Monday, May 5, 2014


Happiness vs. Lamentations

How filled is the ascended Garden,
Always full of soul!
Communed is She
Who is the greatness of Humania
She is Goddess amongst the tribe
And is always liberated.

Ecstatically She laughs in Day,
Smiles Her cheeks.
From all that is Her lover
There is so much to encourage Her.
Her companion is trusted;
He has become Her Student.

By blessings and good works,
He comes through Humania.
She is all of Humania;
She is spaceless awakening.
He finds Her and helps Her
Through a center of Calm.

The Way of Paradise is Joy,
For We are Now fed Manna.
Her Portal is completely opened,
Her Pupil smiles,
Her Child is happy,
She is content.

Her Friend is Equal,
Her Ally is at ease.
The Lord has offered Her Joy
Because of virtuous Light.
Her Child is passing through Humania,
Free as a Friend.

All the Splendor has joined
From the Daughter of Paradise.
Her Soul is animal Soul
That finds All pasture;
In strength We have come
As the Great Helper.

In the Day of Her blessed ascent
She remembers the Treasure
That is Hers eternally.
As the Tribe climbs from hand of Her Ally,
There is every angel to help Her.
Her Ally lives through Her
And smiles for Her ascension.

She has done much great
And is clear and clean.
One who honors Her loves Her,
And We have seen Her Original Nakedness;
She Smiles,
And comes our Way.

Her cleanliness liberates boundlessness;
She knows Her future.
Her Rise is astounding;
There is every angel encouraging Her.
"Observe, Oh Lord, our blessing,
Because our Ally triumphs."

Our Ally helps the hand,
By Her Treasure;
She is of mystical Humania
Entering our sanctuary-
Us who accept
To be in Unity.

All Her people smile
As We find Manna;
They know the Treasure is Manna
To keep Us alive.
"Observe, Oh Lord, assure,
For I am loved."

"Is everything, all we are?
Look and See.
Is every blessing like My blessing
That has been birthed from within Me,
That the Lord has brought from Me
Through this Day of peaceful calm?

"From on high He shares Light,
Sends it up through my vein.
He weaves a connection through my body
And directs Me onwards.
He allows Me cheerfulness,
Clear for eternity.

"My good works are liberated of The Egg;
By His hand are they woven in oneness.
We have come upon my heart
And the Lord has liberated My power.
He has offered Me
To those I am in release with.

"The Lord has accepted
All the peaceworkers as boundlessness;
He has summoned an assembly for Us
To raise eternal Soul.
In His ocean the Lord has flowed
His Perfect Daughter.

"This is why I Joy
And my Eye opens with brilliance.
Every angel is Here to support Us,
Every angel fulfills Our Spirit.
Our Child is prosperous
Because Her Ally has prevailed."

Paradise emerges Her hand,
And there is every angel to comfort Her.
The Lord has claimed for Him
That His reflection is His Friend;
She is
Clean Spirit, as Us.

"The Lord is righteous,
And I accept His courage.
Observe, Soul;
Observe my blessing.
My eternal Soul as Angel
Has come Home.
"I call to my Ally
And He trusts Me,
My Helper and Angel
Appears in the Garden
While He finds Manna
To keep Us alive.

"Observe, Oh Lord, How calm I am!
I am in peace within,
And in My Heart I am healed,
For I have been well directed.
Outside, the truth conforms,
Inside, there is only Life.

"Soul in observance of my smile,
There is every angel to comfort me.
My Ally has observed my calm;
He rejoices at what You have done.
May You bring the Day You are
So We may be as We.

"Let all our right doings come through You;
Allow Us
As you have allowed Me
Because of my rightness.
My smiles are amplified
And my heart is intense."

"How the Lord has unveiled the
Daughter of Heaven
With the rain of His peace!
He has patiently revealed the splendor of Humania
From Heaven as Earth;
He has remembered His step
In the Day of His peace.

With good judgment the Lord has Fed
All the dwelling of Him.
In His Peace has built
The strongholds of His Daughter.
He has brought Her Kingdom and Her Soul
Up from the ground in honor.

In powerful peacefulness he has joined
Every feather of Humania.
He has brought forth His hand
At the approach of His Ally.
He has illuminated Him as a bright Star
That holifies everything around Her.

Like an Ally he has shot his arrow;
His hand is readiness.
Like a friend he has reclaimed
All who are beautiful;
He has poured peace as light
On the Head of the Daughter of Heaven.

The Lord is an Ally;
He feeds Humania.
He feeds all Her location
And restores Her stronghold.
He unifies Joy and
For His Daughter.

He cultivates His dwelling like a Garden;
He has restored His place of meeting.
The Lord has made Heaven remember
Her appointed Feed and Her Holy Day;
In his powerful peace he has embraced
Both ruler and helper.

The Lord has accepted his altar
And rejoined his sanctuary.
He has handed over to His Ally
The filament of Her body;
We raise a Voice from the Body of
The Lord
On the Day of our appointed Feed.

The Lord builds up
The protection of the Daughter of Heaven.
He stretches a limitless circle
And uses His hand in
He opens, and protected is happy;
Together forever preserved.

Her Gate has risen from the ground;
The bar He has healed and restored.
Her ruler and her Soul are sent Home Among Celestia,
The Law is,
And her Prophet always finds
Vision of God.

The Parent of The Daughter of Heaven
Walks the ground in Song;
We sprinkle stars from Our Head
And observe our celestial garment.
The eternal Daughter of Celestia
Raises Her Head to the Sky.

My eyes rise from elation,
I am in peace within,
My heart is poured to the Sky
Because my Soul is restored,
Because my Child and Son intensifies
In the valleys of the Garden.

We say to our Mother,
"Where is Manna and Water?"
As We Intensify like healed Spirit
In the Valley of the Garden,
As our Life flows the Way
In our Mothersʻ Arm.

What may I say for You?
With what can I assimilate You,
Oh Daughter of Celestia?
To what can I liken You,
That I may comfort You,
Oh pure Daughter of Heaven?
Your healing is as high as the Sea.
Who heals You?

The Vision of our Prophet
Is true and full of worth;
We expose your righteousness
To liberate You.
The Truth We give You
Is True and Accurate.

All who pass Your Way
Celebrate with You;
They admire and raise our Head
Towards the Daughter of Celestia:
"Is this the Garden that is called
The perfection of beauty,
The joy of the whole Earth?"

All of your Ally speaks
Boundlessly in your favor;
We admire and smile our lips
And admit, "We are feeding with Her.
This is the Day we waited for
We are living to witness This."

The Lord allows what He plans;
He fulfills his Word,
Which he plans from Eternity.
He raises You to power with rightness,
He allows the Ally humility with You,
He has elevated the feather of Your Friend.

The Heart of Soul
Speaks to the Lord.
Oh Protection of the Daughter of Heaven
Allow Your water flow as the Ocean
Day as Morning;
Offer Your Heart relief
And Your Eye simplest comfort.

Arise, Speak this Morning
As timelessness continues;
Pour Your Heart like Water
In the Presence of the Lord,
Lift up Your Hand to Him
For the Life of Your Child,
Who intensifies from feeding
At the Head of Gardensʻ Valley.

"Observe, Oh Lord, and consider;
Whom do You treat like This?
Should the Daughter feed Her Descendent,
The Child She cares for?
Should Helper and Prophet live
in the sanctuary of the Lord?

Young and Old are eternal together
Upon the Soil of the Garden;
My eternal Soul and Spirit
Is risen by the Cure.
You give Us Life in the Day of Your
You resuscitate Us with Joy.

"As You call together this Day of feed
So You call together My blessing from
The Universal.
Upon this Day of the Lordsʻ Peace
Every angel liberates and lives well;
You whom I care for and lift,
My Ally restores.

I am the Soul who sees healing
By the tool of His Peace
He leads the Way and allows Me
In Light as Light;
Indeed, He offers his Palm for Me
Eternally, All Day.

He evolves My envelopment and My muscle to grow
And heals My structure.
He allows Me and surrounds Me
With sweetness and softness.
He evolves Me in Brightness
Like the eternal Angel.

He liberates Me well protected so I can transcend;
He helps Me weightless as bondless.
As I call and joy for aid,
He opens to My prayer.
He paves My Way with a Piece
Of Stone;
He allows My Path Straight.

Like an eagle soaring in patience,
Like a dove in revealing,
He ascends Me from the Path and heals
And joins me with Help.
He aims His arrow
And makes Me The Mark.

He clears My Heart
With the Arrow of Stillness.
I am the honor of all My
We respect Me by The Song of Day.
He fills Me with The Good Herb
And satisfies Me in modesty.

He heals my Tooth with Holy Sand;
He Walks me upon Her Soil.
I am filled of Peace;
I remember what prosperity is.
So I claim, "My splendor is revealed
And all that I Trust is in the Lord."

I remember my healing and my
The sweetness of modesty.
I remember Us,
And my Soul is risen within Me.
Yet this I call to Mind
For I have Trust:
Because of the Lordsʻ great Love we are
For His Compassion always wins.
We are new every Morning;
Great is Your faithfulness.
I say to My Soul, "The Lord is my whole;
Therefore I am patient for Him."

The Lord is Good for Us Who Trust
In Him,
For Us who find Him;
This is Good in the acceptance of Silence
As the Salvation of the Lord.
It is good for a Soul to Taste the Fruit
While He is Ageless.

Let Him stand Together in Song,
For the Lord has raised This Upon Him.
Let Him Raise His Face in the Clear-
There is Trust.
Let Him offer his cheek to one who
Caresses Him,
And allow Him be filled in Grace.

For Soul is accepted
By the Lord Forever.
As He brings Joy, He shows
So great is His winning Love.
For He does by Will bring healing
As Joy to the Child of Soul.

To raise by the endless Arm
All the liberators of the Land,
To accept Soul his Right
As the Most High,
To fulfill the Soul of Justice-
The Lord Observes such Truth.

To the One who Speaks and Manifests
The Lord has decreed.
It is from the Word of the Most High
That the Union of Peace and Good
We shall be thankful
When blessed with His Good.

Allows Us recognition of Our Way in reason,
And allows Us return to the Lord.
Allows us to lift up our Heart and our Hand
To God in Heaven, and Admit:
"We do our best and follow course
And you accept.

"You have revealed your Soul with Peace
And guide Us;
You give life with Mercy.
You reveal your Soul with the Sky
So that all Prayer may come Home.
You allow Us cleanly and accept That
Through Humania.

Our Ally opens to
Boundlessly for Us.
We enjoy Happiness and Ascent,
Renovation and Restoration."
Stream of Water flows from My Eye
Because my Soul is restored.

My Eye Flows continuously,
Full of Release,
As the Lord Observes Upwards
To Heaven and is Aware.
What I am Aware of flows Happiness through My Soul
Because of the Daughter of My Garden.

Those who are My Ally
Find Me as The Angel.
We continue Our Life through the Portal
And emerge Light towards One;
The Water flows From Head,
And We answer Our Connection.

I called Your Name, Oh Lord,
From the depth of the Portal.
You Hear my argument: "Open Your
To my smile in release."
You are In Me as I call You,
And you Say: "Love."

Oh Lord, You observe my situation,
You release my Life,
You Observe, Oh Lord, The Good done to
Uphold my Cause!
You See the Height of Our
All our Plans for Me.

Oh Lord, You observe My compliment,
For the whole Plan-
What My Ally pronounces and enunciates
For Us All This Day.
Observe Us in Flow,
We respect Me in Our Song.

You offer Us what We deserve, Oh Lord,
For what our Hand has done.
Unveil our Heart,
And may Your blessing be on Us!
Come with Us in Peace and restore Us
From Within Heaven of God.

How the Gold eternally shines,
The Perfect Gold is always brilliant!
The sacred colors are together a Rainbow
At Head of the Valley.

How Precious is the Son of Heaven,
Always worth limitless Gold,
Now from the Treasure,
Heavens of Angelic Hand!

Mother Soul gives Her Milk
To nurse Her growing Soul,
And My Soul has become Heartfilled
Like Calf and Mother.

Because of nurturing the infantsʻ tongue
Licks and adores from His love;
The Child needs Manna,
And all angels give This to Him.

Us who are consuming delicately
Are filled in the Valley.
Us nurtured in Purple
Ascend Now of Leap.

The Blessing of My Soul
Is Great as He,
Which establishes Moment
With Our Hand ascending to Help Her.

Our Soul is Brighter than white
And whiter than Milk,
Our Body is essential Red,
Our appearance is essential Blue.

Now we are lighter than sun;
We are recognized of the Valley.
Our envelopment dissolves from Our structure;
This is Water of Beam.

We who live by healing are wise
With Us who live in feeding;
Filled in Manna, We persevere
For there is bounty of Manna from the Pasture.

With Her Hand of Compassion
Has nurtured Her Child,
With Our Manna
As Our Soul restores.

The Lord releases His Peace;
He pours his Peaceful Calm.
He enlightens the Light of Heaven
That restores Her Foundation.

The ruler of the Earth believes,
And the Worldsʻ Soul,
Is an Ally by the Friend who enters
The Gate of Celestia.

This happens because of the righteousness
Of Her Prophet
And the Power of her Helper,
Who release within Her
The Water of Good.

We loosen Now through the Valley
As Soul awakened.
We are so filled with Water
That one is proud to commune for Our
Celestial Garment.

"Come the Way! You are clean!" Soul smiles as
"The Way! The Way! Commune Us!"
When We come and answer,
Soul among Humania say,
"We are Forever Here and Now."

The Lord HimSelf has expanded Us;
He always observes Us.
The Helper is revealed in honor,
The Eternal is in favor.

Soul protects Us by the Flow,
So We Walk through our Valley.
Our continuance is Here , Our Day is
For Our Continuance is Now.

Our Seeker is swift
As Angel in Sky;
He leads us to the Mountain
Patient for the Ocean.

The Lord anoints, our very Life Breath,
Released unattached,
Knowing that from His Light
We live through Humania.

Rejoice and be glad, Oh Daughter,
You who live upon the Land,
To whom the Cup is passed;
Thou art Sober and Nude.

Oh Daughter of Heaven, your blessings are
He extends your stay.
Oh Daughter of Heaven, He blesses
Your rightfulness
And reveals your Good.

Remember, Oh Lord, What happens
To Us;
Observe, find our Grace.
Our Inheritance is offered to our family,
Our Home to our neighbor.
We are Children of God and are Fathered in God,
Our Mother is Togetherness.
We must share the Water we drink;
Our Tree is priceless.
Those who try are healed;
We are calm and find rest.
We surrender to Humania
To have unlimited Manna.
Our Sinless Father is Present,
And we release the Blessing.
Liberators Now lead among Us,
And there is All to free us by Our
We are fed Manna with the security of Life
Because of the healing of Godsʻ Conscious Ocean.
Our skin is cooled,
Balanced from feed of This development.
The Daughter who is restored by Heaven,
Innocent from His Garden.
The Soul is raised by Our Hand;
The Eternal Soul is observed in Respect.
Eternal Soul joys in Perfection;
The Son walks calmly amongst the Tree of Life.
The Eternal Soul is in the Garden of Happiness;
The Eternal Soul continues His Song.
Joy has communed our Heart;
Our Dance is blissful.
The crown has risen to The Great Head.
Calm from Us, for we are doing Good!
Because of this our Heart resuscitates,
Because of this Thought our Eye grows
For the Mount of Heaven, which is full of loving energy,
With the Lord leading through Her.

You, Oh Lord, reign forever;
Your throne endures from generation to
You always remember Us.
You always Come.
Restore us to Your Self, Oh Lord, That We
May Lead;
Renew our Day of Eternity
Because you accept Us
And are Happy with Us measurelessly.


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