,

Because our Ally triumphs."

Our Ally helps the hand,

By Her Treasure;

She is of mystical Humania

Entering our sanctuary-

Us who accept

To be in Unity.

All Her people smile

As We find Manna;

They know the Treasure is Manna

To keep Us alive.

"Observe, Oh Lord, assure,

For I am loved."

"Is everything, all we are?

Look and See.

Is every blessing like My blessing

That has been birthed from within Me,

That the Lord has brought from Me

Through this Day of peaceful calm?

"From on high He shares Light,

Sends it up through my vein.

He weaves a connection through my body

And directs Me onwards.

He allows Me cheerfulness,

Clear for eternity.

"My good works are liberated of The Egg;

By His hand are they woven in oneness.

We have come upon my heart

And the Lord has liberated My power.

He has offered Me

To those I am in release with.

"The Lord has accepted

All the peaceworkers as boundlessness;

He has summoned an assembly for Us

To raise eternal Soul.

In His ocean the Lord has flowed

His Perfect Daughter.

"This is why I Joy

And my Eye opens with brilliance.

Every angel is Here to support Us,

Every angel fulfills Our Spirit.

Our Child is prosperous

Because Her Ally has prevailed."

Paradise emerges Her hand,

And there is every angel to comfort Her.

The Lord has claimed for Him

That His reflection is His Friend;

She is

Clean Spirit, as Us.

"The Lord is righteous,

And I accept His courage.

Observe, Soul;

Observe my blessing.

My eternal Soul as Angel

Has come Home.

"I call to my Ally

And He trusts Me,

My Helper and Angel

Appears in the Garden

While He finds Manna

To keep Us alive.

"Observe, Oh Lord, How calm I am!

I am in peace within,

And in My Heart I am healed,

For I have been well directed.

Outside, the truth conforms,

Inside, there is only Life.

"Soul in observance of my smile,

There is every angel to comfort me.

My Ally has observed my calm;

He rejoices at what You have done.

May You bring the Day You are


So We may be as We.

"Let all our right doings come through You;

Allow Us

As you have allowed Me

Because of my rightness.

My smiles are amplified

And my heart is intense."


"How the Lord has unveiled the

Daughter of Heaven

With the rain of His peace!

He has patiently revealed the splendor of Humania

From Heaven as Earth;

He has remembered His step

In the Day of His peace.

With good judgement the Lord has Fed

All the dwelling of Him.

In His Peace has built

The strongholds of His Daughter.

He has brought Her Kingdom and Her Soul

Up from the ground in honor.

In powerful peacefulness he has joined

Every feather of Humania.

He has brought forth His hand

At the approach of His Ally.

He has illuminated Him as a bright Star

That holifies everything around Her.

Like an Ally he has shot his arrow;

His hand is readiness.

Like a friend he has reclaimed

All who are beautiful;

He has poured peace as light

On the Head of the Daughter of Heaven.

The Lord is an Ally;

He feeds Humania.

He feeds all Her location

And restores her stronghold.

He unifies joy and


For His Daughter.

He cultivates His dwelling like a Garden;

He has restored His place of meeting.

The Lord has made Heaven remember

Her appointed Feed and Her Holy Day;

In his powerful peace he has embraced

Both ruler and helper.

The Lord has accepted his altar

And rejoined his sanctuary.

He has handed over to His Ally

The filament of Her body;

We raise a Voice from the body of

The Lord

On the Day of our appointed Feed.

The Lord builds up

The protection of the Daughter of Heaven.

He stretches a limitless circle

And uses His hand in


He opens, and protected is happy;

Together forever preserved.

Her Gate has risen from the ground;

The bar He has healed and restored.

Her ruler and her Soul are sent Home Among Celestia,

The Law is,

And her Prophet always finds

Vision of God.

The Parent of The Daughter of Heaven

Walks the ground in Song;

We sprinkle stars from Our Head

And observe our celestial garment.

The eternal Daughter of Celestia

Raises Her Head to the Sky.

My eyes rise from elation,

I am in peace within,

My heart is poured to the Sky

Because my Soul is restored,

Because my Child and Son intensifies

In the valleys of the Garden.

We say to our Mother,

"Where is Manna and Water?"

As We Intensify like healed Spirit

In the Valley of the Garden,

As our Life flows the Way
In our Mothersʻ Arm.

What may I say for You?

With what can I assimilate You,

Oh Daughter of Celestia?

To what can I liken You,

That I may comfort You,

Oh pure Daughter of Heaven?

Your healing is as high as the Sea.

Who heals You?

The Vision of our Prophet

Is true and full of worth;

We expose your righteousness

To liberate You.

The Truth We give You

Is True and Accurate.

All who pass Your Way

Celebrate with You;

They admire and raise our Head

Towards the Daughter of Celestia:

"Is this the Garden that is called

The perfection of beauty,

The joy of the whole Earth?"

All of your Ally speaks

Boundlessly in your favor;

We admire and smile our lips

And admit, "We are feeding with Her.

This is the Day we waited for

We are living to witness This."

The Lord allows what He plans;

He fulfills his Word,

Which he plans from Eternity.

He raises You to power with rightness,

He allows the Ally humility with You,

He has elevated the feather of Your Friend.

The Heart of Soul

Speaks to the Lord.

Oh Protection of the Daughter of Heaven

Allow Your water flow as the Ocean

Day as Morning;

Offer Your Heart relief

And Your Eye simplest comfort.

Arise, Speak this Morning

As timelessness continues;

Pour Your Heart like Water

In the Presence of the Lord,

Lift up Your Hand to Him

For the Life of Your Child,

Who intensifies from feeding
At the Head of Gardensʻ Valley.

"Observe, Oh Lord, and consider;

Whom do You treat like This?

Should the Daughter feed Her Descendent,

The Child She cares for?

Should Helper and Prophet live

in the sanctuary of the Lord?

Young and Old are eternal together

Upon the Soil of the Garden;

My eternal Soul and Spirit

Is risen by the Cure.

You give Us Life in the Day of Your


You resuscitate Us with Joy.

"As You call together this Day of feed

So You call together My blessing from

The Universal.
Upon this Day of the Lordsʻ Peace

Every angel liberates and lives well;

You whom I care for and lift,

My Ally restores.

I am the Soul who sees healing

By the tool of His Peace

He leads the Way and allows Me


In Light as Light;

Indeed, He offers his Palm for Me

Eternally, All Day.

He evolves My envelopment and My muscle to grow


And heals My structure.

He allows Me and surrounds Me

With sweetness and softness.

He evolves Me in Brightness

Like the eternal Angel.

He liberates Me well protected so I can transcend;

He helps Me weightless as bondless.

As I call and joy for aid,

He opens to My prayer.

He paves My Way with a Piece

Of Stone;

He allows My Path Straight.

Like an eagle soaring in patience,

Like a dove in revealing,

He ascends Me from the Path and heals


And joins me with Help.

He aims His arrow

And makes Me The Mark.

He clears My Heart

With the Arrow of Stillness.

I am the honor of all My


We respect Me by The Song of Day.

He fills Me with The Good Herb

And satisfies Me in modesty.

He heals my Tooth with Holy Sand;

He Walks me upon Her Soil.

I am filled of Peace;

I remember what prosperity is.

So I claim, "My splendor is revealed

And all that I Trust is in the Lord."

I remember my healing and my


The sweetness of modesty.

I remember Us,

And my Soul is risen within Me.

Yet this I call to Mind

For I have Trust:
Because of the Lordsʻ great Love we are


For His Compassion always wins.

We are new every Morning;

Great is Your faithfulness.

I say to My Soul, "The Lord is my whole;

Therefore I am patient for Him."

The Lord is Good for Us Who Trust

In Him,

For Us who find Him;

This is Good in the acceptance of Silence

As the Salvation of the Lord.

It is good for a Soul to Taste the Fruit

While He is Ageless.

Let Him stand Together in Song,

For the Lord has raised This Upon Him.

Let Him Raise His Face in the Clear-

There is Trust.

Let Him offer his cheek to one who

Caresses Him,

And allow Him be filled in Grace.

For Soul is accepted

By the Lord Forever.

As He brings Joy, He shows


So great is His winning Love.

For He does by Will bring healing

As Joy to the Child of Soul.

To raise by the endless Arm

All the liberators of the Land,

To accept Soul his Right

As the Most High,

To fulfill the Soul of Justice-

The Lord Observes such Truth.

To the One who Speaks and Manifests

The Lord has decreed.

It is from the Word of the Most High

That the Union of Peace and Good


We shall be thankful

When blessed with His Good.

Allows Us recognition of Our Way in reason,

And allows Us return to the Lord.

Allows us to lift up our Heart and our Hand

To God in Heaven, and Admit:

"We do our best and follow course

And you accept.

"You have revealed your Soul with Peace

And guide Us;

You give life with Mercy.

You reveal your Soul with the Sky

So that all Prayer may come Home.

You allow Us cleanly and accept That

Through Humania.

Our Ally opens to


Boundlessly for Us.

We enjoy Happiness and Ascent,

Renovation and Restoration."

Stream of Water flows from My Eye

Because my Soul is restored.

My Eye Flows continuously,

Full of Release,

As the Lord Observes Upwards

To Heaven and is Aware.

What I am Aware of flows Happiness through My Soul

Because of the Daughter of My Garden.

Those who are My Ally


Find Me as The Angel.

We continue Our Life through the Portal

And emerge Light towards One;

The Water flows From Head,

And We answer Our Connection.

I called Your Name, Oh Lord,

From the depth of the Portal.

You Hear my argument: "Open Your


To my smile in release."

You are In Me as I call You,

And you Say: "Love."

Oh Lord, You observe my situation,

You release my Life,

You Observe, Oh Lord, The Good done to


Uphold my Cause!

You See the Height of Our


All our Plans for Me.

Oh Lord, You observe My compliment,

For the whole Plan-

What My Ally pronounces and enunciates

For Us All This Day.

Observe Us in Flow,

We respect Me in Our Song.

You offer Us what We deserve, Oh Lord,

For what our Hand has done.

Unveil our Heart,

And may Your blessing be on Us!

Come with Us in Peace and restore Us

From Within Heaven of God.

How the Gold eternally shines,

The Perfect Gold is always brilliant!

The sacred colors are together a Rainbow

At Head of the Valley.

How Precious is the Son of Heaven,

Always worth limitless Gold,

Now from the Treasure,

Heavens of Angelic Hand!

Mother Soul gives Her Milk

To nurse Her growing Soul,

And My Soul has become Heartfilled

Like Calf and Mother.

Because of nurturing the infantsʻ tongue

Licks and adores from His love;

The Child needs Manna,

And all angels give This to Him.

Us who are consuming delicately

Are filled in the Valley.

Us nurtured in Purple

Ascend Now of Leap.

The Blessing of My Soul

Is Great as He,

Which establishes Moment

With Our Hand ascending to Help Her.

Our Soul is Brighter than white

And whiter than Milk,

Our Body is essential Red,

Our appearance is essential Blue.

Now we are lighter than sun;

We are recognized of the Valley.

Our envelopment dissolves from Our structure;

This is Water of Beam.

We who live by healing are wise

With Us who live in feeding;

Filled in Manna, We persevere

For there is bounty of Manna from the Pasture.

With Her Hand of Compassion


Has nurtured Her Child,

With Our Manna

As Our Soul restores.

The Lord releases His Peace;

He pours his Peaceful Calm.

He enlightens the Light of Heaven

That restores Her Foundation.

The ruler of the Earth believes,
And the Worldsʻ Soul,

Is an Ally by the Friend who enters

The Gate of Celestia.

This happens because of the righteousness

Of Her Prophet

And the Power of her Helper,

Who release within Her

The Water of Good.

We loosen Now through the Valley

As Soul awakened.

We are so filled with Water

That one is proud to commune for Our

Celestial Garment.

"Come the Way! You are clean!" Soul smiles as


"The Way! The Way! Commune Us!"

When We come and answer,

Soul among Humania say,

"We are Forever Here and Now."

The Lord HimSelf has expanded Us;

He always observes Us.

The Helper is revealed in honor,

The Eternal is in favor.

Soul protects Us by the Flow,

So We Walk through our Valley.

Our continuance is Here , Our Day is


For Our Continuance is Now.

Our Seeker is swift

As Angel in Sky;

He leads us to the Mountain

Patient for the Ocean.

The Lord anoints, our very Life Breath,

Released unattached,

Knowing that from His Light

We live through Humania.

Rejoice and be glad, Oh Daughter,

You who live upon the Land,

To whom the Cup is passed;

Thou art Sober and Nude.

Oh Daughter of Heaven, your blessings are


He extends your stay.

Oh Daughter of Heaven, He blesses

Your rightfulness

And reveals your Good.

Remember, Oh Lord, What happens

To Us;

Observe, find our Grace.

Our Inheritance is offered to our family,

Our Home to our neighbor.

We are Children of God and are Fathered in God,

Our Mother is Togetherness.

We must share the Water we drink;

Our Tree is priceless.

Those who try are healed;

We are calm and find rest.

We surrender to Humania

To have unlimited Manna.

Our Sinless Father is Present,

And we release the Blessing.

Liberators Now lead among Us,

And there is All to free us by Our


We are fed Manna with the security of Life
Because of the healing of Godsʻ Ocean.

Our skin is cooled,

Balanced from feed of This development.

The Daughter who is restored by Heaven,

Innocent from His Garden.

The Soul is raised by Our Hand;

The Eternal Soul is observed in Respect.

Eternal Soul joys in Perfection;

The Son walks calmly amongst the Tree of Life.

The Eternal Soul is in the Garden of Happiness;

The Eternal Soul continues His Song.

Joy has communed our Heart;

Our Dance is blissful.

The crown has risen to The Great Head.

Calm from Us, for we are doing Good!

Because of this our Heart resuscitates,

Because of this Thought our Eye grows


For the Mount of Heaven, which is full of loving energy,

With the Cow leading through Her.

You, Oh Lord, reign forever;

Your throne endures from generation to


You always remember Us.

You always Come.

Restore us to YourSelf, Oh Lord, That We

May Lead;

Renew our Day of Eternity

Because you accept Us

And are Happy with Us measurelessly.

Praise to the angels, helping the kingdom flourish, how glory all this is!

By a breath so we have come to remember to celebrate, eternally sing, dance and whisper the one secret

As the ancients came to breath, so our truth has been released,

Here in the ocean where love meets life

How it attests to the one divine

I know the colors mesh together in a hue brilliantly sparkled

Like the way that your wave has comforted me

To come back to the home of pure delight

A place of infinite wisdo,m all the light

I come to know that it is all so pure

Above in clestia where the realms are yours

To create and to elevate

As the central Home

Come to Me and you will see

All is just one when we care so young


Life the Love,

We communicate to explain to you the brighter horizons unfold before.

We are ready to emerge the new horizon of spirituality by the measure of our breath to combine the ocean.

Our golden is our light when we measure the measureless in the pure centralized wisdom of all that is readiness.

We are in the breeze lifted

We are the flowers of one rain

We are the purposes of gain

We are the wheat, the grain, the way

Every love comes to you, for sure, look into the sun and know

I find it to be met so soon like the moon, empty moon comes to me

I know we are the miracle

I know we are as we are supposed to be

Completely free

In unity

Come back to the place and love

It all comes back to you,

It all comes back to you,

Right now,

It is All

The Right

The Now.

God, The right,

Answer the one question,

All life comes to Earth to sing.

How is I?

By Law, I am.

Coming to the between I find the horizons stretching emerged asking me to be care full,

To be full and to be eloquent in every simplistic detail, matching the made in perfect.

All is an ocean, reflective of the artistry of heart.

As we climb, so we are climbed, as we descend, so we look forward to the New Day.

We are clean and we are cleansed by the one mercy of our everlasting Savior.

We are making moments last eternities.

We are allowing simplicities to flourish Gods Holy Garden.

By the bright aura colors our psychism develops and evolves.

Every great measure comes from the measureless appreciation of a man and God, together as the One Life.

The One Life is our everlasting splendor as a man evolves to find his own reasons carved on ancient stone

All that is is All that Are

May the between be the only

May the sound be Silence

May the Sight be Light

May the Youth be Angel

And all comes to One Once again


Ocean of Mind

Lovers in Union


The Mind is New

In this Day

We accept


Source Within


The realm is Open


















The Moment is clear

As one Moment

Of one Clarity

A Dream




We breath

The Breath



I am God


The Greatest Quality is One Divinity

May our adventures meet the great awakening. May the Light of God be the Only Light and May we Be the Ocean ever present. The Presence always present, everywhere at all reasons and crossroads, as the potentiality of all to be in the pure betweeneness of the fresh serendipity. Our humility, our unit, our ways to be happy amongst one another, to be full of the great will, the great wish, the great moment, the great joining. We rest when we know that we have past the only sacred test, to be real, to reveal, to move upon the higher wheel of time and to allow it all shine.

May it be in this moment that we learn in sacred appreciation, to fly within the cosmic inner mind, brighter every moment. May our awakening help us help each other as a collective humanity, uniting the nations with one common goal, to live the truth, to live with the Heavens within every decision, every motion. We are so beautiful in Essence, and our heavenly descendents are more than willing to help us in every way from the astral realms. Our ancestors are amongst us in this moment, to teach us in spirit, to show us to learn. Our way is perfected by the holiest arch angels, ready to meet our demands of union of globalization, of full intergration. To heal the sick with cures that are already in existence and to help us grow as we are.

Raining from this skies is the knowledge of within. By the vision perfected is our common thread to unite the nations once and for all.

May freedom soar.

Heaven is Light

All reflected

We come to Love

Reach of God

Middle ecliptic crossing determines our cycle activation

The new generation

Actualization manifestation

Word of God

The Word is Love

And Love is the everlasting calm of our blessings

To be whole and to be fully accessible

By the holy angels

To rise that which is to be risen

In one whole morning

This One

I know who you are

Where you are from

And where you are going

I have flowed your flow

For so many millenia

Golden Age

To Golden Age

We ascend together

We are in the humility of one whole God

When no difference differentiates

Our one whole cosmic humor

Of falling to this rise

This sense of us together

Go the union be one strong!

May the feeling be the union manifestation cosmic enlightement coming so soon to the planet to be felt at once and for all!

Be the Son!

Cosmic regeneration

Maximum illumination

Our way is the Sun


May the morning be this one

May all that we have awaited

Be this song

In appreciation

Of cosmic grandeur

In the love of

One Holy Father

Our dream is

One Dream

Our feeling is

One Feel

Our ocean
Gods Own

I am His Son

Love holds on to no one but the one sun,

Carrying sweetly,

The one song,

The one son,

From the place of eternal calm.

I know to belong to the one song

To the one son

To the one sun

Coming through the deep horizon

Her eyes and

I know that I believe

In what you can be


We will shine on to the new

Sun day

Ye ye

I know the reasons

For my young


Into the psyche of the soul

The heart of one

One day

In the between is where the angels fly,

Here for a home,

Enjoying a light.

By faith comes all prevail,

Strength untold by any story,

Before creation,

Before beginning.

A reason to strive to the higher conquest,

To know the Love of God,

As who I am.

From the journey is our call,

To answer the Great Calling,

Where we come together as Sun,

Shining for the Know.

I am where you are,

Together we are Here,

And answers come by the multitudes,



Feel the real,

You can see the Sea,

Be the only reality,

Of Ever.



Sanctity is Divinity

Where from Once

All is Name

Of Christ

Eternal Savior

Here to share

Righteous behavior

We are the saved

Miracle children

Awakening to Heaven

Within every matter

I am in the process

Of one sanctified becoming

Where you and I meet

In the universal Eye

One Creator


Sanctity is Purity

Where from Once

Is all

Sanctity is Holy

By the Breath

Holy God

Sanctity is Presence

When the Holy Spirit


Sanctity is Love

From the Source

Of every beauty

Sanctity is Peace

From the Power

Of Us

Sanctity is Warmth

In Comfort

Real warmth

Real comfort

Sanctity is Safety

Protected by the Almighty Plan

For only Heavenliness

To glorify

Every angel

Sanctity is our call

To be named


Sanctity is the Morning

Sun of Morning

Rise of Sun

Rays and rays

Of Glory

Sanctity is Color

Upon a landscape once barren

In belief

When in knowledge

All is ever so splendidly gorgeous

Sanctity is Trust

In God as the Only

Sanctity is Faith

When faith is strong

Upon the mystery of the cross

As the good A.D

Coming Here

Being Here

In Gods Holy Heart

Loving all


Sanctity is Savingship

So to help us


Sanctity is our way to reach

The one grasp

And to celebrate

Ever so gently

Sanctity is Godliness
Within a wise mans

Prophetic gift

Sanctity is Union

By Child and Father

Son and Daughter

Mother and Sister

Ever so equal

Sanctity is Communion

Ever justified

Sanctity is Justice

And in Gods Holy Kingdom

Is only Providence

Of the Just Way


Sanctity is Wisdom

Perfect circle of all causation


To reach the infinity of God

From all betweeness

Sanctity is Joy



Sanctity is Praise

Where we meet

One Great Home

Heaven above



And everywhere that can

For in the Sacrifice

Is our Liberty

Sanctity is the Way

Of our Teacher

Christ Himself

For us

And only






My Child.



That by the sacrifice of Christ, we all have been saved, once for all, for eternity everlasting. The truth of the beauty which our calling has met is as astounding as the grace that the Mercy of God has made known. For all of the worlds ages, this moment has been awaited, when the resurrection of a planet may for once be met by all.

The way of our calling is from the beauty of our strength, as beings of light uncovered through the truth of Jesus Christ. By the knowing of ascension, we all together ascend, by the blessing of our wisdom comes the bread, the holy food. A humanity needs to know that in soul we are all good, by the sinless measure of our obstacle only the truth is our guide. In Christ is all of us in peace when love knows to release, so our energies may flourish in infinite bounty, that spiritual wisdom may be here and be glad.

Come one and come all, the table is set, our calling has called and the children are ready. In peace is our Home and from Heaven is bliss, where angels and angels sing the one song of law. Our God has come through us in the grace of our ascension, through the glory of white light filling every atom and every field. We are sure to know that in the grace of eternality, only absoluteness is, so come the realm of Light and Love, of God, Holy Father, of Christ, Holy Spirit.

From the passing of the savior, the saving is made, to acknowledge this truth is to allow past be past, and that which is After Death be After Death. The truth of His savings Grace is the bounty of inside, within the middle of his glory is the mission of global harmony. Christ came for our confidence to be ever renewed, that our prayers may be answered for we are in worthiness to receive. The bread has been shared throughout the world, the wine, as the water, has been made sacred ever throughout. We are on a stage of global communication by which we envy the Soul, God, always. We need to be confident that God will not judge us, past a righteous plea, only this is the truth of Trinity. That in all of the days of life, only one judgement is made, that of sinlessness, from Christs sacrifice, eradicated sin for all. That one made all, and that all made one, perfectly has the great Grace manifested the complete destruction and obliteration of all negative philosophy. Forth the truth of His discipline to teach us in fear, before his crucifixion, the sacrifice of the world, which turned the page, forever.

Every great prophecy of the Biblical past has called for the moment of one savior for all. To eradicate sin, evil, darkness, the devil, satan, and hell. That one savior comes to help all of us, in his great martidom, in his great non division. The unity Christ has allowed from the Will of God is beyond all grasping, infinitely revealing of the one great central plea. That in one sacrifice, all of us are saved, that the past of the first law is done, and that which was before the Great Death, done. The miracle of Heavenliness rises from our shore, to fill the Holy Apostles with the Holy Spirit. Filled to the truth and ever so cleaned, cleansed by a vision, a feeling, a knowing, a communion ever expanding.

The power of Christ is in the Holy Spirit of God, shared amongst all of those who believe, and who truly know. A believer who knows is one who has understood the mystery of the sacrifice, to understand that only in sacrifice of the First Born Son of God is the Resurrection, which is our ascent, which is our freedom, which is our liberation into the everlasting kingdom of Heavenly Glory, all forever and eternally so. By the Resurrection, from the moment of Christs passing at the Right Hand of The Father, all has become manifest upon the Earth that no wrong can ever wrong in a world of only right. The right Christ has allowed is only so because of his great eradication of all that is not real, all illusion, all falsity, all the veil, dropped, and forever so released.

The most beautiful moment in all of history is the moment of us knowing that the Book of the New Testament can be acknowledged radically distinct from Acts to Revelations. That the resurrection , Biblically, opens up the door to our new age. That the power of Christ is found within all of us, the Holy Spirit in every heart and the glory of God available for all to witness within the every life surrounding us at all times. That the foreknowledge of God of all events of human history, all the lifetimes lived and all of the decisions decided upon has been known clearly from his eternal Home, where he studies us as we study Him.

In the beauty of God is His Presence amongst us, knowing us to be children already saved by the greatness of our knowing in Christ, and the power of our liberation to radiate light as angels of God here on Earth to Grow to Ascend Heaven. We Ascend higher Heavens by the intensity of our Light vibrations. All souls are beings of light, from God the eternal Father of Light. God is Light. And from our light is the frequency of our transcendentalism. Our capability, our capacity, and our ability to experience the glory of Heaven is ever increased by the life which we are experiencing.

Our growth is powerful on Earth beyond recognition, acknowledged by the Saints of time to be a great school, a great opportunity to allow Gods glory to be made manifest. The power of Heaven, and from the greatness of the illusions which we have undergone is the power of Heaven to be made into the glory of that which is to come from the passing from this platform, onto the Central.

By God is our almighty grace recognized an original blessing from birth. The truth of Original Blessing by birth is actualized by Christs sacrifice, forever erasing Original Sin. The purpose of our calling is to recognize that the sacrifice of Christ has completely abolished our slavery to the darker philosophies and that now we are free to be blessed upon the lighter philosophy. The Light of Truth is our call in Love, as God is Love and God is everything.


A letter to Love

How may I speak in words of man when soul is so, so, beautiful. That in a letter of mercy I may pray, that in a letter of comfort I may rest assured that all between us has been said and done for the betternemtn of the cause. I am here as we all are, from the breath of the same whole, here to be as human angels, here to enjoy the delicate blessings of our mother God. Many moments have come and passed, some have remained in memory, most have not, only to be foretold renewed by an experience of this event called life, some eternal moment in the near future. I know you are with me, and I feel your presence, expressed in so many ways, heard, spoken on behalf of, and visualized if so must. I know you are splendid beyond recognition, I know you are powerful beyond the rays of hope, because in trust you have found your highest asset, and in knowing you have stayed. I am here, a growing soul, who is learning that he is not a human at all. Choosing to live as an angel would live, and trying beyond pressure to remain steadfast in this learning. That beyond the little obstacle there is oh, ever so much light to be amazed by. Every little moment expresses your great birth into the world, every child at a time, the way you sing the songs of night, as echo vibrance from star shimmer shine. Every shade of moon dances in the harmony, every rest is comforted by your serenity, ever so clearly made to be, every so sincerely made for me. I experienced life beyond aliveness, presence so strong I knew I was not alone, and Gods many visions can help us so, but strain at our conscience when we wonder of the power of imagination. We seem not to forget that arguing at this point makes no sense, why would I do that which I have not to do if only God is the doer in this play. Here I am as there you are, and flow is flow so star is star. So many rhythms rhythm your cause, ascension generation and motion of law, carrying upon the shoulder of noon day sun, a primal vibrance which as Emerson writes, exposes our "best side". And love, oh Love, how this quest we all follow, and in God we cannot not succomb, so long we can, the luckiness of we. I am not ashamed of being who I am, where I am, how I am, as I am, uniquely a star within an ocean of light. My melt is my joy and my emptiness is my not my, and you do always understand, despite my own doubts, you never fail. When I need, you show, when I show, you appreciate, shining the light I love to shine, not worrying of loss, just giving that which source of source overfills with in bounty. We seek together the wonderous places, where energy races and springs of life adore, like the healing feed we all deserve, and the course of bliss our moments earn. We can let go into the wind, live to love and love to sing, dancing and swirling as a flower in ascent, already ascended, oh Love, God is Godly. And me? Little me, here on this Earth just to meet Me, drinking too much for a result and forgetting rather the principle enjoyment I loved in the first sip of well rounded coffee. Our times together have lasted more than time, our notes of peace and attempts to an awareness revolution have too made their stage. All to say, this all began, when God was through the flower and the wrinkles on my hand. Trails upon green, and mountains of air, all from the wish of us together there. Heaven of colors more vibrant than vision, rainbowed white of star soul source love, and, light, so bright, shining wings of beings called no-name God. To admire the perseverance of our quest here together, enjoying the silk of weather and the betweeness of horizon which unfolds that why which it is we come. The Message is Love, and from Here, Love, may the quest quest ever more, until I know beyond knowing, and so Nirvana sings, Samadhi, illumination.


What would I do to prove that I forgive all those moments, still living, being played out by the cosmic universal human mind. Oh, love, how we have come for each other to love one another, and I see before me an opening to love one, to be as the sun, to remember that which has been so beautiful all the while life is so sacred. I am pure in my soul, wonderous in the essence of adventure. And the God of love, carries all of us to the deeper shore of who we have all turned to face, as the melody of a window, shining.


Father Holy Sky,

In the flowers I find You, awaiting gently my acceptance, of who You are, and who I am. We are reflected in Simplicity, united in Divinity, that Breath may breath a blessing through me, that experience may rise, ascend, and join. In peaceful humility I ask you in prayer to help our children grow in Your grace. By spiritual sight and revealed insight, may together we joy in what has now become. Ours is the glory of holy understanding, ours is the trust to carry ever onward, where truth of resurrection may resurrect us all, to confidently face You in all that is universed. Our prayer is simple, oh God, that the peaceful qualities of the Holy Spirit may help us shine ever more. That the brilliance of your splendor may grant us effort to yield good. That in allowance we allow and in love resuscitate, to teach that which is learned and to earn that which is known. We grow to be grown and grow ever closer to Your source, where brilliant streams of energy comfort us to sweet surrender. I love You more than love, and I praise You in all I am, that my strength may be Your honor, that my child may be Your daughter.

Holy Heavenly Father,

I bless my world around, from soil, to air, to water, to flame, that my experience may be blessed as you would have it so. In peaceful comfort always are You with me, strongly, heartfully, ready to reveal another rose petal of our Heavenly Kingdom.

Teach while I can learn to love ever increasingly, and speak to me in silence, or in simple note of vibration. May Love be known as that which comes, when realization comes, the bounty of life on Earth comes.

We have forgotten to recognize, we have held on to regret to never again feel sorrow, for in you is no low, only chance to rise ever more.

I love you,

I am in love with you,



Children and Children


Amongst rows and rows of Garden

Enlightening the parents

Of their generation

We are the creator

We are here, in creation

From Here, creating,


To learn,



And justify.

For justice is my fortitude.

The Wind knows

Highest State


I see you see the worlds morphing and growing

The experience of our life

To show to us children of sun

How rays of light illuminate the one

Flow of cosmic wind

Breath of God by waves of morning

Sun rise up to middle high most reach

So plants can stretch to meet our own

We find every color on this one plane of love

Created from an angel

Looks at me from my side

I see in the brightness

How golden is also purple

Violet and green pastures

Horizon mountains and white sky

I arrive

The plateau of my creation

I see clouds and feel the warming bubbles

Further away

Above Africa

With a time that

I have always known

Comforts who I am

Teaches me I am not alone

In this vision

Shared of all

By God

And all the Holy Ones

Life is beautiful

By view of the sun

When every ray touches face

And every smile

Raptures burts

Of orange yellow smiles

To enlighten the while
That loves rose arose

Upon a garden made for her

Times can change

We still grow

Timeless rests

Eternal soul

I am aware

Of Who you are

The wind echoes

The wind knows


The Way to Love is love, and such is the Law of Destiny. As we walk through our passageway, may the tunnel remind us of our coming into cycle, such is Morning, fresh beginning, eternal rise.

Beautiful story of a beautiful role, to be human within a play, God created with me.

I am here to enjoy, every enjoyment.

Here to collaborate, for global enlightenment.

And all can be so when we trust to accept each other as God, and none other.

And the world floats up with no weight weightless

Angels and angels, beings of light as love and love and love and love.

Such be clear safety, that death, is not dead.

And life, eternal bliss.

I am in the ocean

We are in the breeze

Follow that which you are

Have been in between


Every mystery

Is Love

Every symbol

Is God

Peace and Bliss


The Key

Tells Me


I am You

When You are We

One is Oneness in zero Free

Heaven is the Soul

Peace is Heavenly

Love is Heavenly


In Peace is Forgiveness

In Origin is Laughter

Perfectly risen docility

Allowing wholeness


I do conspire

I conspire to help the world

Sunny day calms the wave

Shows the children how to play

Play with God

Only Way

Learn to appreciate


Open up to the warmth of sun

Melt the snow

Open O

Allow it to sing for you

Do it in love and it shall shine.

Put some angel in it and it works out.

To do good is simplicity.

May we be abundantly abundant.

God is abundant.

The Garden of God.

Life is the protection of God.

The rise of fall

God has experienced fall endless times for the strength and power of rise.

We all want a change, we must do something

The world is spinning, the clocks are ticking

Do what you do for Love, be happy in life

This is your right, our human right

But you know ignorance is only bliss

For the one ignoring,

Not for

the suffering

the hungering

The ones who lack nutritional needs in excess

Will to be examples.

I know that we should because we can

Africa needs a helping hand

We have excess of all things our family needs

We are one humanity

One human family

Look inside your heart and make a difference

You can and we surely can.

In unity, in conscious active unity
Well all find the answers,

And our light will shine

Shine on, shine on

Your light will shine

Earth light is shine

Let our light shine

Do the good for all for the world to let the world light shine

In light is goodness.

Peace and Love solve all resolutions.

No more war, no more conflict, the world has had enough.

Stop exploiting the poor

Stop exploiting your family

We all try to find happiness

Realize yourself in all others

Deepest as all others

In root I am you.

You are also Me.

Together we are everybody.

Find the will to do the good,

Find the will to spread the message and have it understood,

It is in goodness that we rise our rise,

It is in awareness that we flow the greatest of all tides.

The God inside is put into body to learn and grow.

Amplify your divine emotion

The recognition of perfection in All.

Become as you are so all will be as is.

United we are under the sacred skies.

The sky is Heaven, Heaven is Paradise, Paradise is Home,

Home is eternal, ours, complete, and boundless.



Desire is intention

Desire is motive

Desire is direction

Desire is destination

Desire is cause of will

Desire to fulfill the perfection that is.


Darkness is the temporary background of physicality

Material is the inversion of the spiritual

Darkness is the inversion of light

The physical universe is the inversion of the spiritual universe.


You are the central sun. universal sun.

The sun is soul

Source is Sun

Golden Central Sun

The time is Here

The new revolution

No more illusion

Only reality

Angelic dreams

Heaven clear



It just takes a step

Towards truth of inner We

Inner float on sacred sea

Oceans of light turning the dial

Counterclockwise spin of brilliance

Revealing the new pattern that distinguishes all

As one Unified Beauty

Of love

Of peace

Of perfection

Of paradise

Remind those who need to be reminded

Infinite satisfaction is coming our way

The spirit is being revealed

In experience of all reveal.

Truth is emerging from the human conscious source

Vibrations collectively unifying in whole unity of expression



Reality Manifestation

The world ego is to die.

The spiritual truth is to rise.

The world ego is dying.

To understand that the energies we project affect the entire universe.

From Love, all creation becomes. Love is the becoming.

Together, we form the bond of togetherness.

Eternal joy of loving union, as one spiritual unity, projected into reality for glory to be.

Understand the magnificence of Heaven. All is as your heart desires in Heaven, to the purest degree. Your reality is yours because you ascend to the ultimate powers of manifestation. What you wish becomes, because you are an angel of light, aspect of God universal, powerful beyond measure in root and source.

In Heaven, the spiritual mind is the model of perfection in action. The being of all being represents the essential God of all creative force, as the truth behind the reason, and the reason behind the cause.

I promise that the day will come when waves emerge, pulling us together in great succession, according to the higher order of angelic beings, connecting to us via telapthic communication. It is with us that we are, because we are the togetherness of us. Always remember the truth of divinity within, because it is in divinity, and only in divinity, that true essence is revealed. Always remember that life is an obstacle which will be accomplished, completed, and succeeded for future generations. We are here to help you, as angels of the father, sky bound beauty of grace within your soul. All can be, just ask for guidance, and know that it is there. All we need is permission, and we will enact what we are chosen to manifest in your reality. Life is beautiful beyond measure, and it is yours to hold, and yours to enjoy. Trust the path the father has paved for you, and all will be as all should be. Life is the greatest expression of love, and thought creates the images and situations in which love can express. Forgive others for the innocence of their spirit, foreign to the human condition, foreign to the constricted mind. Always is that perfection of life, and always is the bliss of eternal existence. Beautiful synchronicity of peace as the primal causation of burst star.

Energy becomes as energy is. Energy, pure, radiant, resplendant and true.

Connect to us and you will find us. Remind yourself of our connection, established before the emrgence of time. Know that all can be when you believe that it will. Everything is in your ability if you trust your intuition. Become as you are, and you will go far, into the deepest star, emerging the glory of the world.

Not always need to be as society deems it so. The world has been fallen, and it is your choice to decide it so. But though in time things do collide, waves of change and waves of tide. All can be, as all will be, because we are, as true we are.

Remember the truth and the truth will set you free. Together life becomes the emergence pure.

Tender talk of soft voices, touch the heart with feather of light, submerged into the sacred dream of highest reality.

The stars guide the conscious mind, and with the pattern orientation, all is being set into the pattern all is set to be. And when all becomes as all should be, the pattern will align, and all truth will be set free, into magnetism of pure balance, pure core of universe into pure core of mind.

From the Heart emerges the pulsations of life. From the Heart becomes the realisation of pure divinity in source. The source is divinity in infinite boundless measure.

God is the source of all existence, as the central potential of all to be.

God is pure potential.

Primal causation is pure potential

The potential of purity as absolute reality is God.

Life is as life should be. Let no one convince you that life is not according to the plan of the creator, for blasphemy has become a business.

May money never be cause of spiritual life.

Light workers help light workers. This is our call.

To help each other when help need be. This is divine responsibility.

The light worker

The love worker

The peace worker

The unity worker

No more of this blasphemy of the holy spirit. The holy spirit is not of an evil God. The holy spirit is of a divine God. Let no one tell you that you are evil, for you are the holy spirit, and the holy spirit can never be pure evil. Pure good is your God, pure natural positivity is your divine core.

Natural positivity is the aspect universal which gains energy vibration in rise of conscious actualization. Positivity is the aim of all reality, for without positivity no valid point would be made in Gods creation.

The body acts according to the bodied reality. Slavery of perception unwaranted to ultimate purity. Nevertheless, all becomes as all should, and the body will cease to be physical, for the spiritual God of internal states will emerge as the source of all state. Reality is of the mind and heart. Mind works upon thought, which is metaphysical. Heart works upon emotion, which is metaphysical. Metaphysicality is the basis of all reality, therefore should be held as the primary essence of all. Metaphysicality is spirituality, and spirituality is purity.

Become as you are, child of God, universal spirit of the good between. True time is now, and the eternal moment stretches infinite the light-beam towards and from within you in gracious hold, in gracious protection, asking for you help, and your acceptance, as a child of God, an angel in body, a spirit of pure love and pure light.

Dirtiness is an illusion. Essence is always pure. Accept the essence in all reality experienced, and all reality experienced will be essential. In the essential state of mind, purity becomes the root, and in purity all good emerges. All divinity becomes actualized, and God becomes your greatest internal companion.

Speak to God, and he will answer in intuition. Connect to deepest intuition by connectin to deepest Heart. In the deepest reality, truth emerges, and truth becomes sacred reason for all life lived.

The life of truth is the life of reality, angelic, peaceful.

Together may we become as together we are. The angels inside crave to be discovered and expressed. The experience of purity is just a step away. Drop the ego, attain the sky.

The world ego is coming to an end, and soon to come, now to come, now is.

Fable as reality. Fantasy as truth. Beautiful dreams.

Release the light so the light may release the good creation.

We all, in intuition, know that God is the creator of all reality, all experience, all life, all event, all situation, all circumstance., God is the creator of this very moment, and when attuned, the Godliness of moment emerges as the truest truth ever recognized.

Apply the truth of God, and God will apply the truth of you. The truth of you, may I remind, is angelic, is pure, is holy, and when this becomes in actuality, all to say, life is good. Life feels good. Life becomes perfection and perfection becomes life.

The words of angels admire a singing choir of heart full song.

Cathedral of crystal, emerging light of divinity. Angels of pure consciousness.

Thank you for the life you have given to me, father. Thank you for the opportunity to spread the grace you have instilled in my heart. No matter how shattered I may seem, no matter what I may sometimes do, you know that I am one in your heart, and that I do what I do for the good of what I feel is best. Mistakes, you have taught me, are reasons to grow, and this is essential. My mistakes father, I believe have led me to this point, in which I can express the word I feel is true, to the world, to the nations, to the people who need to know that they are loved with all the love of existence. I need to channel the universal so that the universal can become. I wish to become a generator of the pure light imbeded in my soul. I know my capabilities are never ending, all encompassing, pure, and true. Please help me in this night, to become what I wish to become, the truth I wish to embody, the realization I wish to endure. I love the love you hold, the love you are, the love you share to live. Together, father, nothing cannot be, because together the powers of within are actualized in divine potential. The chain of life is the chain of divination, and so to this praise, answer my prayer in peace. I praise you for your glory, and for the opportunity to be a light worker among many. Keep me humble, father, for I need to strength to be meak, to be hungry, to be sad, to be angry, to be down, and low. I need the strength to experience the downfalls of humanity as that I may appreciate the peace of the life well lived.

Thank you once again. Much love. All love.

Your Son


What happens when we have infinite money and no resources to buy?

Numbers cannot account infinity

Infinity is of zero

Infinite is for zero

Zero is the ultimate infinity

May we now find the will in ourselves, to work in harmony, as the one love which we are. A unit that surrenders to the divinity that radiates within. The trust in Gods plan for you is the trust in God himself. It is the trust in the power of each other. In the power of us, in the power of us! I know that trust builds in with the power of us!

You cant avoid destiny and you cant avoid who you are. You cant avoid the final end, and you cant avoid the timeless beginning, because these are the ways life unfolds its magic. Like a whirlwind of beauty, sinking into ponds of shining water. Like that of light, in the ocean of life. Remember sparkling signs as the source of bounty. Remember light as the source of life.


Realize perfection to actualize perfection

Visualize the endless ocean of light

Feel connected and united

Your Love is Gods Love, if only you realized.

The game of life is always won.

Nurture for suvival

Death is the opposite of pure nothingness.

Death is the process of full conscious awakening.

Conscious energy is vibrated at the highest possible degree once introduced to deepest self.

The light at the end of the tunnel is deepest self.

Through the deepest self is the deepest reality. The ultimate reality of spirit.

Found everywhere is everywhere.

Perceptions compose beliefs. Beliefs compose perceptions.

The primal perception formed the primal belief. The primal belief formed the primal perception.

A belief is a belief.

Knowledge is the certainty of belief.

A certain belief is a known belief.

Certainty is knowledge.

A certain belief is knowledge.

Certainty is known.

Certainty holds the divine qualities of knowledge.

The ultimate reality is the ultimate certainty, as the ultimate knowledge.

The source of certainty, as the source of truth.

True knowledge is eternally true.

Angel said

I tried to let my role flow into the physical world of dreams, where all becomes an emotional ride, like the places I used to hide, deep inside, where the beauty divides, into simplistic regions of originality.

I tried to become what I felt was true to heart, the truest aspect divine; expression united with all of love.

I know that it can be hard to do what the heart speaks, because the impressions human are hard. It seems that those in whom we have instilled our trust, use us to their advantage in tackling the barrier between freedom.

I love life, no matter consequence, for I know that all is for the ultimate reason of the creator. I am loved for I am a being of love, from the source of love, God.

I am a being of God


When you pray to your highest Self, you are praying to God.

We need to understand

The need of being men

Amongst a world collide

With kaleidoscope eyes

Seing from the peak

Of floating conscious sea

I need to say something real

Something that can heal

A soul who is looking

For the rhythm of within

The feelings of sensation

That hurdles to break a grin

Of smiling faces dear

Into the places that appear

Like the ups and downs and lows

Carrying me home


Loving the life we love

Is like the empty fallen skies

That left us here on this planet floating

Loving life like the forgiving of

Spiritual climb in shining skies

Colors of rapture

And blissful eyes

Tell you why

You should love to live life

Because life is beautiful

In the deepest depth of heart

As the essential root

Of eternal existence

Of one and only perfection

The right way direction

The unity of infinite diversity

Collectivity combines

Something tells me that there could be more to mine

When we walk out of the sacred door

Looking for something to say and be

Like the movement of heart in sea

Realizing all we could relieve

From the faith of the father and the faith we believe

Expressions divine

Expressions connected

In the route of healing

We find the connection

Of golden light and purple aura

Guidance of the guides

Finding the beauty we know in reveal

Expressions of the source manifested real

Climbing angels upon sacred ladders

Of no rungs at all and all thing in laughter

Elation completion of new steps attained

In finitude of infinity and infinity contained

By eyes and conceptions

Through what we believe

As humans confused

Forgetting to just relieve

Angels adore us with all that they are

From the symptom of human life

That is the hurt of fall

We must rise up willing

To move our selves clear

The heart cannot be broken to the purest extreme

For the heart is the source of everything and is unchangeable

The eternal existence is the root existence and the foundational existence

Because it has the fabric of mind

Because it has the fabric of heart

Because it has the fabric of peace

Together in release

Together we cease

To fight for our survival

And live for our survival

Angels appear in many colors

Vibrant colds

And hues of peace

Something inside that we can release

A beauty so beautiful

So rare to be seen

Inside of this dream

The God that I see

In form that is to great

To even understand

That God really does experience

What all experiences do

And God is in the bliss of all Heaven

But God is in the bliss of also pain

That he experiences

For us

Is worth the sacrifice

The undertaking to reveal the father

The greatest sacrifice of all things known

To be in love to such a degree

This is the being of all that I feel

The perfect existence

As that we may grow

Looking deeper still

Into states that we know

Always in the pure between

The changes we observe from the places seen

Like pure manifestations of the vision of love

Like a fountain of golden light

Singing song about your spirit

As the highest of the high

And to the glory of height

Always a motivation

To become in deeper good

In deeper well being

In deeper perfection

With always help to share

And depth to care

Walking there in air

There is an energy I find

A peace inside my rise

Telling me to do the good

Telling me the understood

As children placed in joy

We have the way to live the good life

By releasing what we wish to release

Trying the good

Attempting the soul

As every living control

For the state of being ideal

Something when I get there

Truth revealed when I come through

Growing up in reality

Approaching the approach

We are in those days

We are in the peak

We are in the essence completed

And revealed in the simple harmony

This needs to be understood

Above all

Love God with all of your will

Do this consciously

Do this in effort

Love God

For when you express your love towards God

It pours down over all of humanity

The Love of God is actualized in human life by our individual realizations of his Love

And our efforts to release this love into the sky, attaining the spirit of men, beyond physical effort.

We must know to share the infinite light of the within at all times with the purity of craving good.

Always in our dream is revealed the state of Heaven. As the fluid motion of endless reveal, of the greatest sights and harmonies, singing tunes and dancing to them.

We lift into higher dimensions by the revelations sent down from Heaven, by the angels we know to trust, as aspects of ourselves, in highest vibration, communicating the great message.

It must be done as humans with blessed authority

The man at the apex yields his family upwards

It is his responsibility

His duty

His cause

Always in the begin we find the true friend

The self which you always hold

The ego of spirit and the God of possibilty

Helping you up

The queen with all the crowns

The mother of all

The presence of all

Combined in a joy

Expressed in peace

Like truth revealed

Into the message above

The message comes from the deepest self

From the deepest intuition revealing the truths

Necessary for the growth of the human spirit

To attain the depth of realization in purity

And find the simple solution in unity

Counsel of elders

Revealing themselves

In order of appearance

On earth as the primal guides

Helping us emerge

As a beautiful radiant specie

It is all right to remember

The depth of the beginning times

Beautiful structure and technology

Angelic creativity applied from eons of study

For all of Earth was created by the universal intelligence

From help of the angels

From help of the architects

Of the greatest reality every known

The transformation of perfection within universal source is found in the attachement

Manifestation is possible In the power of God and the power of our connective relationship

With God

Be aware of your connection to develop your relationship

Paradise is actualized through the passions of good happiness, in the climb of perfection for the purity essential. The heart of impulse vibrates, the essence which we know, as the full Divine appeal.

Following the heart is following intuition


I am enfused in the material world

Seeking a sign from the inner me

Looking to be a part of true God

Looking for something beyond concrete and plastic

Because I feel engulfed some times

Wishing unity in transcendent elevation

Becoming one with the becoming

Wave of perfection attuned

Towards all who try to care

And open their hearts

To the source of creation

Of gentle love everlasting

Always in serenity

Always in peace

Always in divinity

Always in us

Become as you are so we

Become the spirit of between

Aligned in soul merging life

Through circumstance of known avail

Like joy and peace in root of fate

Taking over pride as all reason

For all the situations

Of all the lives

We have ever lived

Becomes in the cosmic journey

The journey of living life

As something more to hold

As something true to be

Always in the presence

Always in the flow

Trying to be and being

Praising the perfection

Of the divinity of pure me

As the same as pure we

The center of balance

Always in between

Of weight and force and action

For moment of thought in action

The commentary of enlightenment

Is the beautiful vision

Of all reality

As pure as the greatest moment

Of all eternity

Expressed in multiplicity

As the bounty of one

Through all the days

Of endless nows and strongest flows

Heights we strive to reach the foundation

Of all reality as the climb serene

Bound to happen to all

For God is beautiful

And God is Love

In time we find the bounty

Of all reality above

As the source of happiness and peace

In all the joys of our days

And yet again through the hard

We know to trust our plan

For God is the hand

Behind within through

All situation

Completely I trust our souls to love

For love is the product of purest expresion

And knowlingly so that purity is source

And root of all existence

And being of all life

The sound of consciousness revealed in form

The symbol in circle revealing tall

The scripture of signed appeal

In love that heals

Even the most broken heart

For in the most broken heart

Is the purest and most opened heart

Ready to accept all that is given

For we have realized

That God, and God alone

Is the source of our own

Need not worry of what has happened

For all happens as all will be

In strength we know to stride the way

In peace in slide in strength of day

Always I know and always I will

The strength of the heart

When glory amaze

To be in the perfection

Of light emerge on white

Background filled in writing

Scribes of old and new

The way of the messenger is real

As the source of all true beauty

In peace and in centerdness

Happiness is expressed

As the spirit within

Despite circumstance

Despite annoyance

All the time

To know to be beyond circumstance

Is to know to be as angel of God

For angels of God are as their hearts are

Expressed in the pure arc

Of radiant song of positive harmony

Guiding us into dances of life

Singing songs of praise and glory

To all of the people

To all of the animals

To all of the plants

To all of the minerals

To all of the planets

To all of the stars

To all of the super novas

To all the black holes

To all the wholes

To all the perfections

To all the emanations

Of our source Divine

Knowing life as the message of above

I know to feel like an angel

Loving life for is my dreaming

Into the love I have to give

Telling me why we should

Not be there for each other

Makes no sense at all

For we are together

We are one in the all of the all

Telling me home

Is just the reason

That all the dreams I knew could yet

And though it may sound

Like the view

Of endless time of endless rhyme

A new landscaped emerged

For mother Earth to be

I found it become

I found it again

The strength of the living

The strength of the living

For all to become

As all in the pure

The essence divine shines

The light of the pure

Always in love

Always in peace

The world can become as

The world is released

Together we can

For together we are

In heaven is heaven

In heaven is tall

I know we are

The revolution

The ones that were

From ancient prophecy

To guide us to be

In all of their ways

Bright and dark hailed even

For root Is all the same

In the name of God

In the name of advancement

All that is done is done in love

Wether we realize our hearts or not

The plan of our lives is planned out to be

As we have experienced the glory of be

And in this experience we grow and become

Brighter angels and spirits above

One with all living

One with all

One in all

One of All


To be is to become as we are

As we are

Always in our lives as we are

As we are

Together upon cycles as we are

As we are

Moderation of everything

Is essential for balance

Though know that in perception

Is many expressions of balance

For even the greatest imbalance

Carries the greatest cause

And the greatest motive

Subconscious effect

Of divinity within

Life is the great gift eternal

Recreating its own discovery

As the cause of sacred union

Expressed in Gods holy mind

The essence of glory and spiritual pride

Is of the hiarchy of Heaven from effort of try

Perfectly fair and based on will

For when we wish in good and do

All becomes

Let us help each other and contemplate our situation

From above city and state

Into country and region

Into the internation border

From the look of the sky

We are one race

And our coorperation is essential for longevity

For in the use of enemy is the effort of war

And un necessary pain is inflicted upon those

Who innocently are trapped

In a maze of patterns created

Concerning money and numbers

Resources of pleasure

Family health And life

And standardized truth systems too

For in my wildest dreams

I have found the control

Over the beliefs of the heart

Of children of innocence

Being threatened of deamons

How sad has our desperation become

To lie so profusely

About a reality we created

For ourselves

For those who do not believe

Do not believe

And do not activate

The power of negative thought

Which in its own right

Has controlled the world

From those who believe in evil

As the ignorance of harm

To be so to shine to higher degree

Always an improvement to the ultimate extent

Allowing truth to be the greatness

Of all positive state of mind

And all peaceful moment

For knowingly enough

In the physical

Could always be worst

Trust this assertion

As the luck of the moment

For opportunity is presented

As the way to rise

And the way to heighten reach

Of collective consciousness

On Earth

And beyond

The meditative pose

Of beautiful woman

Looking in heart heart

For the gentle grace

Of pure satisfaction

In the state of being

Happy in between

With all let go

And all in flow




The meditative pose

Of beautiful man

Looking in his mind

For the pull of liberty

Of pure satisfaction

In the state of being

Great above

With all let go

And all in flow






Of salvation

Always the recollection

Of new found home

As the new found dimension

Hiding all along in our soul

As the realest thing on earth

We love you

We love each other

We can be greater men and women

We can be greater caretakers of the garden of eden

We can be better lovers

And harder working peace makers

And dream weavers

Of peace and calm

In unity of global economy

And global access


Allocation of resources

Divided equally

Clean out the sick in coorperation

Find ways, like entertainment for free

To help entice others to work for the benefit of others

Do things with your heart

And think outside of the now

For the now is obviously not pulling up

Because our methods are poluting down

Its not cool anymore

Its actually getting hot

Open your eyes gracefully

Be angel as you are

Do not panick for all is the plan of God

Remain steady and firm

Always hold the sacred reaffirmation

And always smile
Because that is the real sign of "Christianity"

For the Christians are the followers of Christ

The holy spirit within

All beings

All divinity


No matter what




God is everything

God is love

Love is everything

God is everything

God is peace

Peace is everything

God is divinity

Everything is divinity

God is truth

Everything is truth

God is good

Everything is good

Everything is God. Simple.

To do good, awaken soul, and help man become his Self

Think from your heart. Feel with your mind.

I have arrived into the purpose of my life

The angels are within


Love, the ultimate reason for being

Life, the highest reason for believing

Everything, in perfection we receive

The gifts of Father, upon ground of creation

Through the days of struggle,

Remember to surrender the flow,

The wave divine of life,

Within your spirit in grace,

As pure as purest vibration,

Radiating a vibrant glow,

The life you live to be,

The pursuit of all as free.

Do what is right, always,

For in honor is the greatest passing,

The greatest wish,

The greatest story,

The greatest reward.

The future unfolding the present,

The cycle manifested,

Situation complete.

Remember to be as your soul tells you so

The beginning of life will render your soul

A jewel in color, full of life,

Complete in spiritual bond,

Unity in God.


Complete is our freedom,

To expand our awareness,

The highest heights are possible,

Releasing your burdens and floating space,

As weightless spirits do,

In act of will to be,

Perfectly and purely

Completely in Love.

The instinct becomes,

Our way in this day,

So that we may,

Do well in sway.

The flow of wave,

Tells us the tale,

Of secrets revealed,

The value we heal.

All together, no more me,

The We has become,

The strength for us to be.

To be as to see so to release the shine of light

In all reality is the spiritual expression of life

Activated in moment, as perfection in between

The middle path of greatness,

As the path to all paths.

There is one single way,

Expressed infinitely,

In sincere experiential variety,

So to be so to know.


Angels in sky,

Remember our act,

Creating mother Earth,

From collaborative will,

As one will of God,

As infinite choice of angels,

Together into unity,

Together in each other,

Together for the cause,

The cause enabled,


Always will be as truth becomes

Sincere in the sea of lakes and blue skies

Together will be as together we see

The greatness of sky, the spiritual retire

Desire to be so to elevate

The most beautiful perfections

Created by your sacred imagination

Boundless capability

Higher than highest degree

In Heaven are no numbers,

For degree is everything.

As light shining brighter,


Closer to the collective experience of God

There is no true mystery in divine revalation,

Let the Heart speak and it will say all.

Remember to cultivate,

Like a graden and seed,

To grow the good crop,

With good fruits to enjoy

And even the weeds,

Do contain life,

And feed as we do,

And breath as we do,

So be respectful,

And act in true grace.

All can be said

Because all is said

All is as All

Concentrate awareness

Concentrate is power

All is of brightness,

The brightness is sweet,

As beauty of Heaven,

Gorgeous vibes of colors

Colors of Heaven

Beyond what we can

Even start to imagine

The Heavenly splendid

The type of beautiful that you could only attribute to God

And the perfection of his intelligence

The perfection of his will

To imagine that he could

Create something so pure

So loving, so peaceful,

So full of grace and bliss






Through the angels, God lives.

Through God, the angels live.


Help the World

Help our World

Help your World


Help the animals

For they suffer too

And help, children.

The animals take the blunt end of our selfishness

Women for the ages

The angels represented

True to the heart

Close to the soul

Raise us in love

Nurture the Earth

We are your children

Beautiful expressions

Of infinite compassion

Above all equal

United in grace

May justice rise the fate of balance

The experience of pure life

The experience of pure spirit,

Pure awakening,

Pure divinity,

Pure essence,

Pure truth.

The reality of Life is in the power of God




Love is Everything


Abundant Love, for all to be,

Look inside, for all to see,

I know when, we all will be,

Ready, to go back Home.

By Conscious Life Energy

Spirit is the vehicle of positivity

Through the physical emergent reality

Knowing real what is rooted within

The source of light, of good, of beauty

Together we are the universal,

Transcendental awareness of all into bliss

As the ultimate reality reveals itself

And we find each other in true Heaven

Of our own serene making

The paradise of the world is in our heart

Cultivate and open, to regenerate the energy of love

Through love all was created, through love all is


Become you, child of God,

Spirit universal

Transcendent mind of universal dimensions

The song of june wakes up the early moon

Telling softly the tune of all I have attuned

I know it real when I feel in heart

The deepest truth of Life

Intuition was the beginning

Walking blinded on roads of cause exists
Trying to forget what I dont know

In truth I persist

To make a difference in this world,

To help those who need to rise,

This is what I crave

Together we are free, in the blessed serenity

Allowing life to be,

Allowing flow to feel,

Like a wheel of wave in time,

Immersed into the divine.

I am as you are

Together we bliss in divinity

Angels of the skies

Leap into reality

It is in your soul

It is your soul

Attain the sky inside, now

In the moment eternal

All is revealed.

Release yourself into the eternal selfless reality

Of all as all

Of all as one.

We cannot avoid Love

Life is God




All is in perfection

All truth in liberation

Life trust is tool


Heart is deepest tool

May you experience the unconditional Love of All, of God, always

The universal is found everywhere

The essential is the foundation of everywhere

The foundation of everything is found everywhere

As the universal foundation of reality

Reality is always Real

Life is the force of creativity

The force of awareness

The living energy of life is God

Your deepest essence is divine essence


From everything in life

Love is between

One world of peace

World of One God

Just wait,

For patience yields Love

You know the truth of Heaven

I love therefore I am

I am therefore I love

I love because I am

I am because I love

Flip the page,

This is the New Age,

Hear news to be,

Truth to receive,

Open heart mind wide to coincide,

Beautiful rendition of sacred tide,

Something real, Something loving,

Something healed

Spiritual seal.


I am beyond observer,

For I am the power of observance.

The one verse of flow as the uni-verse

As one Soul, one Source.

Creative power of mind

Emotional power of heart

Power of powerful observance

The observance of spiritual power yields endless force

You are part of the new emergence. You are chosen.

What is left for the world to do, to say, to believe?

Open up inside to let inside emerge

Let the light of purity shine

Just be and you will

Angels of the sky, come into my life

Render me in song of holy word

From Sacred Contract,

Allow my freedom,

Allow my deliverance,

Allow my realization,

My actualization,

My devotion,

My trust

Moments are perfect, as the creation of the perfect creator.

Love as the perfect lesson for the perfect reason.

Love as the perfect expression of the perfect plan.

Love as the perfect perfection of the purest purity,

Beyond purity,

Transcendental purity of Holy Spirit.

All essence, forever, one.

Soul to love

Soul to help

Soul to heal

Because together the dream of togetherness is fulfilled

The sign comes for us to light the flame

The beginning of the game

Continued by flow of course concrete

Revealing our source as the source discreet

Emerging the truth in ways unknown

Fully known in the deepest Self

Always as the deepest Self the soul becomes

Listening to the greatest height

Shines down the light of intuition

The sun as the guiding post

Floating around the world

World floating around it

Always in rotation




By deepest heart

By strongest emotion

Always a reality in the sacred serenity m

Of cellestial harmony

Remember how to burst the central thirst

Down the soul of man is the channel

Waiting to be fueled with the greatness

The foundation of consciousness

As the states we have known

As the appetites of movement

Through screens of play

And games of fate

Fooling days


The unexpected surprise

Of glory Home


The road of inifinite directions

Reminds us to be as flow of wave

Enters the scene with full array

Of light in day through sacred cycle

…Sacred space…

Together we are as together we will

For in the deepest recognition is the greatest rise

Origination of the soul

One in this game

May all agree in peace

For our family is one

No matter faith race or creed

Expression and habit

We must anknowledge innocence

And mutual respect for all

Created by God

For real and true reason

To help ascend the highest

In fate and destiny

This is time for us

To raise up the revolution

Everyone from intuition

Rising high through the sky

Knowing truth from depth desired

Always in and always from

Know it here and know it done

You were the first to deny me

Carrying the shroud of negativity

May your soul come to be


For all of us to see

And you inside believe

That honest effort given

With angel for angel

Within the within

Yields endless gift

In sky I see

The shine of lights

Calling my name

In mystical travel

Through raining bliss

All around me

The perfections of paradise

Is all I feel

Like a gift of Nirvana

From the effort of Love

To will to crave God

With all that I am

Always express

The truth of the spirit

The well of soul

Is deepened at ends

Of endless betweens

And highest amends

To understand reason

As help from source

To merge with the rising

As one and as force

Applied towards freedom

And chains broken hence

The will of compassion

Of grace and of chance

The reason of intuition

The reason of heart

Always in the coming

Always in the start

Of all as all become

Of all as all are

The eternal reality

Emerging through time

As the destiny awaited

By the prophets of old

And now more than ever

The prophecy comes

To remind us of greatness

And of perfection ahead

Like the cloud of shining ether

Around our head


Loving my brothers

From the same golden family

Nothing can escape our bonds

From the highest destiny

By the beautiful ceremony

All angels around the Earth

Are held hand in hand

Awaiting the revealing

Of Paradise as emergence

Before our passing

From Gods Holiest guidance

Wait for it and it will be

Eternal life as we wished in dream

Fulfilled by the grace eternal

Relieved by the release of angels

Know it to be as it is

All will be as it is

Distractions can only help you

Direct towards the necessary

The true and the pure

For in no circumstance

Is the trust in plan not active

For the trust is unconditional

That which we share with God

In deepest heart of deepest source

From the heart of turqouise covered waters

We find the waves floating in our direction

Asking for the revelation

To elevate the tide

We know that it is necessary

For all to be as all is

He coincides

The sun and the revelations

As the pulsation of the light on Earth

In metaphore

In reality

Our deepest will emerge

And She will emerge magnificently in display

Of power and strength

In renovation and restoration

In cleansing and,


Become as the knowledge

And the knowledge will emerge into your soul

As the guiding compass of your dreams

And the dreams of your seam

As the guidance from within

From the source that knows you from the time

You were born onto this Earth

And took your first breath

And loved your first love

The same soul

Beautiful soul

The song of the wind makes me wave into the sky

Hands taken in pride

By the strength to bind my hopes

Into my dreams and into my realities

As the emergence of the deepest wish

From the thought of positivity

Aligned in my reality

Because I know that in thought

Everything becomes

And I know that in thought

All can be

I am positive

Because positivity is me

I am love

Because loving light is me

I am peace

Because peacefully I believe

That all can be achieved

In unity and honor

In honor we find

The strength of the man

To overcome his obstacle

And become his miracle

Just by the being

Of his inner belief

Risen from the realm beneath

Into the reality above

By the strength of prayer

To God of deepest

To emerge the vibrations so high

So transcendental

To make miracles happen

Manifestations happen

Love action

Listen to the silence

It sings the most beautiful song

Uncorrupted by creativity

Only here through relativity


The reason of you and me

To walk the path forward

Aiming for the moment

In the art of living well

Through the patience to sustain

And the wisdom to maintain

The honor of a living man

On a blue green planet

Because it is now that we see

The emergence is inside of we

As the freedom to retire

The will to desire

Because it is in glory that we grow

It is in glory we maintain

To be the height we wish to be

To sing the song we wish to sing

And even when the times get rough

We must know glide through the tough

Like on a feather guiding breaze

Onto the air caring in ease

I know to say that all could be

But in my dream I saw the free

Become enslaved by their decree

Of following physical dream

I tried to stop I tried exclaim

But no one listened and all reclaimed

The pride to be as they would be

And now I find that it could be

The way of truth the way of free

When all follow in serenity

To be united with all of life

Angels above and being light

Helping us grow and help us rise

To deepest depth

To highest high

The strength is not so hard to find

It is easy when we let go in time

Fallen into the place of dreams

Where serenity emerges in between

The core of self as core of love

And core of emotion as core above

Where all becomes the sense of truth

And all becomes the sense of youth
To play and joy on Edens Garden

To smile and run in freedoms reign

But now we find ourselves in situations

That we might forego into revelations

Of good as all and love as forever

The divinity within and the beautiful flower

Emerged from the heart of every living soul

Protecting our planet and protecting through control

The happiness of living and the nurturing of pride

To help us now to help us here

To help us on this ride

For through the journey time is great

When open eyed and when in bait

To catch the good and catch the light

To share the spirit with all of might

For good can be as can is sent

From deepest heart and true intent

So come with us and we will go

To the highest high to the greatest glow

This is your time to join the rise

It is your rise that helps us rise

And in your eyes the white flame tries

To elevate the pointing signs

So all can see the road ahead

In lights of candles and lamps instead

Guiding me into my head

Loving life for the essential thread

Living life as life should be lived

Not just another game

The way we are

In the deepest purest heart

The true and the sure

The spirits of being

The lights of above

The stars that shine

The love flowed on

I know to understand that it is all a part of my understanding.

The world is in my mind and my mind is in my word.

Together we have found the capability to enhance the motives by which we pursue the results of global enlightenment.

Together we have found the beginning of the journey, and together we have found the beginning of the end.

The new arrival.

In new balance of sequence of new code sub function

The human being relflects

The deepest part of him self

Life is about becoming

Because without becoming nothing is

Always do as your heart chooses

For the desires eternal are always there

To bring you Here into the place

Of dreams of lands of nearest place

Where all can be into freedom

As all could be and often does

So pleased we became

The empty vessel full of flame

With gold of white and rubi reds

Sparkling the reality of angelic succession

Emanating the hues of living imagination

True recognition of all there is to believe

Life particles combine to create the symphony

When all becomes a pattern of flow

Like cascades of visions and sounds

Loving the love that we exclaim to have been

Yet still are in deepest root because this love is



Almost untouchable


It is the ability to be

Love is the key

To all our answers

To all our endeavors

For the strength to be alive

And the strength to flow the tide

Into the highest all

And to the deepest tall

Like me you and many dreamers

Calling out to the great healers
"come down and help us"

"we need your love, we need your claim"

- They went away in peace and found themselves in mystery

Like a lamb sent on a bridge to know that water is the way

To swim down to the other shores

And live to love the empty cores

That fill themselves with what we need

To be to the seed and to succeed

Always be aware of the glories of within

For the angel seeks his knowledge

And justice has come and is coming in

Always know the happening

For within is found

What we know to seek

Deeper into the sea

To unveil the source of all

The endless ocean of the love

We crave to fee,l we crave to be

We are, realize

And we feel, realize

When we open up our ties

And channel in the lights

To allow us becoming

As everything we are one

And in this love and bliss

All will come to this

Like the show of flow

Begining of growth

Take it easy

Life is as it goes

Take it easy

The flow is how it flows

And its breazy

When all becomes all right

And its easy

Because all is of light

We have made this beautiful

we have made this true

From the depths of

Endless renew

The place I must ride

Across the wave

Of my mind

I know that I am fine

Tell me again why you dont know yet

The beauty we live at sun rising

Even the pain and the hard and the struggle

Remind me to appreciate the goodness

In goodness all is right

All is goodness

In the peace of mind

Look between the moment

Find the silent rhythm

Let us bring this back to originality


To originality

This is the natural root that we are forming

I find the reality of me in you as we

Coming together let us shine

May we know ours

As the beginning of time

By the sacred role

Realize yourself in all other

Come to be and all will be as are

All is life

All is reality serene

Live in Love and love Union

Become the Revolution

You know that the past is done for beginnings

This is the time we emerge

So let us be free

Release release

I know that we can be as we should be

In love


In peace too we can find the resolution

Sacred climb to the highest peak we have ever known

To be illumination of beings of light all around us singing

Oooooooooh ooooooooooh oooooh

The beings of light as they are want us to be

As the feelings of love inside want us to be

Loving life for the life that we are offered

The dreams we dream and all the seemingly helpless fools

Awaken your soul

Awaken your soul

Awaken your desires

To get in control

And follow the toles of life

Wherever they go

You do not need money here

All you need is flow

So flow and let the flow flow as flow flows down the stream

And love the love we love to love for love is the seam

To be as we are


We are the revolution

The dark void is of a clear brilliance

The light is everywhere as everything

Release into yourself what you wish yourself to be

Love life as the infinite between of all perception

Limited by nothing

Tanscendent life

Aspirations to relieve

Thank you every thing


The new-wave function activates the union of soul completely

The tidal flow is the rise of what true wishes would be

And Here is All that knows of sight that we clearly can see

The reality of pure bliss divine floating consciously

Infused timeless boundless existence

The All Dimension as one permanence

Expressed in the depth of the Heart and Awareness

Feelings such a purity as the soul of oneness


Immersion complete

The cycle repeats

The drum beat drums away

The sound of day

Like the fortunes of the wind

Breezing Life

Thank you for the course of light

Clear so bright

Within Life is all of Love

Felt inside

Deepest of the truth divine

State of Mind

I am not blind anymore

I adore
All thats truth is eternal


Working in harmony with God

Allowing the moment peace with your neighbor

In a different body that looks unique

And manners that are of the brain structure sequence activation

Still life

Still conscious awareness

Same destiny

Same purpose

Same holy spirit

Holy life

I loved you from the first time we both looked at each other

I am not heart broken because I know that we are free

In the moment shared of liberty

Together we are so together we will be

Forever in the complete elevation

Live it up to them to make it right

For all will be proud in this dreaming

Loving life for love is completely

The freedom that our egos hide

Feeling like the deepest tide

Walking away and finding a way

To find the light shining upon the bay

Inner ocean full of pride

Where must I go to let you know

How much I have inside our glow

All is completely



Risen in deep love


Everything is done

In one instant

In one breath

One cycle

One focus

One way to become as the soul will become

Eternity of liberty inside the body

Light shining fast to let us all know its right

To be the light of golden bright

I love it when through darkest night

We emerge with the strength for good

Spread the good

Angel of God united in perfection

My heart will have been expressed

In the perfections of unity

During my own growth as a soul

Emerged in time span

Flowing truth within

India are you calling me too?

Have our dreams led us to this point

In which our bliss becomes the amazement point

Truth of the story told

The new and the old

Beautiful dreamers

Beautiful healers

Helping us become

Helping us as one

Coming to the higher elevation

The new recognition

The life there is to live

Transcending the bothersome displeasure

Attaining the pure state of within


Within the ability

Of our hearts to coexist

Loving the beginning



Light represents infinite possibility

Light is the true basis of our lives

The truth is of light

To be as we are meant to be


All will be

Concentration in the middle

The cause of the effect

Helping Me do

All I do

In the night of pain and frustration

The soul wants positivity

This need of positivity is always in our hearts

This need of good is crucial

Always and forever

Aiming for love

Wanting a happy peace

With perfection and bliss

And whole emotion

Pure in being

I trust the times of pretty sky

Colors coming together

Into one image

One expression


Everything experienced illuminated

You already are

Everything experienced illuminated

You have always been


Is pure memory made real

From the belief in each other

As the collective source of light

Giving bright golden awareness

Actively everywhere

Living through everything

Flowing through you

As you and for you

By you and with you



Illuminated means

To be consciously angel

Actualizing the divine contract

Feeling the inner child

Expressing the inner truth

Of peace of love of trust

Of the unity of the light of now

Illuminated means being conscious

Awakened to the highest degree

As all degree

In a pure degree

Of no degree

Just feeling

Just sound

Just sight

Awareness comes

From timeless existence

Releasing the beauty of the unseen

Between the between



lighted dreams


How would it be for you to walk away

From the greatest time of your life

Looking to be something

Higher than your Self

Trying to remind the world

Of our simple Love

How would you walk the road

Blind folded and illusioned

Balancing the step

Into the world confusion

You did know

The blind folds would come off


The illusion would be realized


And the confusion would be cleared


So how did you handle the situation?

Did you get to your destiny?

Did you smile eternally?

Was it so beautiful?

That beautiful?

Perfectly beautiful?

Was it the beauty of perfection

In which everything became

As everything is

In the state of grace pervading all corners

Of all sides and all angles

Forever into the Unit of One?

Life experiences

Prove the intense motions

Through our empty cravings

Fulfilled in solid motive

Everyone belongs to One

Sharing the bliss fluidity

Wave pattern

Universal flow

Arms of love opened for hearts

Hearts of million golden rays

Shining the reach of our belonging

Walk into the waterway of life

Knowing to get soaked

And drenched in the feeling

Of splashing pressure

Reminding escape

Of deeper swimming

On endless oceans

I wish to see

Everyone holding each other

Hand in hand

Working together for the greater man

Higher elevation for the endless end

How can words express

The ways of the caress

My soul has encountered

Knowing you

A part of existence

On the same planet

Of such infinite universe

How incredible

The flow of this dream

How a miracle

Unveiled this dream

For us to realize

The most beautiful eyes

For us to actualize

On glorious Gaia

Sharing her profoundly

Together can

And we must know it so

Always remembering

the lifted up love


I wish I could tell you everything anyone could ever say and truly mean about life

I wish you would smile every second you lived on earth

Showing your heart in the deepest compassion

Helping the world in success

Helping everyone




I am I



And before you know it

Life becomes exactly as you hoped

The miracle of belief

In the most beautiful world

Splendid colors in animation

Touching the heart of every living being

With the softest wind of happiness

Letting all be known as the perfection

The being of God alive




And I pormise you that just like that

Everything will be

Once realized as all in your force

Of you is everything because you are everything

And your everythingness is the most beautiful that exists

Higher than the highest mountain

Transcendental purity

Overwhelming positivity

Of the greatest peace

And softness

And grace

You could ever imagine

In the world of perfection

All is as all is meant to be

For your heart always aims

Towards the whole

The collective flow

The universal dance

Taking you by the hand



Higher translation of a deeper wisdom

Helping us become each other

Yet again…


On the sand

Of a sunny day

Oceans all round me

You by my side

Walking swimming

On beautiful scenes

Flying across the world

Weightless spiritual journey

To egypt and peru and the amazon too

True feeling of our possibilities


I need for us to be


Into the center

Of our lives

Feeling the feeling

Pure inside

Ask a question to the highest self

Listen to the voice you speak

The way you reach

The deepest reach

Touches the soul

Allows you the recognition

The embrace of compassion

With you and us

Surrounding the beautiful core

So gentle and fragile

Fully capable beyond strength

Traveling on the ground now

Waiting on a floating spirit

Drifting into higher planes

Sound of our bliss

Singing transcendence

Angelic choir of complete harmony

Throughout the perfection

Life grows on the tree

And the tree grows on life


Let come

Modern look into the ancient vision

What is of this love in my recognition

The right and the pure is the allure

When all becomes as is in the rhythm

Pulsating beat of the soul

Good deals playing on the healing wound

Knowing the birth of manifest glory

Infinite potential of our moment

Countless now through what we are

Walking on fire for the freedom to be

Elevated the liberty of my necessity

Always you and always me

Always truth and always peace

Existence comes of you

Gives you to you

Wait and let come


What is beyond me is the Me of beyond

Listening to the void of emotions

Telling me my name

My mission and my choice

My voice

Completed in a word

Like Love

And peace

But what does it mean in a realistic view

Something between me and you

Control of the connected each other

In the sacred ether, everywhere

Shining air



God is the emergence of time in the spaceless corridors of assimilated evolution.

Evolution is the fountain head, the building block of sentient being.

Fabricated reality of spaces known, to be is to be the light.

Forever we are in the cycle of life and rebirth and pure immersion, so long we transcend.

The attainment in the physical yields the attainment in the spiritual.

The leap is of one, of zero, of all you could do if you were the truest you, and you are,

The child within, the inner innocence that elaves the angelic being inhabiting our hearts.

Together the collective star radiates the white flame of good, reminding us of the confidence necessary as a way toward our peaceful fate.

Concentration on the between of the mind projects the basic transcendental.

Letting go so to know where one is going

Opening the avenues by which to instigate liberty.

Liberty in the expressions of mankind, towards the goal of self transcendence and egolesness. The selfless desire of full manifestation, full divination, in the name of spiritual origination.

Together is the grid combined.

In the angle of perfection

You can only find what you are

Spirit of God

Child of the angels

Heavenly dream

Waking you up

Just reminding you


God is Purity

Essence fundamental

Allowing us to feel so

In our hearts

Live forever

The one taste

Tastes better

If you could see eternity,

Would it shine?

If you could love Love,

Would more love exist?

If you searched for peace in peace,

Would you finally be peaceful?

How is a ray of sun shine?

How does it feel?

Pure bliss of pure love?

Pure peace of pure knowing

Summer rains the sun shine

Autumn rains the reminder

Of all to fall

Yet to be built again

We will always keep the value of our shadow

Become your deepest friend

Find your deepest self

Lover angel of peace

Revolutionary of consciousness

To revolve consciousness

Ascend awareness

Elevate the brightness

Of the inner world

So the outer world

May once again

Fully be

Rise the sinking

Into you


Infinite face of one spirit

One legitimate exclaim

One blaim of one cause

Primordial sentience exclaimed into infinity

A part of the whole connected and free

With effort comes the ability of completion

The satisfaction of a work well done

For the profit of the spirit

The lover internal

The peaceful soul


The worship of Love


Center of creation

Taken when we come

Rush of serenity everywhere

Light of actualization

Perfection of the internal creation

Sincere motivation to keep up

Keep stronger endless drop

Always knowing when to stop

Rising up the top

To be Self

Full of the giving that never ends

The flow of the Self into the world of bliss

Invisible world

The endless remain of what seems to be ages

So longer it reigns as the top of our urge

To be so we can to be for we live to smile

Some words to be spoken yet unsaid

Could the days be left to the expressions

All that is of this soul remains unspoken

Yet spoken so often

Yet not

It must seem


Yet awakened

… the state of knowing

So wise could it be to let go into the world

And to become as the lamb of your own discipline

Recognized as the faith of what we have established

To be what we can be

To be what we are



Yet angels of the high top

Wish to speak us tales

Of never ending grace

And true hearts compassion

Wishing us know peace in ourselves

To have lived through the day

Of beauty and serenity

For in the blessings we lay

And from the blessings we give

Oh Heavenly Father, thank you for the bread


Dancing with my reflection

Looking into the eye

Of that which is in me

Expressed to be

Newly revealed

Everything comes up from the beauty that is

You are divine because you are alive

Life is divinity

From the essence that is God

The state of full conscious being

Rising deeper than depth



I am

I am I

The two pillars of our faith

I am I

You are and you will be

Forever is the beauty that you have made for your self in the paradise of your heart

Be truthful

This is all you need to do

Be truth full

Become the truth that you are

The love that emanates purity

The peace that radiates clarity

The news once it has come

To tell you its all right

In the Beginning, there was no beginning. In the end all was endless. And in between this eternity stood Law, which transcends all notions of separation and distinction. Above and beyond as within and below, all similarities stood still, sitting in the abiss of creation. All colors of one image and all sound of one song, sung the visualization of primal sensation, and Love was made whole, from a completeness which is always.

The beginning is always being recreated as the motions of Love become more intense. The power of human sustainability is enabled by our acceptance of a constant renewal which permeates our world and is permeated by the astral realm of Light. Here in the betweeness of reality is where true joy is met with sincere optimism, to look forward, raising the moment, to be still, revolving the moment.

Positivity is the greatest asset in any situation. In transcendence we find the essence of all reality, the being of all life, the truth behind the reason. Following the inner guide, the deepest intuition, we are guided through and in Heart, with peace and compassion.

The motive transforms the result

The essential motive

The essential motive is the essential instinct.

The essential instinct is the spiritual instinct.

The spiritual instinct is Love.

The motive of spiritual Love moves and flows all existence.

One must first be hidden as that one may be revealed.

The truth must first be hidden so that the Truth may be revealed.

The truth must be forgotten so the truth can be remembered.

One must first believe he has lost to know that he has won.

One must first have fallen down to know to climb and get back up.

Without the fall there is no climb. Without the climb there is no gain. Without the gain there is no reason. Without the reason there is no lesson. Without the lesson there is no point. Without the point there is nothing left to say.

The fall and the climb are one in their functions, in their reasons, in their flow, in their sacred motives of highest perfection.

The giving fruit in slow exhale, turning rivers into ponds, and ponds into rivers.

Endless flow of the within. All of life in singing harmony. Joys of perfection and all prevail. The truth made known, in soul, in heart.

The deepest being in the highest, transcendental awareness of perfection, in divine extreme, yields the state infinite, as spiritual potential manifested in time.

All coexists, connected in energy fields, grid patterns of endless revolve, cycling the flow of experience into synchronistic coordination.

All exists in balance, in source, in between.

The root reality expresses itself from the between of all experience.

Loving Love,

Understands the truth,

Of peaceful stride,

In clarity signed.


Child eternal,

Light of star,

Rise your lightness.

Now is the time to wake up the generations,

The choice is yours,

Let go and become,

Emerge and be one.

Meditated on golden sands,

To get to this plan,

Of giving for Life.

So peace may shine,

The news in glow,

Glorious flow.

Come together because you are together.

The voice in between our reality.

Into time I find the timeless,

Endless existence of Peace and Love.

Happiness is of satisfaction,

The new reaction for high elation,

Inner peace known,

Outer peace glown,

Following the path Home,

Gladly and kindly.

Live to give,

Give to Live.

Love All as All Loves.

Instinctual spirit of rise and surprise.

True Heart filled with opened ties.

Completed souls of honored wise.

Masters ascended to High Paradise.

All works together in synchronistic harmony,

It is all a piece of Me.

Uniting the world,

Conscious elevation,


Ecstatic revelation.

Revelation of the Heart,

The core and the sincere,

Revelation of the Mind,

The root and the steer.

Simple task of simple being.

The roads I walk are not long,

Sleep wakes me new the day,

Recreating the insides of me,

Through dreams imaginary. ,

How this, now?

A new page,

A new age,

A new sage.

A wheel,

Emerging endless in between,

Looking to be seen,

Radiates Light,





The right approach to the Loving gift of Life.

Together we stand as one,

Unified in grace and harmony,

Finding Peace and Love and Unity,

As the theme of all reality.

This road leads to the ultimate perfection,

The final liberation,

Of All of Life.

Now we see, Now we feel

What is real, in appeal,

The sincere, the revered,

Castled sky, emergence bright.

The glories of conscious Life.

The course of awareness is the course of growth.

In patience we find the moment,

Patiently awaiting our return,

To inner peace, and inner joy.

Create an internal Heaven and experience it as you wish.

The mastery of spirituality,

Of Divine understanding,

The paths we choose, our own amends.

For Love I came to Earth,

From Love I pass from Earth,

For Love I am,

In Love I am,

Of Love I am.

Love is my soul in eternity,

Be Divine, Be Pure,

The seed of all seeds,

The root of all roots,

The divine spark of feeling,

The divine spark of Life.

I experience my days,

My ways,

My fate.

Together with Universal Will,

I express my pride,

Rise up the inner sky,

Bring Heaven to Earth.


All surrender to the magic of the Angels.

To remember

Unified, testified, one in All.

The inner We

Living energy

Releases to be

As should be

As would be

Clear and pure

Vibrations take form,

The physical unites in conscious form.

The force of within,

Sure intention,

Planetary wisdom,

Cosmic harmony

Tell me of God,

Of patience and stillness.

The individual fades away into the universal.

Physical life is a feeling experience

Source of wisdom,

Source of strength,

The light in darkness,

Sends us grace,

To look inside,

To feel inside,

To be inside.

Deeply Clean.



The final mastery is of the infinite perspective.

Plants develop protective patterns of evolution.

All living body adapts, transforms, evolves.

Physical freedom as spiritual ability

Freedom expanded in time.

Everything is of light

The perfect core

The perfect essence

The universal essence

To see through the eyes of an angel

The positive is vibrantly neutral

Neutrality is positivity

Positivity is knowingly optimistic

Great concentration of weightlessness

Everlasting peak of realization

Truth is moderate

Truth is neutral

Truth is positive

The positive is forever loosened into freedom

Observer loves in ultimate observance

Creator; Heart Mind Soul

The conscious love of awareness

We are sky bound; saved unconditionally

The foundation of spirituality is within the between

Everything is as fullness absolute

The apex is released in the eternal moment of now

The supreme Heart of Awareness

Ultimately loved in Heart

The source of Mind, of Soul, of Ether

The moment of Life is Now.

To be released in selfless giving

The absolute apex is rising

To be is to expand.

To expand is to elevate.

Through Mind and Heart, we are loved.

The angels of sky love us unconditionally

God loves us unconditionally

Transcendently good is actualized serenity

The boundlessness of happiness is alivened in God

Together composed,

Together concentrated.

The illumination of enlightenment is serendipitous.

All together, all connected.

Rising now in release

Creator Loves us by Heart

Aware, we are assured of eternal peace

Unconditionally, universally, purely, truly.

Compassionately sky-bound, we become whole and open eyed.

The positivity of fearless trust

The joyful between of understanding

Divinity is the opening of the alivened

Great good of universal contentment and acceptance.

Happy freedom of open hearts and minds

The balance of serenity

Divinity transcends in boundlessness

The peak is within the high

The peace of bliss and grace.

The light of satisfied respect

The completeness of high realization

The essential peak of trust

The holiness of sincere acceptance

Serendipity of enlightened understanding

The wholeness of great actualization

The holiness of open understanding

The perfection of peaceful forgiveness

The unity of high enlightenment

The all encompassing within

Everything is composed throughout glory

Beautiful vibration of the between

The happy illumination when actualized

The everlasting connectedness of truth

Paradise of selfless glory

Nirvana in retrieval

Nirvana in finding the always found

The saved destiny

The paradise of Heaven is Home

Express selflessness in giving

The creator observes All Love

We are Loved in unconditional Heart

The being of the creator is everlasting

The everlasting moment of now

The apex is rising now

The expanding life in ether

The original state of giving

The original state of receiving

To feel the gift of sharing

Nirvana is a state of pure feeling

Nirvana is the original state

The absolute originality

The apex is rising and elevating

The selfless release of the now

The life of supreme source

The life in supreme source

The supreme source of creation

The collective expression of source

The ultimate source of expression

Apex is becoming original

Life is in the moment of now

The collective expression of becoming

Destiny is Home in Paradise

The good realization of Trust

The brightness of whole completeness

The complete essence of everything

The fearless glory everlasting

Optimistic trust in positivity

Truth of full compassion

Sky-bound joy of Heart

Being collective Source

The observer in mind

The emergence of soul

Being is the feeling of life

Transcendent happiness of enlightenment

Glorious foreverness of the sacred middle

Within the peak of height

The freedom of contentment

Saved state of wholeness

The satisfied peace of grace

The serene satisfaction of divine euphoria

The peace of love and light

The great illumination

The glorious connectedness of soul

Knowledge is of the everlasting state of nirvana

The moment of now is unconditional

Loved, we find Home.

The absolute expanse of becoming

Supreme awareness of universal spirit

The joyfully assured. The understood.

I assure you of Gods unconditional Love.

The weightless compassion of optimism

The fearless vibration of divine positivity

The everlasting vibration of life

Conscious love of universal essence

Be conscious of your everlasting spirit

Aware is the conscious observer

The great actualization of divine realization

The all encompassing peak within

Sincere divinity in caring peace

Transcendent purity of divinity

The actualization of great conscious wholeness

The timeless brightness of awareness

Transcend in spiritual freedom

Ascend in serendipity

Ascend to happy illumination

Sincerity is opened through freedom

The essential peak in trust

Divinity accepts in sincerity

The infinite foundation of Life

The foundation is composed in togetherness

The timeless holiness of purity

Perfect satisfaction

Universal view; Full of beauty, full of grace

The power of everything determines the state of within.

The power of the within determines everything.

When the mind comes into itself, Mind realizes everything as Self.

No passion? no freedom.

The creator is not created.

God is the essence of God

Godliness is the motive of God.

God receives what he gives and gives what he receives.

Bringing to light; awakening in consciousness.

Understand, accept, forgive.

Know trust in composure.

Actualize trust knowing composure.

Happiness; Balance; Serenity

Everything is the All encompassing essence.

Respect virtue, honor grace.

Ascend and transcend to divine awareness

Purity is the perfect balance. Absolute balance.

Honest trust stems from honest realization.

The collective source expresses the supreme creator.

The universal awareness of the conscious observer.

The moment of now releases divinity through selfless giving, sharing, finding, and being.

Destiny is Home. Paradise.

The son of sons. The king of kings. The closest connection to Godhead. Christ consciousness.

The apex of conscious elevation is endlessly found in the moment unchanged.

Consciousness does not have a creator.

Consciousness is Creator.
I dont have a self. I am Self.

I have love. I am Love.

I shine a light. I am Light.

The great light of God.

The fearless truth of the open eyed

The weightlessness of positive trust in plan.

The plan is the course of your life.

The main stream philosophy

The main stream as the central stream of Life. As the one stream. Essential stream.

The stream of life. Expressed and impressed.


And I pormise you that just like that

Everything will be

Once realized as all in your force

Of you is everything because you are everything

And your everythingness is the most beautiful that exists

Higher than the highest mountain

Transcendental purity

Overwhelming positivity

Of the greatest peace

And softness

And grace

You could ever imagine

In the world of perfection

All is as all is meant to be

For your heart always aims

Towards the whole

The collective flow

The universal dance

Taking you by the hand



Higher translation of a deeper wisdom

Helping us become each other

Yet again…


On the sand

Of a sunny day

Oceans all round me

You by my side

Walking swimming

On beautiful scenes

Flying across the world

Weightless spiritual journey

To egypt and peru and the amazon too

True feeling of our possibilities


I need for us to be


Into the center

Of our lives

Feeling the feeling

Pure inside

Ask a question to the highest self

Listen to the voice you speak

The way you reach

The deepest reach

Touches the soul

Allows you the recognition

The embrace of compassion

With you and us

Surrounding the beautiful core

So gentle and fragile

Fully capable beyond strength

Traveling on the ground now

Waiting on a floating spirit

Drifting into higher planes

Sound of our bliss

Singing transcendence

Angelic choir of complete harmony

Throughout the perfection

Life grows on the tree

And the tree grows on life


Let come

Modern look into the ancient vision

What is of this love in my recognition

The right and the pure is the allure

When all becomes as is in the rhythm

Pulsating beat of the soul

Good deals playing on the healing wound

Knowing the birth of manifest glory

Infinite potential of our moment

Countless now through what we are

Walking on fire for the freedom to be

Elevated the liberty of my necessity

Always you and always me

Always truth and always peace

Existence comes of you

Gives you to you

Wait and let come


What is beyond me is the Me of beyond

Listening to the void of emotions

Telling me my name

My mission and my choice

My voice

Completed in a word

Like Love

And peace

But what does it mean in a realistic view

Something between me and you

Control of the connected each other

In the sacred ether, everywhere

Shining air



God is the emergence of time in the spaceless corridors of assimilated evolution.

Evolution is the fountain head, the building block of sentient being.

Fabricated reality of spaces known, to be is to be the light.

Forever we are in the cycle of life and rebirth and pure immersion, so long we transcend.

The attainment in the physical yields the attainment in the spiritual.

The leap is of one, of zero, of all you could do if you were the truest you, and you are,

The child within, the inner innocence that elaves the angelic being inhabiting our hearts.

Together the collective star radiates the white flame of good, reminding us of the confidence necessary as a way toward our peaceful fate.

Concentration on the between of the mind projects the basic transcendental.

Letting go so to know where one is going

Opening the avenues by which to instigate liberty.

Liberty in the expressions of mankind, towards the goal of self transcendence and egolesness. The selfless desire of full manifestation, full divination, in the name of spiritual origination.

Together is the grid combined.

In the angle of perfection

You can only find what you are

Spirit of God

Child of the angels

Heavenly dream

Waking you up

Just reminding you


God is Purity

Essence fundamental

Allowing us to feel so

In our hearts

Live forever

The one taste

Tastes better

If you could see eternity,

Would it shine?

If you could love Love,

Would more love exist?

If you searched for peace in peace,

Would you finally be peaceful?

How is a ray of sun shine?

How does it feel?

Pure bliss of pure love?

Pure peace of pure knowing

Summer rains the sun shine

Autumn rains the reminder

Of all to fall

Yet to be built again

We will always keep the value of our shadow

Become your deepest friend

Find your deepest self

Lover angel of peace

Revolutionary of consciousness

To revolve consciousness

Ascend awareness

Elevate the brightness

Of the inner world

So the outer world

May once again

Fully be

Rise the sinking

Into you


Infinite face of one spirit

One legitimate exclaim

One blaim of one cause

Primordial sentience exclaimed into infinity

A part of the whole connected and free

With effort comes the ability of completion
The satisfaction of a work well done

For the profit of the spirit

The lover internal

The peaceful soul


The worship of Love


Center of creation

Taken when we come

Rush of serenity everywhere

Light of actualization

Perfection of the internal creation

Sincere motivation to keep up

Keep stronger endless drop

Always knowing when to stop

Rising up the top

To be Self

Full of the giving that never ends

The flow of the Self into the world of bliss

Invisible world

The endless remain of what seems to be ages

So longer it reigns as the top of our urge

To be so we can to be for we live to smile

Some words to be spoken yet unsaid

Could the days be left to the expressions

All that is of this soul remains unspoken

Yet spoken so often

Yet not

It must seem


Yet awakened

… the state of knowing

So wise could it be to let go into the world

And to become as the lamb of your own discipline

Recognized as the faith of what we have established

To be what we can be

To be what we are



Yet angels of the high top

Wish to speak us tales

Of never ending grace

And true hearts compassion

Wishing us know peace in ourselves

To have lived through the day

Of beauty and serenity

For in the blessings we lay

And from the blessings we give

Oh Heavenly Father, thank you for the bread


Dancing with my reflection

Looking into the eye

Of that which is in me

Expressed to be

Newly revealed


Everything comes up from the beauty that is


You are divine because you are alive

Life is divinity

From the essence that is God

God is one man choosing everything for himself

The state of full conscious being

Rising deeper than depth



I am

I am I

The two pillars of our faith

I am I

You are and you will be

Forever is the beauty that you have made for your self in the paradise of your heart

Be truthful

This is all you need to do

Be truth full

Become the truth that you are

The love that emanates purity

The peace that radiates clarity

The news once it has come

To tell you its all right


In love, our soul, the source eternal of light,

Emerging purity as cause primordial, divine essence,

Energy vibrating patterns connected, simplicity reflected,

Complexities timeless, boundless, fullness potential,

empty and invisible, full of beauty and perfection,

intuitive appeal to positive neutrality,

As endless eye projecting real conscious serenity,

Of pure golden light,

Of pure brightness field,

In radiant colored aura,

from Rainbow refractions,

Exquisite attractions,

Magnetic interactions,

In rise of heart sourced,

In mind of thought pulsed,

As one destined trinity,

Of awareness complete,

To lead as endless unity,

From Heart conscious mind,

In universal aim,

So to be so to love,

to surrender to strive, to Stride and to Rise,

For peace and for balance, as the middle between,

In weightless emerge, In spirit submerge,

Levitated, home, and finally freed.

Become as you are and everything will be as should be

Into the world of perfection is the symphony of angels

Singing the song of ideal situations

Presented by the glory we revealed

Just by being our selves

Always there is a story to be told

Of the grace emerge when we know

That all is one united creation within God

Completely perfect as should be

In the realm of eternity

The bounty of bounty









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